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The real story behind the viral Trump hissing like a cat video

The real story behind the viral Trump hissing like a cat video is found in another video in which he does pull a face but he’s engaged in some innocent activity and was thanking someone. He just held the ‘th…’ of the ‘thank you very much’!

“The original video was shot on December 5, 2017, and shows President Trump during a lunch with Republican members of the Senate like Jeff Flake. They’re discussing the Republican’s $1.5 trillion tax bill….”


Below is the edited, viral version which I first aired on this site a few days ago:

The Twitter below was made by the person who doctored the original video:

There is always some cleaver wag who likes taking the piss out of the president and this video was a godsend. There was another piss-take today after Trump referred to the Prince of Whales! He meant the Prince of Wales after the country not the massive mammal that swims the oceans. The Prince of Wales is Charles the first son of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. The person who tracked down the video is Matt Novak. The place: the Roosevelt Room.

Trump’s tweet in which he referred to the Prince of Whales.

Here is the piss-take:

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  • There is a lot wrong with the man that his acting like an animal would fail to explain. He obviously didn't do that and he doesn't even like animals, big surprise. I'm afraid we're at the dawn of seeing lots of doctored videos of everything and everyone now too.

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