The Runts

The Runts

by Jan Plant
(Marion,Texas U.S.)

Warm sun, comfy chair, good friend...utopia..

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Warm sun, comfy chair, good friend...utopia..

These two are the smallest of the "wild bunch". As you can see Spats is related to "The Boss" and Mauve (formally Marvin cuz we couldn't tell) is from another litter. But these two are inseparable. Mauve is one of two females in the "Wild Bunch" and has a black long haired brother, Merlin.

These two walk side by side most times with their tails twisted together, parading down the sidewalk. They are both smaller then the rest of the group and stay mostly to themselves.

They eat together, play constantly together and as you can see just hang out together. They love this old chair especially when it's sunny and warm.

Spats is lighter in color from his brother and has shorter hair. Where Mauve is long haired and has this beautiful peachy under coat.

Unfortunately, they have a serious "Hands Off" policy and I've learned to respect that. These two may be small and a couple of cuties but those claws and teeth mean business! LOL! So I just stay happy watching their antics and sharing their pictures.


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The Runts

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Dec 17, 2009 great pics
by: kathy

I really love seeing and hearing about your colony. The pictures are great. I dont have my own computer so I have to go to the library. I recently adopted a Savannah kitten so Ive been spending all my free time with her and havent been getting to the library as much as Id like. But when I do I start looking at this web site first. I love hearing and seeing about everybodys cats from all over the world. I especially love the poems people have been posting.

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