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The Private Zoos of America — 3 Comments

  1. It’s normally unheard of me to add comments on Internet but the feeling of the work you all do, that I felt so profound to leave my comments and opinions on the situations implied from multiple media sources.Firstly after hours of thought I’m 99% behind the commitment it must be required, know one gets it right always. You may be for example the group that has the only DNA needed to save a species from extinction among many other things. It is a shame that you all have to waste your precious time and money fighting battles where the time could be used for more educational purposes or what ever . Being in a 22 year happy gay relationship I am also blessed living on a farm as well. Remember being armed it does not mean you are in anyway dangerous like me it’s just that one stupid person who will go to any lengths to prove there point. Always try to get everyone not to be provoked it’s can be seen as they are right. Keep up the good work you are all doing my kindest regards
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