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The Paw Project-Utah Partners with Rescues to Increase Adoptions — 8 Comments

  1. What fantastic news the Paw Project and Dr Doub are incredible πŸ™‚ At least some cats are going to lead happier lives because of the work thats done and the surgery to repair their poor paws πŸ™ I don’t mean to be negative but as Ruth says its just nonsensical that some vets are repairing and some are continuing to mutilate πŸ™ I just wish for the scales to start tipping soon for the cats sake πŸ™

  2. I very much admire The Paw Project and the branches springing up now in various places. More vets are joining their team and dedicated to educating about the cruelty of declawing and to helping as many declawed cats in Shelters as they possibly can.
    The pity is that they can’t help them all, they don’t have the fosterers to care for them, or enough money for all the medical help the cats need, or the forever homes for them to go to.
    The tragedy is that too many vets are STILL declawing cats with the old excuse that it keeps them in their homes. It does NOT and they know it! It’s MONEY MONEY MONEY for them as always. Until those declawing vets are stopped, the situation can not be resolved!

  3. Thank you for the article Michael as it increased my info of knowledge and

    “Let’s remind ourselves that sometimes declawed cats find themselves in shelters because ironically the declawing operation has made them less suitable as a pet which is the exact opposite to the purpose of declawing!”

    VERY TRUE . . . and to be understood by those fools, who believe that any De-clawing of cat is a right way to avoid natural behaviors of cats. I loved the deep sense hidden in the sentence, great one <3

  4. The Paw Project needs applauding.

    However, there are some issues that I have a problem with. Utah is only a subgroup of PP and, what is happening with one, should be happening with all.
    Plus, I don’t like this condition, “can be handled safely”. I think that some seriously hurt cats won’t qualify because they are fearful and aggressive. Who would blame them?

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