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  1. I thought kinked tails added a certain charm to the natural beauty of the breed. As most people who buy pedigrees have no interest in showing their cats, I don’t think they would have been bothered by that feature either.

    I see that TICA are promoting the traditional Siamese under the guise of the “Thai” cat. However as far as I can make out, the GCCF version of the Thai is a colour-pointed Korat.

    • The Siamese cat is a complete confusion. The Thai cat is a mistake just adding to the confusion. The poor public. You need a PhD to understand the Siamese.

      You know how a defect can enhance beauty. That could apply here. The Mekong Bobtail breeders agree with me that the true Siamese could be a cat with a “defective tail”.

  2. Perhaps “elegance” may have been part of their desire with the Siamese, but I’m convinced that snobbery in the cat-fancy also meant they wanted to distance the look of their cats from very similar moggies.

    Ironically, most short-haired colourpoint moggies look more like the original Siamese than their modern counterpart 😉

  3. Very interesting articles Michael. I enjoy seeing old photos and illustrations showing how certain breeds used to look.

    I agree that the current day Siamese is nothing like the original. My suspicion as to why the breeders drastically changed their appearance, was to make them substantially different from moggie lookalikes. (By the ’50s colourpoint was more widespread in the random breeding cat population of America and Europe.) This theory could also explain why the Persian now has a flat face and a coat which requires human assistance to keep it clean and tidy.

    Sad to say, none of these “modifications” have in any way benefited the cats themselves.

    • Agreed, Michele. Breeders probably found the standard moggie shape too mundane. The Persian went round and flat and the Siamese went thin and elongated. They wanted “elegance”. I remember a breeder actual stating this. What they created was beyond elegance to rat-like.

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