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The reason why domestic cats stop playing with toys quickly — 5 Comments

  1. My cats have tested my pocketbook and just about every toy on the market. Right now all of their tunnels ,huts and a few boxes and their turbo track are piled in my kitchen with a huge plastic table cloth over the whole shebang. They go for this every night when it set it up and play for hours. Half of the turbo track must be under a throw rug , I don’t know why but it must. I can toss hair ties on top while their lurking and see the table cloth getting punched from underneath.

  2. There are two toy-type playthings all of my cats can’t resist most of the time. For the outdoors on grass, a tree shoot similar to a fishing pole, flexible at the far “chasing” end. A good length is about 5 or 6 feet. For indoors a nice fat shoe string with some consistency to it, like a small rope. That’s about it. Everything else just isn’t good enough to hold their interest, probably for the reasons Michael stated. There’s a toy that employs both of these items that they like a little, but the stick part is usually only a couple feet long with a string-like piece of felt. I think the felt is too light weight. They like that visceral feeling of pulling on and tearing something apart, like toilet paper rolls or cardboard. Kind of gross but true.

    • The best thing about the twig is that they can pounce and lay on it, then if you wiggle it a little they like that. It’s the feeling of struggling prey.

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