The shocking images of a declawed cat

by Ruth (UK)

Introduction: Firstly, there are a huge number comments on this page. The comments are very much part of the page. Please read some of them. This page including the comments is almost 18,000 words! Secondly, both the poster and image below are on separate pages where there are no adverts because they are quite uncomfortable to see and advertisers can’t advertise on these sorts of pages.. The page was first published around 12 years ago. It remains very relevant today as declawing is sadly still rooted in American culture. There has been some major success such as the New York State ban. Please don’t declaw your cat. Find another way.

Thank you to the person who is allowing us to use these photos. This once happy healthy 6-month-old kitten’s life changed forever in just one day and he is now disabled because the person who he trusted the most betrayed his trust.

His human handed him over to be anesthetised and ‘declawed’ by one of the very people who having trained to care for animals and therefore must know the anatomy of a cat and how much a cat needs his claws, instead betray their patients and break their oath to cause no animal to suffer.

Declawing is not the right word for this surgery. The third phalanx, ungual process, ungual crest, flexor tendon, dorsal ligaments, blood vessels, nerves, flesh and fur of each toe are all severed and amputated leaving only stumps of bone covered by wounded flesh for the cat to walk on.

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To put it simply, in reality it is the amputation of the cats last toe joints, which are the equivalent of our last finger joints. Here is the photo used in the poster, in large format showing the ten bloody, amputated third phalanxes:

Please click the link below to see the image

The declawed claws of a cat showing the last phalanx of each joint of all ten front paws.

Here is a poster by Ruth on declawing (please click on the link to see it – thanks):

Poster by Ruth on declawing

The photographer’s identity has been deliberately kept confidential. The photo is copyright protected. Don’t breach copyright, please.

Vet staff said the kitten in the poster above was already scared to death before surgery and was completely freaked out when he woke up. They tried to soothe him but he growled at them and didn’t want to be touched. Who could blame him?

This pre-meditated abuse of cats happens every day in many vet offices in the USA and Canada because the doctors there would rather mutilate a cat and add more dollars to their bank accounts than stand up for what is right on behalf of their animal clients.

They justify declawing by the excuse that it saves cats homes and cats lives. This is untrue as is proved by the thousands of declawed cats regularly abandoned or relinquished to Rescue Shelters.

This needless cruelty has become accepted as ‘routine cat care’ because most people trust their vet and are not told that declawing is major surgery which can cause many mental and/or physical problems to the cat.

I think anyone looking at the close up of the amputated joint and seeing for themselves the extent of the healthy parts removed from cats for convenience sake, will agree that this cruel surgery must be stopped.

Before this photo was taken this cat was using these very claws to exercise, stretch, groom, grab toys, & rake litter. Then his human shoved him in his carrier and left him at his doctor’s office. It is interesting to note that the claws are trimmed.

Just hours later he woke up with his paws throbbing, bloody beneath bandages. Vet staff said this kitty was already scared to death before surgery, and was completely freaked out when he woke up. They tried to soothe him, but he growled at them and didn’t want to be touched. Then he spent last night all alone in his cage – just him and his newly mutilated fingers.

Had a cat been found on the streets with his body parts severed off, the person who did the crime would be convicted for animal cruelty. But because this needless cruelty is done by veterinarians, it’s become accepted as “routine cat care” in our society.

This is a true story and one that happens every day in many of our countries vet offices because these vets would rather mutilate a cat than stand up for what is right on behalf of their animal clients.

So it is up to us to EDUCATE, EDUCATE, EDUCATE everyone we know about declawing and the many easy and effective ways to care for claws!


The Shocking Images Of A Declawed Cat to Declawing Cats

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The Shocking Images Of A Declawed Cat

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Mar 08, 2012You are right NEW
by: Cat lover Right anonymous and that is all that matters to some people,that their precious furniture is in pristine condition.
Do they care that their cats are living life as a cripple?
No,not in the least!

Oct 16, 2011Good article
by: Anonymous You may know of, or even own, apparently perfectly healthy declawed cats. You probably don’t know the cats that wind up in the shelter because they can’t use their litterboxes (and often started urinating on that precious furniture that inspired the surgery), became aggressive, or started spraying. You also might not notice ulcerated paw pads, chronic back pain, arthritis, or regrowing bone splinters. All you notice is that declawed cats don’t scratch up the leather couch.

