The Paw Law

The Paw Law

Photo by Robert in Toronto

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Photo by Robert in Toronto

In the year 2016 what became known as the Paw Law was firmly established. There had been much argument and upset particularly from the DPs (see Declawing Disconnect for a definition of “DP”). Below are extracts of the Paw Law, the true title of which is the Domestic Animals Welfare Act 2015.

General Provisions

Section 1. This Act shall be known and may be cited as the “Domestic Animals Welfare Act”

Whereas the all party general committee on domestic animal welfare has concluded that the act of declawing is detrimental to felis catus with no benefit to the electorate other than the selfish desire to protect furniture.

{sections excluded}

Under these circumstances, the General Assembly finds that the welfare of domestic animals requires regulating in the interests of all domesticated animals.

Section 2 Definitions.

For the purposes of this Act, the phrase, “domestic animals” shall exclude livestock. Schedule 2 below lists the domesticated animals protected by this Act.

{this schedule includes cats both the domestic cat and wild cats that have been domesticated}

A “protected animal” is one that is commonly domesticated.

A person is “responsible for the animal” if they are in charge of it.

The Act

Clause 1 Unnecessary suffering - A person commits an offence if:

  1. an act of his, or a failure of his to act, causes an animal to suffer and he is responsible for the animal,
  2. an act, or failure to act, of another person causes the animal to suffer, and
  3. the suffering is unnecessary.

A test case was brought before the Supreme Court shortly after the Act came into force. It was declared unanimously that declawing was an offence under clause 1 the Act.

Veterinarians were forced to make dramatic changes to their work practices. They inevitably found alternative streams of financial profit and cynically began to preach what was the diametric opposite to what they had extensively practiced a couple of years before. They gave seminars in safe claw clipping and on the welfare of the domestic cat much to their displeasure. They suffered large financial loss and many went under to the pleasure of a lot of CPs (see Declawing disconnect).

The domestic cat was immeasurably safer, happier and lived in a more normal world but he or she realised that there was still a long way to go before there would be true harmony. The DPs didn’t know what harmony meant. The Paw Law had finally arrived.

The Paw Law 2015 to Declawing Cats

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The Paw Law

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Sep 02, 2009 re Why so much pain
by: Ruth

Anonymous I know exactly how you feel, my heart could sometimes burst with knowing the horror which is happening every day.
I once went to a complimentary therapist as animal abuse got to me so much I felt I couldn't go on living in this cruel world.She told me that evey single person who does something to help, no matter how small,is very important. She also said that it was no good churning myself up inside,instead I should gather all my love and compassion, and direct it via the universe to those suffering animals.Easier said than done, but that's what I try to do now when I get to the end of my tether with the cruelty going on.
Take care.

Sep 01, 2009 Why so much pain?
by: Anonymous

I have to not think about it because if I do it makes my life worse and I cannot let that happen to me. Whenever my mind turns to declawing I despair at what we are doing. It makes me hate the world. You know, it really does.

Sep 01, 2009 Sending this to the universe
by: Edward

How I wish this was here and now man ! I'm a grown man but I cry for all the poor cats crippled by declawing. I hate anyone who thinks declawing is OK,they sure don't love their cats like we do.I double hate the vets who carry out this gruesome thing and the AVMA who allow it to go on.

PLEASE universe, STOP this terrible mutilation of beautiful animals and soon.

Sep 01, 2009 Yes please!
by: Barbara

This is like time travel, we're seeing into the future and we like it!

Please God, Universe or whoever is listening make it happen!

Sep 01, 2009 Lets Glimpse the future
by: Michael

Yes, Ruth, you're right. If we create a future now it means that we wish it to come true very much and under these circumstances it will one day come true.

I agree to that one day declawing cats will seem as strangely crude, naive and barbaric as burning witches at the stake. So looking into the future can help us see more clearly now.

Sep 01, 2009 Overcome
by: Ruth

I was so overcome by this spectacular article,I couldn't think of a suitable comment last night when I first saw it !
I still can't do justice to it, it's like a glimpse into the future that we CPs so desperately want.
I have a friend who believes that if you ask the Universe for something and believe you will get it, then you will, one day.
Ideally I'd like no more cats ever to suffer declawing again from right now, but realistically,I know it won't stop overnight !
So I'm asking the Universe to make this that you have written, come true !!

Aug 31, 2009 A DREAM COME TRUE!
by: For Claws!

Finally protection for our felines. Let's make this fantasy a REALITY!!

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