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The population growth of people is faster than for cats

The population growth of people is faster than for cats

by Nicki Fox

I’m sick of hearing people saying that cats /animals should stop over breeding but its OK for people to breed at the current rate. There are about 70m more people on the planet each year. That’s more than one more UK each year! The stories about cats breeding are wrong.

How many murderers war mongers basically revolting monsters do we have on this planet thanks to over breeding.

People seem to think that this planet belongs to them and only them and stuff the rest of the animals.

Animals don’t start wars or commit other disgusting crimes. They should have been called the human being and people.

I only trust my pets and other animals in general. They are number one, my best friend and family and that’s it – no one else.

The human race is slipping backwards fast and many believe that people will become extinct in the future.

I just only hope that they don’t take the animal kingdom with them. If this happens then the planet will be left to the original owners ANIMALS.

And so it should be this way as animals don’t commit sickening crimes and continue to do this century after century up until today!


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The population growth of people is faster than for cats

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Jul 10, 2011
Hi Victoria.H
by: Nicki Fox

Thanx for ur reply mate l will write back after l have 8 hours sleep mate cause l havent slept for 2 days l have trouble sometimes sleeping it runs in my family mate there where arguments and fights today at my place cause l confronted these 2 lowlife evil troublmakers it was my boyfriends sons 18th today and it went awsome anyway nothing spoilt his day even the fight with me and this evil trouble maker we both went for one another out the front but my dumb boyfriend held me back and he got told off for it but l managed to kick her very hard in the leg OMG what sort of trouble shes caused in the past and lm the very first person to actually confront her infront of every one today and my boyfriends ex-wife told him that she deserved it cause she is always starting bad gossip and that she is proud of me for standing up to her and that no-one has done before so both are not allowed here ever again for any partys ect this girls fiance was with my boyfriends daughter and had a kid to her so that u know who is who we are all family but not them anymore l wont let any one walk all over me or start rubbish cause when l was a kid l was bullied through out my childhood at school and by my parents family ect and treated like a dog by my family that l stopped talking to for 20 years and actually will never see them or speak to them for the rest of my life and beyond my family is actually worse than urs mate when it comes to raciesm they hate every race and they came from the holocast l was born and bred in australia but they come from the island of MALTA uwell when l turned 14 after that l stand up for my self mate and if someone starts a fight with me l wont turn my cheek l will fight like a bloke anyway love lm very tired and need some sleep will write to u soon again take care …cheers….:)

Jul 08, 2011
I was worried I might have stepped on a landmine there. 😉
by: Victoria H.

Thank you for the compliments, you`re pretty awesome yourself. *laughs* Don`t worry as far as spelling and grammar are concerned. As a matter of fact, during middle school I forced myself to relearn what I knew of grammar and spelling on my own time since the teachers in Canada and America have a habit of letting errors slide because they believe that adding corrections to written work will discourage the students from expressing themselves on paper. So when you see 20-30 year olds from these countries writing poorly on the internet, it`s not so much that they`re eager to butcher the English language, they honestly don`t know any different.

I live in Toronto (Canada) which has slowly become another New York. Trust me the people who live here are equally rude and arrogant. If you`re kind or polite you get labelled as a pansy or snob. Everyone is looking out for number one, and I swear the majority in my area walk around high on opium or on the verge of having a nervous breakdown. In the past 10 years my building has become a drop off point for middle eastern immigrants who go on welfare and do nothing until they gain their citizenship. I`m bothered by it, but I suspect a large number of them are traumatized and weirded out by the climate change. It also didn`t help that my parents held onto their racist and homophobic beliefs as I was growing up and I never got along well with the other white children because I couldn`t meet up to their financial standards, so that made things especially difficult and further fueled my “social anxiety”. I`ve found that I generally get along better with people older than myself. But don`t get me wrong, things have been getting better! Slowly but surely my parents are learning to undo their prejudices and I`m proud of them because many folks their age would simply say they`re too old to change.

