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The Psychopathic Kitten Killer And His Delusional Girlfriend — 9 Comments

  1. You said he’s a mental health care worker? I would love to know where, if anybody knows. I would like to write to his employer. Also, if you could post a better picture of him, I would like to send it out for others to post ad infinitum throughout the internet. I would like to hear what the rescue organization has to say, because I’m sure they tried their very best and this must hurt them even worse than it hurts us to read about this. It sounds like this monster enjoyed every moment of torture, not just leading up to a quick kill, but spreading it out over long periods before finally, one day, the animals succumbed. I really wish, more and more, that we could have street justice, because obviously “the system” is broken.

    • Good point Carol. He was obviously unfit to be a mental health worker. He claimed his work made him like he is! He used it in his defence.

  2. Really tragic for these poor kittens. My heart aches for them, and poor Milo also. It seems like Animal Adoption Agencies will have to start doing background checks for animal cruelty, which would be time consuming and probably prohibitively expensive. Michael, do you know if any adoption organizations do background checks?

  3. Not only did these animals suffer and die, but he placed doubt upon every next adopter who goes to Cats Protection rescue. The people who work there, who will work there will be afraid to adopt to any man OR woman, and the cats will suffer from that doubt… even if when adoptions go okay (and who knows for sure, right?) the cats know… they sense when there’s mistrust in the air. It just stinks up the whole world.

    • Yes, that is a very good point, Albert. They got it completely wrong sadly but I am sure they carried out checks etc.. Perhaps the problem is that Barker had got away with animal cruelty before. He should have been stopped earlier.

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