Sep 23, 2011WHO DOES THIS????????
by: Anonymous Surely this isn’t allowed to happen to little kittens?
If it is then a curse on anyone who allows it to go on without protest………

Aug 07, 2011Yes OMG
by: Cat person OMG is quite right!
Who could think the suffering of cats like this one is fine?
This disgusting abuse of cats MUST stop!

Jun 15, 2011Just fine !
by: Anonymous Just seen on facebook some idiot said declawed cats ‘do just fine’
Well I hope that idiot has followed the link Ruth put to this article and can see just ‘how fine’ they really do!

Apr 21, 2011OMG
by: Anonymous I have never never ever seen anything so shocking!
Declawing is the most horrendous procedure and I will never understand how ANYONE EVER condones it.
One thing for sure the doctors who do this and the selfish owners who put their cats through it should have their own fingers amputated then be locked up and the key thrown away.

Apr 14, 2011PS
by: Old soldier How ignorant you are Philly boy.
Of course we don’t think cats are people,we know they are cats and we love them because they ARE cats and do you know what boy?They like being cats and they have the right to live their lives as cats WITH their claws and all.
Something else too,cats have a lot more sense than some people.
Think about that sonny boy.
Go and fight for your unborn INNOCENT CHILDREN if it makes you happy,fighting for INNOCENT CATS makes us happy.
To coin a phrase much used today

Apr 14, 2011To: Ruth
by: Dan/Paul/Phillip Bingo Ruth. You ARE the smartest one on here! It was all just a game, and yes I will stop wasting your time (and mine too!), but it was fun while it lasted. Sorry, no prize though!

Apr 14, 2011Beautiful web site
by: Anonymous This beautiful educational inspiring web site can overcome any idiots and trolls who think they are clever or funny and have the right to infest it with their rubbish.
Phillip is just another of the few brainless fools who only show themselves for what they are.
What an example he sets for young visitors to read such tripe.
Thank God the decent visitors outnumber his sort by far.
Keep up the good work Michael and his regulars, you do a grand job.

Apr 14, 2011He lives in fairyland
by: Fran Hmm yes I know who you mean Ruth!

To quote Phillip….
“Let me be perfectly clear and then I will vacate your blog for good: I would personally whack the toes off of 1000 four-legged, furry, flee-bitten, felines (How’s that for alliteration? No applause, please!) if it would save the life of one HUMAN unborn child!
Three cheers for greedy Vet’s and their trusty scalpels – hip, hip, hooray! hip, hip, hooray! hip, hip, hooray!!!”

He must be crazy to dream up hacking cats toes off to save an embryo’s life.
He’s probably one of those who bargain with God “let me win the lotto and I’ll be a good boy”
Oh well let him live in fairyland where fleas are called flees and evil vets with scalpels are cheered childishly by shouting hip hip hooray.
One thing for sure saving his HUMAN life unborn wouldn’t have been worth one cat losing its toes,never mind 1000.
Lets hope he has vacated this blog for good and his “friend” has as well.


Apr 14, 2011He lives in fairyland
by: Fran Hmm yes I know who you mean Ruth!

To quote Phillip….
“Let me be perfectly clear and then I will vacate your blog for good: I would personally whack the toes off of 1000 four-legged, furry, flee-bitten, felines (How’s that for alliteration? No applause, please!) if it would save the life of one HUMAN unborn child!
Three cheers for greedy Vet’s and their trusty scalpels – hip, hip, hooray! hip, hip, hooray! hip, hip, hooray!!!”

He must be crazy to dream up hacking cats toes off to save an embryo’s life.
He’s probably one of those who bargain with God “let me win the lotto and I’ll be a good boy”
Oh well let him live in fairyland where fleas are called flees and evil vets with scalpels are cheered childishly by shouting hip hip hooray.
One thing for sure saving his HUMAN life unborn wouldn’t have been worth one cat losing its toes,never mind 1000.
Lets hope he has vacated this blog for good and his “friend” has as well.


