The Savannah Cat Shoppe – updated 2022.

Savannah Cat Shoppe
Savannah Cat Shoppe. Pic in public domain.
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Update May 27, 2022: it has been a long time since I visited this page. It was written about 12-13 years ago; I forget precisely when. This outlet has a Facebook page. It still exists but the last entry is February 14, 2014. Therefore, I must conclude that they have closed. In fact, they probably closed some time ago. If you can tell me otherwise, I would be pleased to hear from you.

2012 a breeding queen
2012 a breeding queen. Photo: A1 Savannahs.

The Savannah Cat Shoppe is a first because it is selling a purebred cat from a shop in the high street (as we call it in the UK). The reason for its creation and purpose couldn’t be further from the traditional pet store. This store will allow people to interact with probably the most glamorous domestic cat in the world, the Savannah cat. It will be a fine store with fine cats, all from A1 Savannah lines. As you probably know A1 Savannahs is run by Martin and Kathrin Stucki. It is a highly professional business producing superb quality cats that are thoroughly well socialised. Kathrin, by the way, provided almost all the photographs for the new store. She is a talented photographer.

The store opened on September 4th 2009. The Savannah Cat Shoppe is the interface between the breeder’s operation and the public. And as there is easy access, much easier than is usually the case, the public can get to know and no doubt play with Savannah cats and I can guarantee that that will be a pleasurable and fascinating experience.

The owners of the store are Lee and Kimberly Draper, the founders of Bella Gattini Cattery (new window). They will be selling their few own F2 kittens in the store. As I understand it, Lee and Kimberly Draper will be in the store themselves as much as possible and sometimes with their children when they are out of school. It is going to be a fun place to visit.

See the shoppe in pictures and videos on this page

I also believe that you can see F1 Savannah cat Scarlett’s Magic at the shoppe but please check. MAGIC is now with the Bella Gattini Cattery. This is an awesome cat from A1 Savannahs. Update May 27, 2022: as mentioned above, it appears that this business as a whole has shut down because their website appears no longer to exist. Their Facebook page is dormant and has been for a long time it seems. I don’t know why they have maintained their Facebook page when it has been so quiet for so long (mistaken?).

Here she is:

The new store also makes it much easier to meet the breeders and ask questions about this glamorous cat. This is always the best way to do business when adopting a companion that will change your life for a considerable time. I guess, too, that it will allow Lee and Kimberly Draper to check out the clients as I am sure they will only sell to the best!

They are a TICA registered Savannah breeder and they say that they have the most prestigious Savannahs. Their clients are expected to be very discerning people demanding the highest standards.

So where is this super shop? They have recently (Feb 2011) moved, incidentally and the address is: 12455 Victoria Gardens Lane, Rancho Cucamonga, California 91739 — Tel: 800.881.0006. The cats are bred at A1 savannahs. This is a linkup between A1 savannahs and the Drapers.

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Mar 03, 2012FIP NEW
by: Lawrence

I had an A1 kitten that died of FIP and have the vet documents to prove it. They replaced the cat, but I had spent over $2000 trying to save him. Now, every time the replacement has a sniffle, I wonder if I’m headed down the same road again.

Feb 19, 2012Evidence NEW
by: Michael

Response to last comment. I don’t think it is fair to say that sort of thing without hard evidence. Anyone can say things like that on the internet. I have published it to see if you can respond to this comment.

If not I will consider removing it. My own experience with A1 Savannahs indicates something completely the opposite.

Jan 28, 2012A1 and FIP
by: Anonymous

Have you asked how many cats sold by A1 are dying of FIP? They do offer a replacement, which is less costly than dealing with the problem, but there are untold numbers of A1 Savannahs that have died of FIP. Probably up into the 100s of cats that have suffered and died a miserable death. Only A1 can tell you that number and they won’t, just as they won’t deal with the problem. This breeder needs to be held accountable for the huge issue that hides its ugly head under all the glitzy and expensive marketing. It is a sad shame.

