The Psychopathic Kitten Killer And His Delusional Girlfriend

A 26-year-old mental health care worker, Aaron Barker, 26, who is clearly a sadistic psychopath with a current predisposition to torturing and killing animals, brutally injured two 4-month-old kittens who suffered catastrophic injuries through blunt force trauma before dying. The kittens had just been adopted from a very large cat rescue organization in the UK, Cats Protection, which is manned largely by foster carer volunteers. They had been a mere 10 days in the ‘care’ of his girlfriend Verity Castle, 24, when he killed them.

It has come to light in court proceedings that in the past he had killed another cat called Milo in a similar manner, covering it up by saying the cat had been run over. And he had sadistically killed a gerbil and hamsters. He has all the signs of being a psychopath ready to upgrade to hurting and killing humans.

Mr Barker had said to a friend in the past that he had killed a gerbil at school by attaching it to a ceiling fan. Apparently, he had crushed two hamsters to death. Four more hamsters were consistently being injured for unknown reasons before they died.

Although Barker said an intruder had killed the kittens and he had tried to save them, the court came to the conclusion, with a veterinarian’s report, that the kittens had been struck with a blunt instrument. They had been kicked, punched, dragged and thrown against a wall in the house where they lived.

In a remarkable twist, Mr Barker’s girlfriend has said that she will stand by him. Her family is very much against it because they’re quite clear that he is a psychopath which puts their daughter at high risk of violence against her.

Close friends and family say that he is a kind person and someone who is fond of animals! Verity appears to be delusional. She wrote on social media:

“Finally our horrible year is over. Everyone knows he is not the person these people have horribly made him out to be. We just have to get him through this final bit.”

Mr Barker will be in jail for 20 weeks having been convicted on animal cruelty charges and he is banned for life from keeping animals. In his defence, his barrister, said that his work with mentally disturbed patients had caused him to be like he is! Far fetched. More like the opposite. A more unsuited person for the role would be hard to image.

I expect also that Cats Protection are very upset because they placed these two kittens with Verity and tragically within 10 days they had been brutally tortured and killed. The cats’ names were Panther and Baby. They were good buddies.

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9 thoughts on “The Psychopathic Kitten Killer And His Delusional Girlfriend”

  1. You said he’s a mental health care worker? I would love to know where, if anybody knows. I would like to write to his employer. Also, if you could post a better picture of him, I would like to send it out for others to post ad infinitum throughout the internet. I would like to hear what the rescue organization has to say, because I’m sure they tried their very best and this must hurt them even worse than it hurts us to read about this. It sounds like this monster enjoyed every moment of torture, not just leading up to a quick kill, but spreading it out over long periods before finally, one day, the animals succumbed. I really wish, more and more, that we could have street justice, because obviously “the system” is broken.

    • Good point Carol. He was obviously unfit to be a mental health worker. He claimed his work made him like he is! He used it in his defence.

  2. Really tragic for these poor kittens. My heart aches for them, and poor Milo also. It seems like Animal Adoption Agencies will have to start doing background checks for animal cruelty, which would be time consuming and probably prohibitively expensive. Michael, do you know if any adoption organizations do background checks?

  3. Not only did these animals suffer and die, but he placed doubt upon every next adopter who goes to Cats Protection rescue. The people who work there, who will work there will be afraid to adopt to any man OR woman, and the cats will suffer from that doubt… even if when adoptions go okay (and who knows for sure, right?) the cats know… they sense when there’s mistrust in the air. It just stinks up the whole world.

    • Yes, that is a very good point, Albert. They got it completely wrong sadly but I am sure they carried out checks etc.. Perhaps the problem is that Barker had got away with animal cruelty before. He should have been stopped earlier.


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