Apr 14, 2011True to form ?
by: Ruth We don’t need three guesses as to whose friend you are Phillip and you’ve obviously cooked up between you a new way of getting your kicks, by mocking and stirring up the emotions of compassionate people who care about children and animals too.
Or maybe you are him ?
If you run true to form you’ll keep coming back and saying you are enjoying this. You can’t resist it can you ?
So carry on wasting time and making a fool of yourself (yourselves) whilst we have much more important things to do with our time on behalf of ALL living feeling creatures.
As someone already said ‘Goodbye Phillip’

Apr 13, 2011Have I touched a nerve Phil?
by: Leah (England) Frankly they are foetuses NOT children. If a woman is raped why would she want to keep a rapists baby?

I also agree with abortion in some circumstances because in some cases its a better option than a mother addicted to drugs and drink selling her 2 year old daughter to a paedophile for sex. So in that instance what about the rights of an INNOCENT CHILD? (because then she is a child not a foetus)and she has the right to expect to be protected from harm; to be cared for by the very person that should die rather than see harm come to her.

These are the children that have rights so if they are to be born to be battered, abused, raped and murdered then YES some scum should never have children so perhaps its better that they not be born at all. Oh and by the way I’m not on here to touch any of your nerves; I’m here because do -gooders like you make me sick. Its a womans choice what she does with her body but its just sad that some women are dangerous when it comes to children both abusing them and using them as weapons or bargaining tools.

So continue fighting for your cause Phil and mind your own Goddam business when it comes to cats.

One more thing before I go I bet your religious aren’t you? Well just remember these cats were made by God with claws for a reason. They are Gods creatures and weren’t put on this earth to be mutilated for human convenience.


Apr 13, 2011Touched a Nerve?
by: Phil Someone said that I “lack humanity”. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, and in fact points a finger squarely at the problem that all of you have – you think cats are people!
Let me be perfectly clear and then I will vacate your blog for good: I would personally whack the toes off of 1000 four-legged, furry, flee-bitten, felines (How’s that for alliteration? No applause, please!) if it would save the life of one HUMAN unborn child!
Three cheers for greedy Vet’s and their trusty scalpels – hip, hip, hooray! hip, hip, hooray! hip, hip, hooray!!!
So, now you know where I stand but I’m still not completely clear how you feel? LOL!

Apr 13, 2011Those photos show the truth about declawing
by: Michele S. I don’t understand how anyone who’s looked at the photo of those amputated claw joints can still think it’s acceptable to declaw cats, or any other animal for that matter.

Declawing is already banned in at least 38 countries on the grounds that it is cruel and unnecessary. For the most part, those bans were brought about by the refusal of vets to perform or offer declawing. Unfortunately too many vets in the USA and Canada don’t share their ethics and would prefer to mislead clients by not disclosing the truth about how declawing turns a healthy cat into a handicapped one. That’s why articles like this one are great at reaching members of the public who don’t already know the facts.

I’m at a total loss to understand why Philip felt he HAD to visit this thread. Unless it was just so that he could vent his frustrations on people who care about the welfare of cats. Nor do I understand why you seem to think it’s not possible for people to care about both human and animal welfare issues. This thread IS about declawing, so if you want to read people’s opninions on abortion, then you should visit a web site focused on that subject..

Apr 13, 2011Phillip OMG
by: OJ Blah blah blah the tired old comparison of abortions to declawing.
Yes Phillip we’ve heard it all before.
Because we can’t save babies why does that mean it’s wrong to save cats?
Babies are aborted by the choice of their mothers,no the babies have no choice,neither do the cats of the cruel people who own them and have them deliberately crippled.
That’s the only comparison,neither aborted babies nor cats had their own choice.
Do two wrongs make a right?
Not in my book!
Go and preach elsewhere,there are lots of sites you can visit to preach your subject,you don’t have to come to a cat lovers site.
Good bye Phillip

Apr 13, 2011to Philip and his friend
by: Barbara You are obviously unable to think about more than one subject at a time and I pity you for your lack of compassion towards ALL forms of life, yes it’s sad about innocent children (and there’s no need to shout or to repeat yourself WE are not stupid)and yes you should fight for them if you feel so inclined, but to think that fighting for innocent children should stop you from fighting against premeditated cruelty in the form of mutilation to cats or any other animal just illustrates your limited intelligence.
Go away and be amazed elsewhere please, and do the one thing that you care about and leave the rest of us to carry bon with ALL our campaigns for animal and human causes. And tell your friend to follow you. You’re just a pair of trolls. Or maybe vets that declaw for cash…or maybe vet techs that like to think they’re almost vets……

Barbara avatar


Apr 13, 2011Contempt for Phillip
by: Bert T I have nothing but contempt for people like you Phillip who try to force their views onto others and stop them helping what or who they choose to.

