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The reason why Facebook allows the promotion of animal abuse on its website — 4 Comments

  1. Zuckerberg is full of BS and a shit head. He is pretending to be noble and keeping FB free of censorship or some other crappy, BS excuse. He is only worried that FB will become obsolete and irrelevant because there is no controversy and no one will use it any more, and ads will dry up because he is an egomaniac and loves his fame. Boycott FB for animal abuse and make his nightmare come true.

    • Well said. Facebook also tricks people into giving away phone log data because users never read the terms and conditions. FB knows this.

  2. So I suppose you think it’s unacceptable for FaceBook to allow others to make death-threats against people who kill cats, like that stupid veterinarian in Texas who shot a cat with her bow and arrow, and then bragged about it on FB?

    • What this Texas veterinarian did was clearly unacceptable. Also it is unacceptable if people make death threats against her. That’s common sense and obvious. I have no idea why you have written your comment. Except to verbally attack me which I take as a compliment.

      I’m still waiting for your response to my previous comment in providing evidence about children’s eyesight being damaged. Do you remember that question?

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