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The Real Persian Cat — 8 Comments

  1. I very much prefer the traditional Persian not the modern. I feel desperately sorry for cats that cannot breathe well due to breeding to please people.

  2. Hi Rudolph. It would be very useful if you could send us some good clear pictures of your Persians. The picture of the cat in Iran 2004 is a typical Turkish long-haired cat found all over Turkey. There is one very similar to that one scrounging around a small restaurant near the Lemar supermarket in Girne (Kyrenia) , N Cyprus.
    You can see more at.-

  3. Hi Michael. I am sure you did not see any long-haired cats anywhere in Persia when you were there. Long-haired natural cats developed in very cold regions. There is ample historical and anecdotal evidence that so-called Persian cats were simply Turkish Angoras taken to Persia and many other places in the east. Angoras were a typical gift from Turkey for dignitaries in other countries.

    • I have actually been to Iran when the Shah was in charge (1970). I have made the fair presumption that the freeborn cats (random bred cats) living in Persian today are pretty much exactly the same as the freeborn cats living in Persia in the 17th century when they were first exported from the country (we are told). Therefore you only have to wander around and look for a long haired street cat. It he is a white cat so much the better.

      It is sad that 2013 Persian cat is not a Persian cat in the true sense. It is a hybrid creation of the 20th century.

  4. Seems the uncertified Persian cats bred in Mumbai(Bombay) are closest to the original Persian cats seen in photographs.They are now called the “Traditional Persian Cats”. As a owner of two Traditional Persian cats i am surprised at their ferocity and aggressiveness towards other smaller bird, insect or animal species.My tomcat matata once caught a bird that happened to stray into our gallery and ate it leaving only a few feathers as a witness of his hunting prowess. At that time i was not at home.Any large insect that strays into our house, usually the odd moth or butterfly is immediately attacked.Their aggressive character is a total opposite to the image of Persian cats being very docile and the laziest of cats.Who knows, my cats could be freak Persian cats. I have attached a photo of my 6 year old female cat matahari hiding in a sopping bag. This is a strange peculiarity of her, hiding in confined spaces.If a cupboard, bag lies open then she goes inside and sits quietly.My other cats didn’t ever have this peculiar habit.

    • Your Persian cats behave like normal domestic cats so on that basis they are more like the original Persians. Although they seem to like hunting more than a typical cat. Perhaps they just taking their chance to express their hunting instincts.

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