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The Secret World of a Tabby Cat Criminal — 4 Comments

  1. Batman does this when I feed titbits. The others eat food where it falls (I scatter feed the tibits for them to forage) and Batman picks up his find and walks a few metres away, looking very much the “brave hunter.”

    • When my cat successfully hunts a mouse for example and I tryd to get it off him (rarely do I try this) he growls at me and runs off with it telling me in no uncertain terms that I am not to have it as it is his prey and that he is going to eat it.

  2. Love it! A couple of my furkids do the same thing-only they have hiding places in the house, as they don’t go outside.

    • I love the purposeful way in which this cat carries his “prey” to a quiet spot where he can play with it. It is the essence of cat behaviour. The wildcat is there for all to see.

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