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The role of cats as emotional support for their owners (and more) — 11 Comments

  1. They were 3 weeks old, all 4 of them. I adopted them, rescued them when they were 3 weeks old. Pinky my cat never fed them. They were near to die with hunger and dehydration. I don’t know how they survived?

    Here is the picture of my second daughter at her room loving and petting Pummy the kitten (6 weeks old kitten).

    Hafsa is 7 years old and she was afraid of pets. One morning I saw her with Pummy, petting to Pummy. Khadija took the photo instantly as she has the cam cell phone.

    I observed Pummy was loving Hafsa and the way she was petting her. Pummy! my Pummy killed by neighbor boy, my Pummy. 8 weeks old killed 🙁

    Hafsa became sick, she stopped eating and drinking for two weeks. I had her admitted in a private hospital. I shared her the thought that LAILA is with us. Animals die every day. We can’t die with them.

    The greatest lie of the nature, I told Hafsa and she agreed with me but still miss Pummy.

    My three daughters were not used to any wild animal or pet. These feral kittens which I had, these 4, they made my daughters to change their thoughts. They realized them that what is affection and love. What is the meaning of care? What is a relationship? What is the meaning of respect of others? Why we are human and they are animals? How we can win others hearts with LOVE?

    this is what I have to share Michael, thank you for your article <3

  2. Cats have been my rock in the past when I’ve been very alone and sad and I can’t imagine life without them.
    I don’t know why people say cats only love you for what we give them, because it isn’t true, they give us far far more than we give them.

    • I think you are right. What happens is that science tries to analyse, through a study what is happening, but you can’t full understand the benefits just through a scientific study. It is more complicated an non-scientific. Emotions don’t lend themselves to being studied scientifically.

  3. As a loner blogger/traveller i wonder what my life would be without my pets at home. Whenever i get “Writers Block” i usually interact with my cats or would talk to my late Alexandrine parakeet “Mittoo” and then again get back to work.The very fact that on tours i just keep my house-keeper at home to maintain the cats akin to a baby-sitter proves the love and affection that i devote to my cats and they to me, a two way traffic.

  4. Yes Id be a mess without my Cats. Esp when you’re alone or by yourself. Or even if you got someone in your life. Wow can’t believe that guy got 27 Cats. Thats alot of Cats. I agree with what he said that if you grow up with animals you grow up to be compassionate and understanding.

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