So we should all help children should we Phillip and ignore the distress of animals?

Get a life,it doesn’t work like that!


Apr 13, 2011Phillip
by: Angel O What an ignorant bigoted man you must be and you know NOTHING about the suffering of cats.
That you have seen those pictures and attacked us for trying to stop declawing proves to me you are truly lacking in humanity.
Get on with your own cause saving those INNOCENT children and we’ll get on with our equally as important cause of saving INNOCENT cats.
Owners spending money on cats and giving them good homes,hah,what rot,go back and read the number of toeless cats in Rescue Centres.
Docking dogs tails is already banned.
Do some homework!

Apr 13, 2011Phillip
by: Angel O What an ignorant bigoted man you must be and you know NOTHING about the suffering of cats.
That you have seen those pictures and attacked us for trying to stop declawing proves to me you are truly lacking in humanity.
Get on with your own cause saving those INNOCENT children and we’ll get on with our equally as important cause of saving INNOCENT cats.
Owners spending money on cats and giving them good homes,hah,what rot,go back and read the number of toeless cats in Rescue Centres.
Docking dogs tails is already banned.
Do some homework!

Apr 13, 2011Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit Philip
by: Ruth You don’t need to repeat your words INNOCENT CHILDREN and let me tell you that we are concerned about INNOCENT CHILDREN and INNOCENT CATS TOO ! Is that so hard to believe ? Would us not caring about cats going through agony and living life as cripples save those INNOCENT children ? Of course not !
It is NOT debatable whether cats suffer from the TEN amputations you see in the picture, there is NO doubt that they DO suffer. Owners with money to spend on them you say, YES to spend paying butchers masquerading as vets to cut or burn their last toe joints off. Then to dump them helpless outside or in Shelters when they have problems from that cruel surgery.
You have no idea what you are talking about thinking they live ‘happily ever after’ and I suggest you go and talk your rubbish elsewhere because you will NEVER …I repeat NEVER stop the thousands of us determined to STOP this abuse.
You must be one of those who think they are above other forms of life, but I have news for you, you are NOT !
BTW tail docking is already banned in many countries as is declawing and will also be banned in the USA too one of these fine days.
WE have the ability and compassion to care about INNOCENT children and INNOCENT animals too.
Sadly it seems you don’t !

Apr 13, 2011OMG!
by: Phillip A friend of mine told me I HAD to take a look at this, and I am totally amazed.
Those of us that believe passionately in the right to life cannot even succeed in overturning Roe v Wade, in effect producing a ban on abortion which would save INNOCENT CHILDRENS LIVES. Let me say that one more time, INNOCENT CHILDRENS LIVES! And you people think you stand a chance of banning declawing in order to keep cats from having what you claim is a lifetime of suffering, something that is totally debatable. My heart is just breaking for all these poor little kitty cats that have homes with owners that have money to spend on them, as opposed to being in an animal shelter somewhere, and that are ALIVE and not DEAD! Good grief, what will I see next. Probably an organized movement to ban the cropping of dogs tails!

Apr 09, 2011Way to go
by: OJ Way to go Ruth!
It’s a pity the Americans aren’t as passionate and dedicated as you are because if they were then declawing would have been history long ago.

