The quest for friendship: black cat plays with airborne owl

The Owl and The Pussycat
The Owl and The Pussycat
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Yes, these two were great friends. The owl was raised by humans and I guess the cat (Fum) and the owl (Gebra) were around each other from an early age. They are the classic ‘odd couple’ but there is a deep bond.

What’s amazing is that they play with each other while Gebra is airborne! The video is sadly mainly still images but in the middle of it you’ll see a bit of video of Fum flying into the air to make contact with Debra while he flies overhead. It’s awesome.

On May of 2013 Fum was diagnosed with feline urological syndrome (FUS). He died at a young age. He left a beautiful legacy. I am sure the owl was bereft. He must have missed his best mate terribly.

This is one of those strange but beautiful interspecies friendship. There are many on this site. Please click this link to read about them.

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