Jul 28, 2011Liono
by: Anonymous

Do you sell the Savannah cats? I am a cat lover and would love to have one in my family

Nov 28, 2010Bella Gattini Cattery TICA “The Savannah Cat Shoppe”
by: Lee Draper

We would like to say “THANK YOU” to the Thousands of people that have been in our shoppe and who support us.
We have open arms to everyone. Spend the time to come see us if you are able to.
If not, See The Savannah Cat Shoppe Live Feed at

Thank You Again
Lee Draper
Bella Gattini Cattery TICA Member
“The Savannah Cat Shoppe”

Nov 24, 2010guiness book of world records-check your facts
by: Pes cavus

An F1 hybrid of any wild animal/domestic cross is not a domestic animal. The animal must be approximately 5th generation out to be considered domestic again. I agree the “world record” is inaccurate. I personally breed servals and hybrids and there are many other issues to be considered when buying a hybrid. One big issue is the fertility of the hybrid you just purchased. If you intend to breed the animal, you will probably be told that the male is infertile, but will probably not be told that female hybrids may have fertility issues such as difficulty conceiving, difficulty carrying a litter to term, small litter size, etc. These hybrids are subject to state and local laws regarding wild and exotic animals, even if you plan only to own one as a pet. Consult your state department of game and fish and your county/city laws before purchasing one of these animals as permits may be required. Talk to a reputable exotic animal veterinarian as well.

Nov 15, 2010Great Shop and Great People !
by: Stan

Isn’t it amazing that the ignorant people are the first ones to voice their opinions and show their true lack of knowledge ? And then they do not have the balls to sign their names to the postings.

I have been to the Savannah Cat Shoppe many times as well and I know Lee and Kimbery very well. They are well versed in the breed and they are deeply involved in the promotion of the breed. They do their best to educate the public on the Savannah cats, which is not an easy task considering the dummies out there.

Sure the cats are expensive, but they are also very rare. Talk to Lee about the generations it takes to breed a Savannah Cat !

by: anonomous

i have been to the savannah cat shoppe many of times and have been treated with the up most respect. For all those people who are making negative remarks about being underdressed well… I have been there wearing shorts shirt and tennis shoes. These cats are of high dollar. How would do you think you would be treated dressed like crap if you went to the the highest end clothing store? Think about it. I have done my research and i have not found any misleading claims. It sounds to be like all you haters out there are just jelous that you cant afford a high end cat. SO get over your self. I personally would like to thank the savannah cat shoppe for there services honesty and warming welcome when i visit your store

Apr 23, 2010Undeserved Guinness Book of World Records Title
by: Dee

I do not belive this Scarlett’s Magic cat should be considered the world’s tallest domestic cat by The Guinness Book of World Records, considering she is a mixed breed cat crossed between a “wild” Serval and a “domestic” Savannah. Therefore, she is not a totally “domestic cat”, since her taller height is attributed to the fact that she is 1/2 “wild” cat, and not the offspring of a full domestic bloodline.

by: Anonymous

These people who own this cat shop, are committing the biggest FRAUD I’ve seen.They dont breed cats they are brokers who joined up with breeders to sell their cats for more than they should & dupe the general public on what they are getting this so called ONE OF A KIND kitten they are putting up for auction is not one of a kind.There are others who own them as well & others who are selling them for around 5000 not 14000 for an F-2. I hope it gets out to the general public what kind of people they really are. They claim to be a top breeder & know next to nothing about the laws on these cats Did they mention in their auction to people that they are illegal in some states. All they care about is the mighty dollar. Check out their website. Servals coming soon. Not to CA and where are the pics of parents & kittens. What are you hiding with that.

Apr 07, 2010auctioning cats?!
by: Anonymous

The current PR hype about the rare one of a kind smoke Savannah makes my stomach turn. It’s all about the money for these people who have successfully created a market brand to pitch to the gullible rich. Auctioning off an animal to the highest bidder? How are they going to ensure that the cat is going to a proper home and won’t end up on e-bay for gosh sakes. Despicable way to sell any animal. And the prices for these cats are abominable. They should be ashamed.

Mar 11, 2010Personal
by: Michael

I know Martin and Kathrin Stucki of A1 Savannahs and from my personal experiences I would say with confidence that they are very reliable, decent and honest people. Sure they are ambitious relative to many “hobby” cat breeders but that does not make them any less decent.

I just wanted to put in my two pennies worth as I know them and have visited A1 Savannahs.

Michael Avatar


Jan 28, 2010lier lier .
by: Anonymous

the savannah cat shoppe was not rude to me (yet)
but i did contact A1 savannahs their associats about purchasing a kitten they lied to me saying the cat was sold and that they forgot to update the web page ,many days later the cat is still listed as available,dont do business with liars you will regret it ,many wonderful breeders are tica members and have beautiful cats ,they will help you and answer all your questions ,stay away from hype like savannah cat shoppe and A1, remember publicity stunts to sell a cat does not mean you should trust that person .Anybody can be on youtub or pay someone for a publicity photo with a cat,not everybody needs an icon cat to bring in revenue and not everyone is desperate for 5 minutes of fame,a great breeder will be well known and respected in your community start there, do your home work first, shop wisely and above all take your time you will be glad you did.

