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The reason why cat harnesses often don’t work and how to fix the problem — 4 Comments

  1. Harnesses are great until your cat wiggles out and runs off. Some are fine but THE VAST MAJORITY OF CATS SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN ANYWHERE IN A HARNESS. The shithole world we live on is not a good place to lose a furry family member. Leave them inside and throw away the harnesses. All it takes is one moment to slip up and lose them forever.

    • Yes, I sympathise with your thoughts. Harnesses have to be damned good to prevent a scared cat wriggling out of it as they can be amazingly athletic and flexible when frightened. And if they do there could be a catastrophe.

  2. Yes I know you’ve figured this out before and you’re still right. While perhaps half the cats out there manage to walk with a harness, the cat’s that don’t are seemingly surrendering to the automatic physical response as with the Thundershirt. I haven’t seen the shirt work, but no doubt it does and for the same reason. I don’t recall that Mr. Galaxy ever put these two together, so you’re smarter than him.

    I’d say that the cats who wear a harness without collapsing are introduced to it with care. And the cats who don’t might have been carried around by the scruff by their mother more. Those two things might aid or detract from harnesses working or not. Also, the way the harness is made; I think if it does not have a breast strap (connecting the neck loop to the chest), that might help keep the harness from putting pressure on the neck.

    • Oh, another instance where this “kitten” response works is when some people apply clothes pins pinching the skin on the back of their neck as the mother cats would when carrying them. That serves to illicit the response and help calm them while treating.

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