Visiting my brother and his girlfriend in Quebec has made me realize how messed up my “home” is. I`ve only met one mean spirited person so far – everyone else seems genuinely happy and reasonable, even the bums on the street. *laugh* I`m thinking of moving here after I brush up on my French a little bit.

My great grandmother was a native american and she married a british man with blonde hair and blue eyes because she didn`t want her children to look like her and face discrimination like she did. But yeah, people look at me mystified when I say I care about what happens to the Native Americans and think they`ve been treated with no respect.

Anyways, I`m sorry about the flood and if my previous comment about something washing away the materialism made you feel uncomfortable. Obviously I don`t want anyone to lose their family, children, or pets. That must have felt very surreal for you watching it unfold on the news and I hope the situation continues to pick up. Perhaps I should stop writing now or else i`ll ramble on forever. *laugh* Take care.

Jul 07, 2011
Dear victoria:)
by: Nicki Fox

Hi mate no love it was not patronising at all please excuse my spelling cause as lve gotton older my spelling has become shocking its like lve forgotton how to spell l actually enjoyed reading ur letter ur a very intelligent woman mate wow u sure know how to write thats for sure l just had the hom ecare lady turn up as l ordered these things from the home care magazine and they were so cheap and lovely and she lives around the corner from me so l chatted with her for half an hour and told her to come around when ever she likes to have a cuppa with me cause l found her to be lovely and shes an older lady l know there are beautiful people out there victoria as l meet them now and again expecially living in perth and queensland and parts of the northern territory but where l was born and bred in melbourne the people there are SHOCKING so rude arrogant sarcasticvery cruel and dont give a damn about anyone but them selves thats why l left 17 years ago and l made the best decision ever and lm very happy living in perth so much actually lm lucky l left queensland cause l just left in time before they had all that flooding and l seen the house l was renting on the news under the water mate l cried my eyes out when that happened one nite l just cried and cried all nite long as l read the horrible tragedies good people dieing and kids loosing there parents animals drowning ect l feel for them as l love queenslanders they are awsome friendly caring loving ect just like perth and parts of the northern territory actually l found the australian aboriginals to be so lovely mate the white aussie in darwin l had to be careful of the men as they are rough as guts and very sneaky and scary just like that movie WOLF CREEK the male actor heaps of white men are like him so lm not saying all people are rotton to the core as there are heaps out there that are good decent have a good heart just like us anyway love l have to go now will write back to u soon ok take care ….Cheers…:)

Jul 07, 2011
Sorry Nicki if the last message was patronizing I didn`t intend for it to be read that way.
by: Victoria H.

Nope, I`m not offended. I`ve met the same types of people you`ve described – what breaks my heart more is that many of them were supposed to be relatives. My uncle bob for example is one such person who should have been aborted – not only was he abusive towards his wife and children, but he`s also killed several cats including the first kitten my mother had as a child and she has been scared own a kitty since. Even as a woman of 52 years she still hasn`t gotten over some of the shitty things her brothers have done and remains neurotic so i kind of have no choice but to try to remain cautiously optimistic while I take care of her, although I might be coming across as a blind idealist *laugh*. I generally treat others how I would like to be treated unless the person is a waste of space as you described (druggie, baby making welfare mom, killer, etc). I don`t wish for humanity to be wiped out as a whole, rather I wish for useless material possessions and toxic “entertainment” to be destroyed so people can return to their roots and get back in touch with nature. I know if by chance some disaster happened where all of these things were obliterated it wouldn`t solve all of humanities problems since the damage to the environment is already done, but i still like to imagine it would take out a nice chunk. I don`t see why people can`t live as the more intelligent animals of the world do (crows and elephants to name two), and I agree it does seem as though they should have been called humans and us animals especially with the current state the world is in.

As for Fox TV (i think that`s what you meant by foxtel – sorry if i`m mistaken), they`re pretty good at stirring up shit and turning tail or making bullshit excuses when people respond, so I think we`re better off not watching them at all. It`s obvious they want to show whatever brings in ratings and I find it suspicious how many news sources seem to get their stories all around the same time, show the same clips, etc, even when it`s not live. Maybe I`m just being paranoid but it sure seems like that is the case.

