The Paw Project – Utah Needs Your Help

The Paw Project – Utah are asking for help from people who know of cats who have been declawed and who have ended up homeless because of the complications of declawing and declawed cats who have been euthanised at local shelters because of declaw operation complications.

Paw Project - Utah

Paw Project – Utah

If you have experience of these situations, The Paw Project – Utah would like you to write a first rate, personal letter, written with genuine concern on the topic. The letter should be in polite language and sent to

The Paw Project – Utah

6757 S. 1300 E.

Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121

Thanks for reading this and thanks in advance if you write the letter! The objective is to help educate DVMs (vets) and cat owners on how declawing does not save lives.

Declawing cats saying by Jackson Galaxy

Both vets who declaw cats and some cat owners argue for declawing by saying the operation saves the lives of cats because without declawing the owner would abandon their cat. This is a false argument for many reasons, a major one being that complications of the operation leaves the declawed cat with pain, new health issues and behavioural problems which can lead to abandonment and euthanasia.

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