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The Paw Project Movie – A Top Transformational Film — 9 Comments

  1. How heart-breaking it is to see those cats, large and small. limping around on deliberately mangled paws, how can anyone do that to them? I’m glad this film has been recognised and I hope that it’s message is spread far and wide amongst the ignorant and unfeeling who think it’s acceptable to adapt an animal for their own convenience. I admire Dr Conrad so much for her work, she must have wept buckets of tears at the things she has seen.

  2. I’m so glad the Paw Project movie has been recognised in the top films, thank you all PoCers who voted for it.
    Yes there are changes in the right direction thank goodness but it must be so frustrating to those working so hard for this cause, that some vets still advertise and encourage declawing and some people still even for all the evidence of how cruel it is, think it’s acceptable.
    I can hardly wait for the day declawing is banned worldwide!

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