The purpose behind the New York state registry for animal rescuers

Senator Boyle

Senator Boyle

New York is awaiting the signature of its governor to enact a bill into law which makes it obligatory for animal rescuers to register with the state.

The reason for this new law is:

  1. The current law contains a troublesome loophole. Pet stores and sellers of cats and dogs from home must be licensed and inspected by the Department of Agriculture and Markets. Non-profit animal shelters and rescues are exempt hence the loophole.
  2. Some pet dealers trying to avoid state regulations rebrand themselves as nonprofit rescuers thereby avoiding oversight by the state.
  3. Purpose of the bill is to learn about the “size, scope types and true nature” of shelters and rescue facilities in the state.

Thirty-five states have regulations regarding rescues. In New York, Sen. Phil Boyle sponsored the bill known as S.5599.

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