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The rich should do more to advance cat welfare — 3 Comments

  1. The wealthy have no obligation to contribute to any cause, and we have no right to be asked.
    What’s theirs is theirs.

    They either earned or inherited it, and it is theirs to do with what they like.

    Ofcourse, I’m sad that animal welfare isn’t a priority.

    But, don’t those leather pumps look stunning on Jessica Simpson (deceiving b-tch that she is)?

  2. The wealthy are in a world of their own, and it doesn’t include humans or animals outside of that bubble. There are rare exceptions, and it seems that they are well known celebrities who benefit from their generosity with an increase of animal loving fans. It doesn’t matter what motivates them; what matters is that their actions help the less fortunate.

    There have been cases of very wealthy people leaving large sums of money and valuable goods to benefit animals. Of course, sometimes those legacies are diverted by some legal loophole found by people who resent that gift. I seem to remember reading of at least one case here on POC.

    We can hope that the wealthy will be influenced by their friends and business connections that do give generously.

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