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The Persecuted Animals in Pakistan — 43 Comments

  1. Aww they are such lovely photos and great to see a man with deep love and concern for Cats and kittens. Alot of People here have the same love. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Wow Ahsan This is so amazing. You have such a big Heart to do what you do for these Cats. They are so Beautiful. Good on you for Caring for these Cats. Im From New Zealand and am so amazed there is no Vet Services over there. I hope you can train to be a Vet. It takes a good person to Care for Cats. You must have alot of Empathy.

      • Yes Im a big Cat Lover I have 5 Myself. It takes big Commitment. It must be so hard Don’t hear very much over that side of the World. Yes Cats are amazing arent they.

      • Yes it must be so hard. I think it would be a good idea if we can to donate some of the comments or something towards what he is doing over there. As its such a big Job. To think how wonderful just a small group of people can make a difference. Its hard when all you read over the world is war and poverty. Nice to see someone who has a heart and making a difference.

        • Thank you so much
          My respected friend Michael
          Here are some of the today’s photos of my only one left kitten and me

          Hope you will like LAILA as she is only 8 weeks old right now and we both are affiliated to each other in a bond of Parent/ daughter alike. I want to raise her as I have raised her mom PINKY.

          Pinky is now a well grown up elder full CAT and she is very rude and dangerous with every human / not with me ofcourse as I am her father/ parent.

          No cat has never been rude with me, Alhamd u Lillah ( All praise goes to Allah).

          I just Love cats and can live with them and die with/for them.

  3. Ofcourse I will share more with pictures now but I am really sad because I have only one kitten with me and she is filthy happy and sad due to a full loss of her brothers and a sister kitten. We are just together now 🙁 Allaah may give her a long life ameen

      • Thank you so much Michael, I will keep sharing so that every Pakistani on this planet may know the truth about ferals insha Allah, ameen.

      • Hi Michael
        Just wanna share here that here where I live, we have no vet service, if there is a shop of vet 12 KMs far from my residence, its always CLOSED.
        Now after every effort I have decided alongwith my three daughters to do a basic course of veterinary for cats & kittens.
        Unfortunately there is a private institution in an other city, which we can not go because of our job matters.
        Do you or some one knows, online necessary basic vet courses or certificates, I mean distance study online type so that no one of us leaves Pakistan or truly speaking, we don’t wanna leave our sweet home 🙂
        Is there some way , we can serve these tiny creatures of Allah by obtaining any certificate online about cats and kitten’s medicines or latest research equipments needed for emergency so that we altogether can have our cats neuter/ spayed. We have no such services and if we have in Lahore/ Karachi (big cities) , they are heavy costly and unable to afford. I want to become a welfare doctor of cats (not for money but for their well being).
        please guide me , thank you.

  4. This is my tom cat SAJID, AAaaah a kitten raised by me but he decided not to stay with any one. He is very dangerous but my regular tom cat. Love him as he loves me,too. Its only me who is allowed by him to pet him on this planet earth.Others stay away 😀 hahaha love him FATTY BOY <3

  5. Here is my male alone feral SOLO CAT TUMTUM. He was a kitten when I raised him as he was beaten terribly by some idiot here. I just caged him and when he became a harsh hunter and rude fellow, I released him so that he can enjoy his own life and give a great lesson to his stone thrower or beater and that is what he does now but he is my regular guest and now adopted by my one neighbor.I tamed him and he is a daily visitor to me as my neighbor does not mind it if I check him a bit or love him as he is my boy TUMTUM <3

  6. She is PINKY and she just loves me a lot because I have raised her from the kitten hood. She visits non-stop thrice a day and once at night. She rubs her head with my legs/arms and is a lap kitty. I love you PINKY <3

  7. Hi Michael, Here I share some pictures of feral cats who are regular visitors to my home. They often spend night in groups but as I had kittens , they stopped visiting me but I still go to them and spend my time upto 4 hours a day regular.

  8. Hi Michael
    You are 100% right in your article. I am a caretaker of a colony of Feral cats containing 21 cats and a few of their kittens. I have gone through a terrible experience with 4 abandon kittens and out of which only one is left. One kitten killed by neighbor, one by another. third ran away with fear which I could not catch myself as she had a lot of speed but the next day I came to know by my student that an old “pious man” killed him just stagging her with a stick on her head. So I have caged the fourth kitten and she is grooming and eating well. But I may say that no law and no rule. Yes it is very sad and we Pakistanis must accept the truth if we want to see Allah subhanahu wa tala’h with a pretty smile or otherwise get ready for a beautiful burning HELL FIRE. 🙁 Thanks for the article Michael. May Allah guide us towards the sayings of Holy prophet SAW and not towards a land to protect.

    • Hi Ahsan, Great to hear from Pakistan. It is the first time. Your story is extremely sad. Shocking but thanks for sharing.

      I’d like you write about your cat rescue in Pakistan. Please write some more in another comment about your experiences in rescuing cats. You can upload photos too (see the button below the comment box).

      Do you have a PayPal account? If so I’ll send you some money for the comments.

      • Dear Michael
        You can add me on my facebook
        I have a lots of pictures there
        Money is not concerned actually but really appreciate your love for these tiny household friends <3
        The basic is that why we being human beings hate any animal who needs us in the civilization and saying even not a word and disturbing even not a second of our private lives.
        Michael I just cried a lot and I am still broken but am ambitious to bring more and more feral kittens at home and bring them up for their welfare sake.
        Allah helps me inshallah ameen and God bless you please add me thanks again. will share my experiences about ferals, I have a deep love for ferals <3

      • Shame on you.
        Thought you didn’t want to pay anymore.
        Or, is it just the ones you committed to long ago and have carried you through?

        • Dee, it is not shame on me. This is a one off payment to Pakistan a relatively poor country where there is a specific need to help a cat rescue operation. This is a charitable donation. It is completely different to regular high cost payments costing hundreds of USD per month (approx $650) for paid articles. Anyway he has not accepted the offer.

          Dee, I don’t believe it is fair to say others have carried me through.

          • If I presumed wrong, I’m very sorry.
            Sometimes, I forget that we are from different places.

            Over here, when I solicit a service and offer money for it, it’s considered a wage and not charity.
            I, recently, committed to an air conditioning company to do checks every 6 months for the next 5 years. It seems that I can’t back out of that. It’s sewn up tight. Plus, ethically, I shouldn’t try.

            Perhaps, in England, that isn’t the case.

            It’s all confusing, because should I make a monetary commitment in writing (like email) to pay someone for services, it is legally binding here and cannot be taken back without going to court and having a judgment.

            I’m not sure which part of the world is better right now.

            • should I make a monetary commitment in writing (like email) to pay someone for services, it is legally binding here

              Yes, but for how long? You contracted for a term.

              Dee, when I pay writers to write for PoC it is a contract but a loose one. There is only one fixed term to it – the cost per article. There is no fixed term. It is fluid. That is understood. That is the convention for article writers on the internet.

              But I also like to help cats who are unloved and who nobody wants or cares for. In Pakistan there are many cats like this. I wanted to publicise their plight and help this sweet man who cares for feral cats. He deserves help. He is better than me. I want to help the helpless. That is it.

              Nobody has lost anything. Let’s keep this cool and positive. I don’t see the negative.

              I hope we can remain friends. This should not interfere.

              • Disagreements happen. So what?
                I have always been the type to point out any injustice that I feel is happening even when it doesn’t affect me directly as this issue, since I never received payment nor wanted it.
                I’m very quick to come to the rescue of those I care about when I feel they have been wronged.
                That’s just the kind of girl I am and doubt I will ever change.

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