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The Relative Importance of Different Non-human Animals — 2 Comments

  1. That is the best and most succinct argument on this topic that I’ve ever read. Well done.

    Just to include a little anecdotal evidence: I’ve said before that I’ve had indoor/outdoor privileges for my cats, of which I’ve had 17 at my location over the course of 20 years. It’s simple math, of the 1,985,600 possible hours they’ve had access to “prey” (conceding that in reality, adjusting for varying number of cats, so let’s say 25% of that = 496,400 “cat” hours), I have witnessed or found evidence of about a dozen “kills”… and most of them were rats or mice. What cat haters tend to think is that cats live to kill, and that’s what they do constantly. False. Cats play, especially pet cats, and most of the time they fail. In fact many of my own cats haven’t even had much of a play desire their whole lives, and spent literally only a few minutes a week doing it, despite my urging. They just don’t care to, and the ones that and are good at it, may, might bring down a bird once a year, in the cat’s early years and at a point the bird can’t out-fly anymore. Indeed, the other day a bird flew into my moving car. I drove back, scooped it up and tried to save it, but couldn’t. That’s how things go, they are all going to die at some point, and for every one that does, there are one or two more that hatch, so I really, really don’t see the urgency of this so-called problem the bird lovers, who also apparently think they are the only people who care about birds, keep harping on. I like them too and try to save them too. They fly into cars, buildings, fall out of nests, but they aren’t gone. Also, when birds die they leave a vacuum where other birds can thrive. Cats aren’t killing them all off, not in my area of planet, nature finds a balance.

    • Thanks Albert. What I have written is a bit controversial and provocative but that is the nature of the topic. There is no doubt in my mind that the arguments put forward by people to kill feral cats is largely about their preference for cat prey animals over the cats.

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