The Runt That Grew To 28 Pounds

by Joni
(Pomona, MO)

My “little” Rebel came into my life on the fourth of July 2008. I had rescued his mom about seven days before that. Having no idea she was pregnant I set her up in a kennel in my bathroom wormed her etc an just figured she was eating so much because she had been starving.

Much to my surprise she gave birth one week later to 5 very large kittens and 1 runty boy. Since the mother now named “Mama Cat” was small only about 4 pounds I have no idea how she had these monster kittens.

Mama was a good mom. However I believe do to many bad circumstances in her short life she died only three months later.

That leads to Rebel the runty boy. He was abused and shunned to the point that I had to hand raise him. My husband said he wouldn’t live but something in those huge green eyes told me differently.

Now 2 years and 5 months later he is the biggest longest and tallest of his 5 brothers and he is the love of my life!

Even as I write this he is cuddled beside me on the couch playing with my hair as he fights sleep! Everyone that sees him says he’s a Maine Coon even though he doesn’t have many of the traits that seem to be required for recognition.

No tufted ears or plumed torso length tail. Only 5 toes per foot and the same color eyes. However he is huge 28 pounds and the vet says he’s not over weight he is just a biiig boy.

I have owned Coons before as my dad was born and raised in Dexter, Maine. Even though my boy is short haired and a lap cat I know in my heart he’s a Coon.


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