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The Quality of a Cat’s Living Space — 2 Comments

  1. As Jackson Galaxy said, some cats are “tree dwellers” and some are “cave dwellers”. I can see this with my own cats. 2 always like to be up high, and the other one likes to be low down and often a bit hidden. The other important thing, along with these cat routes through the house that are up and away from us humans, which is important, is that there are no dead-ends. Especially in multi cat households. That way no cat will be cornered by another cat. Having these routes, and following certain rules such as the “no dead-end” rule often solves behavioural issues that many indoor cats have. ‘Caves’ and hiding places are just as important. Having all of this makes a HUGE difference to the lives of cats living inside with humans. A tall cat tree is a minimum requirement. Preferably it should have an access from the top to some shelves for cats, as Michael said. Shelves that form a route around the room perhaps leading to some tall furniture and so on to the other end. Then your cats may cross the room without touching the floor, safely up and away from the humans if they are so inclined.

    Other things I like to do is leave anything that interests my cats which is safe. I will leave boxes for them obviously. The other day one of my cats was playing with an empty bottle from a yoghurt drink, and so I now leave those for her to play with for a time instead of throwing them away. Cats will go for many things, and certainly not necessarily things designed specifically for cat. Its so so important to follow what it is that your cats enjoy and encourage them to enjoy those things more and even to build upon them. For example I could now hang one of these new found bottles on a string from the cat tree and I bet she would go for that.
    Another important thing I think is to put out toys in cycles so they dont always have them all. If you keep some hidden away and bring them out later they will have a renewed interest in those toys. Nothing mykes me more happy than to see my cats stimulated and happy and playful. 🙂

    Michael, I think this is a very important subject, worthy of alot of consideration. Also, there is a wealth of philisophy and of products designed for cats living spaces and I think its a bit our duty to research and be up to date on this so we can make the best choices and not miss out on things that our individual cats might take specific likings to. Afterall they are all different and have different prefences and tastes. It’s out job to support that and encourage their unique characters to flourish.

    • I completely agree that is is a very important subject and one that most people don’t really want to get involved in. I can understand that but people should really get more involved with cat friendly environments.

      Most cat owners as I said do some work to make the home cat friendly but by and large expect their cat to fit in.

      You have a very cat friendly house. I’d love to be a cat living at your place!

      It is a question of mind set for people ensuring that the home has a decent amount of modifications to nicely accommodate a cat.

      I like the way you leave toys or any object that is enjoyable for a while out. In other words the cat decides what to play with and what stimulates him.

      I have a kind of a dream that house builders provide an extra option, a house style that is designed for a companion cat. So the builder builds in all these extra facilities including an enclosure.

      And governments should make it obligatory! How about that for an idea…

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