Jul 07, 2011
To Victoria.
by: Nicki Fox

This is what l truly believe and l wasnt born yesterday man is very selfish and will continue to be and it has got nothing to do with the media l have met heaps upon heaps of people from all around the world and most are SELFISH only out for themselves and thats it and people are not made of flowers thats for sure l hear what people say straight from there mouths what l watch on foxtel is live and could be fake at times ANIMALS are the innocent ones on this planet and this PLANET BELONGS TO THEM THEY WERE HERE FIRST it is revolting how people are allowed to breed so much and in my country at one stage the government would pay big money to any couple to have a baby so teenagers and other parasites took advantage of this and then when they got the huge lump sum spent it on drugs alcohol holidays ect and could not give a damn about the child this has stopped now and so it should its beyond me why it was introduced in the first place there are africans and other poor races that are starving to death but yet they keep bringing baby after baby into the world PURE SELFISH (lm not saying all people are like this) but many are and its DISGUSTING to know how many human beings are on this planet most are only interested in feeding there revolting habits ADDICTIONS DRUGS ALCOHOL STEALING MURDER ECT do u know of any ANIMAL that has started a war mate that commit such monster acts upon others l dont think so l will always SUPPORT ANIMALS and l do HOPE ONE DAY IF MAN does not wake up to himself l HOPE human beings get wiped out because thats what the human race deserves the older l get the more l see and hear straight from the persons mouth how pathetic most can be its ME ME ME and stuff u mate so if SCUMBAGS treat good people and animals like this l will treat them even WORSE and l dont have any time for ignorant stupid pathetic waste of space people l couldnt care less if the rotton mongrel fell to the ground with a heart attack cause if l know that the person is a monster l will walk away (AND TO ANYONE THAT WRITES BACK MAKING OUT IM BITTER LIKE THAT SILLY BRANDY THAT HAS NO GUTS TO WRITE BACK)what l have written is the truth and dont tell me please that u havent come across people like this cause if u say no then its best u start opening ur eyes and ears mate (PLEASE DONT BE OFFENDED VICTORIA) lm not having a go at u lm talking about anyone that is basically rotton to the core l can understand ur point of view that this is what u believe in so each to there own really:)

Jul 06, 2011
Victoria H.
by: Anonymous

Nicki, while I agree with your points and sympathize with you please don`t allow misanthropy to take hold of you – many fantastic activists have dropped out of the good fight due to disillusionment, yet everyone who seeks to become truely aware is required to reach this stage of conciousness a minimum of once. Be thankful you are one of the lucky few to surpass herd mentality – some wake up very late in life, or worse, never! In addition, being involved with animal rights has probably lead you to discover more valuble truths.

I believe the spreading of awareness for social causes should be done in much the same way material goods are sold to the public – by choosing a target audience and appealing to a persons humanity (provided they have a heart in the first place). Trying to inform everyone will result in failure and unneeded frustration. Choose to spread the word in environments where your thoughts will be most valued and accessable, and keep close a support circle (friends, family) that you can fall back on in case things don`t go as planned. The media machine has done great harm to humanity, but I believe we are living in a time where we can also use the system to our advantage to reverse the damage!

I honestly believe the population is declining because of the drugs injected into factory farm animals, not to mention genetically engineered crops. Both sources of food have been shown to induce puberty in children as young as 8, increase the rate at which cancer spreads, lower sterility, cause miscarriages when pregnancy is acheived, and the list goes on. Aside from those factors, you also have to take social conditioning into consideration. The “civilized” west is babied throughtout their lives, thus it takes longer for people to develop enough emotionally to take care of themselves, let alone animals or children. I`m not sure if anyone here has done reasearch on eugenics or experienced it first hand, but “the powers that be” want specific types people to die out… or else reproduce so they can have more slave working consumers and soldiers. I have also heard one too many big wigs imply they would love for the general population to drop dead.