Jan 27, 2010To anonymous
by: Ruth

That is disgraceful !! Those ‘dressed to the nines’ people the owners probably kow tow to, may be cat abusers for all they know or people with so much money they just ‘have to have’ a Savannah but have no idea how to care for the cat.
They should think about that and should have treated you with respect no matter what you looked like !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth


Jan 26, 2010Rude
by: Anonymous

These cats at remarkable and when my daughter and I visited the store to inquire more about them we were treated horribly. True we were not dressed to the nines as we had been cleaning all day but we didn’t deserve the treatment we received. I would not purchase anything from people as rude as the owners of this business.

Sep 25, 2009Price to own an F1 or F2 Savannah
by: Anonymous

At the top end, you can expect to pay around
$15,000 for one of these exquisite felines.

If you want the wild look without the size you can opt for an F3 which will still be larger than your average house cat. We paid $3,500 for our male, James Bond, and his sister, Natasha, who is a melanistic Savannah, cost $2,500. These cats are like no other cat in the world…highly intelligent and more “dog” like than “cat” like being that the Savannah cat in the wild is a pack animal. Very high energy, but they will not tear up your house.

Sep 01, 2009Wonderful cats and upbringing
by: Barb Shaw

I’ve met a couple of A1 Savannahs. They are well brought up and well adjusted felines. Anyone privledged to get one of these cats is as special as the cat.

Sep 01, 2009Ruth & Rudolph
by: Anonymous

Hi there, both great points. We’ll have to ask the breeder about both these. I’ll ask from their website and see what happens. Thanks for the comments.

Sep 01, 2009“Savannah Cat shop”
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Please, could i know the price at which these pedigreed cats are being sold?

Sep 01, 2009Savannah
by: Ruth

PLEASE reassure me that none of these beautiful cats will be sold to anyone who will mutilate them by declawing !!!

16 thoughts on “The Savannah Cat Shoppe – updated 2022.”

  1. It’s not just fun, but good for memory to go back and look at Michael’s older pages, esp. when he inserts the links into current pages. I like that. (That’s why I always make a point of commenting on them, hoping that some soul might go take a peek to see what the h*ll was she talking about.)
    The photo below Magic up at the top is of Kathrin’s F2 Supreme male. Notice the pure gold eyes. (I like them all, but green is the usual Serval colour.) Beautiful teeth, thanks to the raw chicken and bone.(only raw chicken bones for any cat) Not too happy with the photo being taken, is he?
    Michael, even though I adopt Moggies, and love each w/all my heart, I still dream of adopting one of the Stucki’s cats/kittens to replace my spotted-bellied Michael. I don’t own a car, and I’d much rather spend my few dollars on a cat that needs rescuing, if you get my drift. (I really am uncomfortable w/the current situation in Ponca City. 🙁 )

  2. As for the Savannah Cat Shoppe, they do in fact steal photos for their own use without consent, they did of my cat Motzie. I informed my breeder of this and informed him Motzie is MY cat no longer theirs and any photos I rule that are taken of him. They agreed and Lee was informed to remove any and all photos of Motzie in their shoppe, they don’t my informants will tell me. I DON’T want my cat associated with this place what so ever.

    • Deborah-Ann, you are remembered well, for the work that you have done with your therapy cat, Motzie, from A1, by blood and legally. Please come back and comment on this. (I miss you! as we all do. Where is Motzie and what is he doing??

      • I doubt that he is pushing up daisies (or Feverfew, for Sarah). What are you and precious Motzie up to? He was the cat’s meow AND pajamas, wasn’t he?

  3. A1Savannahs has NOT had any cases of FIP. They are not only state and USDA inspected but they are also inspected by USFW. I have NEVER heard of anyone having a problem with FIP except one lady who was given strict rules upon receiving her cat NOT to over stimulate and bombard it with human interaction for the first month. What did she so, she had a crowd at the airport, and proceeded to bring the cat everywhere for two weeks straight. FIP IS CAUSED from stress in kittens and elderly cats. Gee, do ya think the kitten was stressed out? I know she brought them to court and guess what, she lost, in spite of the fact A1 offered to return her money.
    People love to bash A1 and me and ask me if I care anymore. Our actions speak louder than the false accusations.


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