The Rapacious Use of Natural Resources

by Michael

The words of Prince Charles are very relevant to the world of cats; feral, wild and domestic. Prince Charles has taken over as president of the wildlife Charity WWF-UK (UK branch of the World Wildlife Fund). His words echo what we, cat and animal lovers on this site, have been stating for a long time. Although his words come from a different angle they amount to the same thing.

Prince Charles says that the world’s population is using the world’s natural resources in a rapacious manner. We are obsessed with economic growth for the immediate years ahead. We are concerned with expanding material consumption. I would argue that this model rules everything that business does and if we are honest business rules everything.

He says that we are consuming what rightfully belongs to our children and grandchildren and their grandchildren. I call it mortgaging the future. We are “…sacrificing long-term progress on the altar of immediate satisfaction and convenience. That is hardly responsible behaviour.”

In destroying and consuming the world’s natural resources we are endangering the lives of wild cats in a reckless manner. Of course we are also endangering the survivability of all wild animal species and species of plants and trees. Future generations will pay a heavy price for that loss.

The mentality that drives us to short term gain at the expense of long term sustainability and balance is the same that drives people to kill feral cats. Killing feral cats provides immediate satisfaction and what seems like instant progress for some people who want rid of “the feral cat problem”. But it is naive and simplistic thinking. The only way to tackle what seems to be an excess of feral cats is to think very long term and in a precise and profound manner. If TNR was massively extended and properly managed nationwide or at least state wide for the indefinite future real progress would be made and in an humane manner. The protection of the Scottish Wildcat is based on this principle. I believe that thinking people are crying out for decent, sensible and sustainable behaviour in humankind at large. We are not getting it, sadly.

The mentality that drives rapacious consumption of natural resources is the same one that drives people to treat cats as accessories and when you do that declawing is easy.

We must go backwards to go forwards. We need to take stock and get coordinated worldwide. We need to stop pulling in different directions. First things first, however. Short-termism has left us with the burden of debt that paralysis decision makers through lack of funds. We must bite the bullet and steel ourselves for the long journey out of debt and then re-set our mentality to think about quality of life through sustainability.

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The Rapacious Use of Natural Resources

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Sep 11, 2011 My complaint
by: Ruth (Monty’s Mom)

As long as we’re complaining about misusing the earth’s resources, here’s my beef: the tourism industry! It is getting ugly in my hometown (Lake Delton, Wisconsin). My dad is fed up too. He said that they come in and build these huge motels/condos and then in twenty years people are tired of them and want newer and bigger. The old place stands there as an eyesore while they cut down a whole forest to build the new. “Why aren’t there as many birds? Can’t be because we cut down all those trees– must be the fault of those pesky cats!”

What used to be the Sahara Motel in Lake Delton stands there as an eyesore, while all around it tons of trees have been cut down to build new stuff. Some areas were deforested and nothing built on that land. Del Rancho Motel was torn down, but nothing was built on that site– terrible eyesore, big hole in the ground. Meanwhile they cut down trees to build new motels farther up the road. Can’t we at least build on the same spot instead of leaving an eyesore and moving on? The people in charge in Lake Delton need to get their heads out of their butts. When there is NO natural beauty left, people will stop coming. (And the fact that Lake Delton residents subsidize all those water parks by paying the highest water bills in the state is ludicrous, while at the same time every water park advertises its location as being in Wisconsin Dells– the neighboring town! UGH!!!!)

Industries such as the paper mill in Nekoosa and the logging that is done farther up north seem to actually be better for the planet than the tourism industry. Because these industries rely on having lots of trees they keep replanting trees and that keeps the ugly condo building crowd out. There are tons of trees on lands owned by Nekoosa’s paper mill– I know this because a friend had a cabin up there and I got to see in the real estate office a map of the area around her cabin. Acres and acres of wooded lots were marked as property of the paper mill. I had the chance to go way up north in Wisconsin this summer. It’s all trees and bears up there and it stays that way because most of the land is owned by logging industries. May it stay that way forever!

Sep 09, 2011 Agreed
by: Michael

I agree, Ruth, I don’t like the hunting, shooting mentality of the royal family but Charles does have some good thoughts. And he has the guts to go against the flow and speak his mind. He is a strong voice for sensible use of the world’s resources but I fear there is little chance of change.

Sep 09, 2011 I agree
by: Ruth

Although I don’t like or respect the Windsors because of their love of killing animals and birds for sport, I have to agree that Charles is right about our ‘rapacious use of natural resources’
Those of us who can see what is happening do worry about it and wonder how much longer human life can exist if we don’t change our ways.
But what can we ordinary people do, because as you say Michael, thinking people are crying out for decent, sensible and sustainable behaviour in humankind at large but we are not getting it !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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