Apr 08, 2011To those who think declawing is acceptable
by: Ruth This morning as part of an ongoing study I have counted 9440 declawed cats in a radius of 500 miles of 6 USA cities.
YES nine thousand four hundred and forty cats whose owners paid their corrupt vets to amputate their cats toe ends, then dumped them in Rescue Shelters or abandoned them outside defenceless and they were lucky enough to survive and be taken to Rescue Shelters.
Those cats are shut in cages, many will be there for months, some for life.
58 kittens, 1003 young cats, 6865 adult cats and 1514 senior cats today, all mutilated by a supposedly last resort operation, then unwanted by the very people who paid to have them turned into cripples.
Thousands more declawed cats were killed as unadoptable !
I defy anyone to say this is acceptable !!!!
Yes I am angry, VERY angry and I urge everyone else who loves cats but doing nothing to help stop this, to be angry too and to EDUCATE EDUCATE EDUCATE as many other people as you can. Boycott declaw vets, write to your local newspapers, get this cruelty out into the open and help stop it !
Thank you.


Kattaddorra signature Ruth


Apr 07, 2011read Leahs comment first!
by: Anna Please read Leah’s comment (below this one) first. How true!!!
The only one thing I wanted to add: I’ve never seen a cat defending itself with the back paws. Ever. I’ve seen them holding their toy with all four, especially if they are excited about it. But even my declawed (by the previous heartless owners)beautiful and graceful Lyova tries to slap you with her soft furry FRONT paw when she’s had enough kisses and strokes from some “annoying” admirers.
It is the cat’s INSTINCT to try using their first line of defense first, they “forget” it had been taken away from them in the moment of truth defense. One can only imagine what would happen to that defenseless little paw if bitten in return by a dog, opossum, or even another cat!

Apr 07, 2011To Leah
by: Dan All I provided in regards to WWII were facts, no personal insults or attacks. Anyone that takes an undisputable fact as an insult or attack apparently feel ashamed about something.
However, the British people have absolutely nothing to feel ashamed about concerning WWII. They fought hard along side the USA and overcame an evil enemy – together!

Regarding your attempts to end declawing – good luck, I mean that. You know folks, just because I disagree with someone doesn’t make them my enemy, maybe you should try that yourself. And maybe work a little bit on your sense of humor. Yes, I know, it is a serious subject, but no matter how serious something is it does help to lighten things up a bit. Just my opinion.

I truly enjoy learning about various people’s attitudes and this blog has been a real education. It totally amazes me that I can lay out some facts, and then be attacked while being accused of attacks and insults that never happened. Some of you are a “real piece of work”!

Hasta La Vista, baby!

Apr 06, 2011I remember you
by: Leah (England) Daniel.

Yes I remember you. You commented on one of our other declawing articles. When I conjur up the image of a US Marine I see a gentleman; someone who fights for justice, someone to be respected and trusted; someone who sets standards younger people can aspire to. Sir you are none of these and I have to say for someone with your background I find you an utter disgrace. You are the living embodiement of all thats wrong with the world and I thank God that I don’t live in ‘the land of the free’ along with you.

You see Daniel no one on here set about insulting Americans so why would you take it upon yourself to come on here and insult us?! Was it perhaps because you came off worse in your last bout so you had to change tactics and get a bit more personal?

Anyway enough said I’m not in the slightest bit interested in you or anything you have to say.

Moving onto anonymous; you’ve contradicted yourself with everything you’ve said! Have you read what you’ve written? I’ve never before in all my life seen anyone so indoctrinated with generations of cruelty. The part I find so unbelievable is that you really think there is nothing wrong with the picture above! You actually believe that declawing is not mutilation! What planet are you on to believe that a cat can effectively defend himself with back claws and teeth? The front claws are the most effective defence a cat has! How about we cut your finger ends off and see how well you defend yourself! Is it not after all natural to use your fists as your first line of defence? No? or do you bite someone to defend yourself?

I suggest you look again at that picture, the cats face, the dismembered toe ends then I also suggest you educate yourself with other declawing articles on here. Actually, no don’t even bother. The picture is the first image you see so if you’ve seen it and you still think as you do then clearly if you had a brain you’d be quite dangerous so don’t try to educate yourself or we’ll all be in trouble.

Apr 06, 2011About CATS
by: Colin This site is for cat lovers about cats.
I know that Michael works hard and donates any profits to CATS in need,so please show him some respect.
I am not interested in harking back to wars,if I was I would go to a different site.
I am not interested in outsmarting each other by supposedly clever comments either.
I am not interested in peoples ages or if they can or can not spell.
This article was written by a much respected anti declaw campaigner and is about a cat purposefully abused.
It was written to educate people who may not know what declawing truly means.
So butt out if you do not care about this abuse of cats because stopping that abuse is the only thing of importance.

