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The risk of an adverse reaction to vaccinations in cats — 5 Comments

  1. It also depends on the manufacturer of the vaccines. All vaccines are not equal. I have received some information that panleukopenia 3 in 1 vaccines produced in Greece had a very high percentage of adverse reactions resulting in the deaths of whole litters of kittens. Also that a Fort Dodge laboratory in Ireland was closed down because of chronic poor quality vaccines.

    • Thanks Harvey. Good points. I believe we should have good information provided by our vets on the vaccines they use. I don’t believe the average customer enquires enough. I asked my vet about the risk and she said there was a risk but it would have been great if she had told me there was a 1 in 1000 chance of inflammation or whatever – something far more precise. That would have been fantastic. But nothing and my vets are good.

  2. Interesting Michael I’ve been calculating as I’ve only ever had 1 cat suffer an allergic reaction and that was Ozzie at his last jab; his whisker pads just ballooned up and part of his face, his breathing laboured I had to rush him off to the emergency vets.

    If I calculate the amount of cats we’ve had and x by how many injections they’ve had I can confirm that equates to 1 in 113.

    • Leah, you have provided some hard stats from personal experiences. Great. The figure is high but I’d like our vets to provide more stats. I think they owe us a duty to provide the information. I’d bet none of them do.

      • I would imagine its much higher because I bet a lot of cases go unreported. Something I didn’t realise which the emergency vet told me ‘if this happens again you can give your cat half a Piriton but not the non-drowsy one just the normal one; the non-drowsy would kill them’ I thought Ah thanks for that after you charged me £122 lol

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