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by Michael
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13th January 2011: The Paw Project have published a new video. Thank you, The Paw Project! The more the better, I say.

I really like this video. These are my reasons why. I would like others to tell me why they like it. Some visitors might dislike it – fine. Let’s hear your reasons too.

A good anti-declaw video should address the root problems that allow cat declawing to take place in the United States and Canada, when it is outlawed in Europe and unheard of in Asia, South America and Africa. The Paw Project video does that.

It seems to me that the one of the core reasons why declawing exists is the combined effect of a public, the cat “owners”, who are ignorant of the true nature and consequences of cat declawing and veterinarians, driven by financial profit, who subtly mislead their clients. Indeed many actively encourage the unnecessary operation. There are other underlying reasons – the declawing disconnect.

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The people who chose to have their cat declawed find a way of justifying it. It is a sort of mind game that ignores the total immorality of it. Vets play a similar game and ignore the unethical nature of what they do.

For me, this video addresses all the above issues. Importantly it is filmed from the point of view of the cat. This is most important as it allows the viewer to see the process of client/vet consultation and the after effect of the operation from the cat’s perspective. The cat is the client or patient ultimately. Vets forget that. In the video the cat is seen as a victim of the collaboration of two people, the human client, the cat’s owner, and the veterinarian. The client is unsure and lacks knowledge and the confident vet is a past master at encouraging the client to part with the money.

The veterinarian is speaking reassuringly about how the cat will feel after the operation, “he’ll be a bit sensitive when he wakes up…” And he says, “it’s a common procedure..”

The latter is intended to reassure the human client that there is nothing to be concerned about and the former remark misleads on the pain and consequences.

All is well between client and veterinarian. All is unwell with the cat. This is the disconnect. By “disconnect” I mean a lack of empathy with the cat by both parties.

The video nicely shows up the difference between what the humans are doing and what they think is happening, a sort of comfortable fiction, and the cat who lives in the harsh land of reality, the loss of the tips of all the toes of his forepaws, excruciating pain, phantom pain, possible arthritis, defenselessness, loss of ability to scratch (a natural desire) etc.

And it is a short video. All of us who make videos for the internet know that they should be as short as possible as the attention span of modern man is getting shorter and shorter.

Thank you The Paw Project. Go to the YouTube page where the video is to leave a comment there too if you wish.

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The Paw Project Video

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Jan 19, 2011 Millions of views needed
by: Ruth

The Paw Project need millions of views of their video so that it will be featured.
It’s doing well 53,296 up to now !
Please everyone send it to everyone and post it everwhere you can.

Jan 15, 2011 Its great
by: Edward

Man that should get the message out not to declaw.
Its great.Some folk might think twice when they see what it would be like for them.

Jan 14, 2011 Excellent
by: Kathleen

I think it’s just about perfect. It says and shows everything that really needs to be said and showed, in a very brief and digestible-by-the-masses clip. And it’s extremely true to life; when I worked in vet hospitals, I saw this exact same scene play itself out countless times. The way the vet in the clip sanitizes and omits facts when talking to the cat’s owner is *exactly* the way they do it in real life. And when we see the disfigured human hands at the end, they are not bandaged, but the wounds are left open to the environment, a ripe field for infection to grow in, just like it happens in real life when declawed cats are sent home. This is excellent work.

Jan 13, 2011 YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: CJ

If that doesn’t show the reality of taking cats fingers away then I don’t know what will.
Full marks to whoever thought it up and to the actors too.
It shows how it is from the cats view,the faces of smirking vets and grinning owners looming.

Jan 13, 2011 I think it’s brilliant
by: Barbara

Yes! I like that. Very original and just the right length in my opinion. I particularly like the end where the defingered human hands are raised.

Barbara avatar

Jan 13, 2011 Me too
by: Kathryn

I like it very much and I hope it saves countless cats claws.
I think it’s disgraceful and shaming for the country when it’s necessary to make a video like this to inform people how cruel and sly some vets are.

Jan 13, 2011 I like it too
by: Rose

The Paw Project video is short and to the point.
It shows exactly how the doctor plays down the seriousness of the surgery and the client goes happily off to return when the cat is ready to go home.
The client doesn’t see any of the horrific amputations happening or the pain and shock the cat wakes up to but maybe even if they did would think it was worth it to ‘remove’ those inconvenient (to them) claws.
Now everyone can see for themselves that if they leave a whole healthy cat trustingly with a declawing doctor that they will return to collect a cat with no finger ends.

Jan 13, 2011 Paw Project Video
by: Ruth

Thank you for this article Michael.
I agree with you I like the video. In fact I think that it’s brilliant because it has shock value at the end for anyone who can look at a cat with bloody or bandaged or deformed paws but not imagine the equivelant in a human.
When those hands pop up with the finger ends gone it sends a powerful message.
Of the people I’ve sent it to only one has replied in the negative. He thought it should have explained why declawing is cruel. Well to me it does. He recommended the round table video on YouTube but I used almost the same words to him that you have used in your article. That video is almost half an hour long and that’s far too long for most peoples attention span.
Thankfully he is still passing the video on for us.
I hope this will be on USA TV channels too, I think it will save a lot of cats toe ends.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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