In short, I just can`t accept anything big name doctors or scientists put out as being 100% beneficial to the public – there are always ulterior motives to be uncovered. I admit it can be very tiring trying to separate truth from falsehoods, and at times our efforts seem futile, but I want you to know every contribution helps however small. Every time a cynic approaches me I use the movie A Bugs Life to illustrate a point – as with the ants and grasshoppers, the corporations may have “power” on their side, but we have numbers, and if enough of us spoke up things might be able to change.

Phew… sorry if it sounded like I was preaching. I hope I got some useful points across in that wall of text. *laugh*

Jul 04, 2011
Hi Ruth:)
by: Nicki Fox

Thankyou ruth u do too love you tell it as it is its good to be this way why beat around the bush and say things that people want to hear thats not me love l will speak the truth no matter what even if most people out there hate it anyway its better to hear the real truth than some rubbish that someones made up l dont even follow any man made religion on this planet not one single one l believe what l want to believe what helps me not some mumbo jumbo belief that some crazy person made up some 2000 years ago theres not many of us out there ruth thats for sure only a few of us left we are very rare even michael is the same as us anyway u take care mate …Cheers…:)P.S: By the way l like u heaps to love and l like michael heaps aswell:)

Jul 04, 2011
I agree
by: Ruth

I’ve said it before and I truly believe it that humans will one day wipe themselves out with their selfishness and greed and then this Earth will return to the animals with Nature taking care of them far better than people do.
The problem is that people have so many rights these days and many make sure they get those rights, it doesn’t matter who gets cheated or hurt as long as they get what they want.
Animals are used and abused, easy to get and easy to ‘get rid’ of, cheap to use for experiments and their lives worth nothing to carnivores except as meat,they don’t care that those living feeling beings suffer in life and when killed for them to eat.
I have no children by choice and I’m very glad I haven’t because thinking of the way the world is going and the heartbreak in it, they are better off unborn.
I like you Nicki, you tell it just as it is and just as Michael does too ! If anyone doesn’t like what you say, well maybe they have a guilty conscience !

Jul 04, 2011
Hi Michael:)
by: Nicki Fox

Yes u are right mate even my country australia has a low rate us aussies are not breeding enough this is what we have been told by the government well l dont have any kids and lm 41 years old but thats cause l cant have any and l do believe lve been blessed as l dont want to bring any children into this world because its getting worse out there mate so lm very happy lve never been able to have any kids for this reason l adore and love my step kids they are the world to me and my grand kids are gorgeous but l feel so much for them as this planet is slowly going down the drain because of mans greed and other horrible traits that most people have got out there l wish so much for the human race to wake up to them selves before its to late and l do believe if something went wrong tomorrow that all the evil/bad people out there will be the first to be helped and the rest of us will be left behind as this strange thing always happens over and over but people have to get down from there high horse and realize that this planet does really belong to the animal and insect kingdom weather they believe it or not thats simple as and l dont care who ever reads this grows a hatred towards me because the truth always hurts and people also would rather believe in a lie than the truth its a known fact so michael lm glad we think alike great minds always think alike anyway…cheers mate:)…..

Jul 04, 2011
We think alike
by: Michael

I think like you! Unfortunately a lot of people are so wrapped up in their blinkered world of self-importance that they will think you are very wrong. They will dislike you. But we know best…

A lot of people though do think like you. Human population growth is excessive and uncontrolled and one day we will have to do something about it.

By then animals will have been pushed off the planet.

That said the “experts” say that human population growth is slowing gradually.

One factor is that as the world becomes more educated they realise that breeding is not the answer.

Some countries have falling populations due to low birth rates such as Poland and Italy.

Michael Broad

Hi, I am 70-years-of-age at 2019. For 14 years before I retired at 57, I worked as a solicitor in general law specialising in family law. Before that I worked in a number of different jobs including professional photography. I have a longstanding girlfriend, Michelle. We like to walk in Richmond Park which is near my home because I love nature and the landscape (as well as cats and all animals).

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