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The Savannah Cat Shoppe – updated 2022. — 16 Comments

  1. It’s not just fun, but good for memory to go back and look at Michael’s older pages, esp. when he inserts the links into current pages. I like that. (That’s why I always make a point of commenting on them, hoping that some soul might go take a peek to see what the h*ll was she talking about.)
    The photo below Magic up at the top is of Kathrin’s F2 Supreme male. Notice the pure gold eyes. (I like them all, but green is the usual Serval colour.) Beautiful teeth, thanks to the raw chicken and bone.(only raw chicken bones for any cat) Not too happy with the photo being taken, is he?
    Michael, even though I adopt Moggies, and love each w/all my heart, I still dream of adopting one of the Stucki’s cats/kittens to replace my spotted-bellied Michael. I don’t own a car, and I’d much rather spend my few dollars on a cat that needs rescuing, if you get my drift. (I really am uncomfortable w/the current situation in Ponca City. 🙁 )

  2. As for the Savannah Cat Shoppe, they do in fact steal photos for their own use without consent, they did of my cat Motzie. I informed my breeder of this and informed him Motzie is MY cat no longer theirs and any photos I rule that are taken of him. They agreed and Lee was informed to remove any and all photos of Motzie in their shoppe, they don’t my informants will tell me. I DON’T want my cat associated with this place what so ever.

    • Deborah-Ann, you are remembered well, for the work that you have done with your therapy cat, Motzie, from A1, by blood and legally. Please come back and comment on this. (I miss you! as we all do. Where is Motzie and what is he doing??

      • I doubt that he is pushing up daisies (or Feverfew, for Sarah). What are you and precious Motzie up to? He was the cat’s meow AND pajamas, wasn’t he?

  3. A1Savannahs has NOT had any cases of FIP. They are not only state and USDA inspected but they are also inspected by USFW. I have NEVER heard of anyone having a problem with FIP except one lady who was given strict rules upon receiving her cat NOT to over stimulate and bombard it with human interaction for the first month. What did she so, she had a crowd at the airport, and proceeded to bring the cat everywhere for two weeks straight. FIP IS CAUSED from stress in kittens and elderly cats. Gee, do ya think the kitten was stressed out? I know she brought them to court and guess what, she lost, in spite of the fact A1 offered to return her money.
    People love to bash A1 and me and ask me if I care anymore. Our actions speak louder than the false accusations.

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