Apr 06, 2011to Sylvia, Bert T, and Old Soldier
by: Dan the Man! I’m sorry, but due to some computer glitch the title of my last comment was suppose to read: To anonymous think hard. But only the “to” appeared. So, actually I wasn’t talking to any of you. But since you replied I will go ahead and waste a few more mins of my precious time (thanks Bert).
Sylvia, First, I’m a 58 yr old retired U.S. Marshal and former U.S. Marine (Vietnam), so you are right, I am a young man (But you could have found all that out and my address & phone # if you had read this entire blog!). When it comes to facts – You’re kidding, right? FACTS: Hitler invaded Poland in Sept. 1939 so most people consider that to be the beginning of WWII. The U.S. declared war on Germany (and Japan) in Dec. 1941. Germany surrendered in May 1945. So the European part of WWII lasted just under six years. Therefore, to say the U.S. got involved when it was almost over is totally incorrect. However, during the time between Sept 39 & Dec 41 there was this program called “Lend-Lease” where the U.S. sent everything from Warships, planes, and thousands of other things to the U.K. which absolutely kept them from being invaded and overran by the Germans. Now those are real facts, ma’am.
As far as intelligence goes – of course I’m not as smart as you are Sylvia, as I’m sure that in your eyes no one is.
Actually, I think my vocabulary is pretty good, but not perfect like yours, LOL!
Lastly, yes I suppose we are barbaric, at least that’s one word for it. And that’s why we were able to take this country away from you British pussy cats and make it our own. HA, HA (how’s that for immature?)
Bert T. – I’m not trying to stop you from doing anything as my comments were not even meant for you.
To an “Old Soldier” from and “Old Marine” – I am laughing my FAO mate!
Ya’ll have a nice day now!

Apr 06, 2011Get your facts correct please
by: Sylvia Young man, I can only assume you are a youth, as surely anyone who had any intelligence would not write in such a ludicrous and aggressive manner. I hope that age will improve not only your vocabulary but also your understanding of life. In the first instance there is no need whatsoever to bring up the war, but if you really insist on doing so may I remind you, that the USA as usual turned up when it was nearly over, and if you are being pedantic, why are British Armed forces being killed in Afghanistan for a war that our country was led into by a waste of space of a President who was only intent on doing what his father could not(if you dont know what I am talking about please read your Modern History books for reference.
Now the important matter of declawing cats, its all very well for you to say nothing will change and to compare it with the anti-abortion campaign, but there is a huge difference. A human can make the choice for themselves, a cat does not have the luxury of deciding whether to be declawed or not. So do not make analogies that are not analogies. De-clawing is Barbaric, American are Barbaric (Guantanamo Bay ring any bells) and you young man would be better occupied learning your history, and realising that people have a right to try and change things, thats what democracy is all about, and for the so called “Land of the Free” there seems to be a lot of dictatorship in the USA, so who really are the fools here, not us thats for sure. I hope the rest of your day sees you being more gainfully employed as opposed to sitting at your keyboard becoming a troll.


Apr 06, 2011To Daniel
by: Old soldier “that place across the “pond” where they would all be speaking German today if us barbarians hadn’t bailed them out in World War II”

By gosh Daniel you must be very old if you were around in WW2,thanks ever so much for “bailing us out”

In your dreams mate!!!!!!!!!!!


Apr 06, 2011A waste of valuable time
by: Bert T Ruth don’t waste your valuable time with those people who are so blind they can not see the truth.Or maybe they can but are too pig headed to admit it.
You have the patience of a saint in your eternal quest to educate the un-educatable like them.
The latest anonymous must be one or the other of the above categories and we already know Daniel only comes to stir it when he has nothing better to do.
We don’t all live in the UK you know Daniel and dragging up stuff from the past which has nothing to do with UK folk who weren’t even born then is just plain stupid.
Your snide veiled comments make you look what you are!
VERY immature!
Whatever you say will not stop our quest to educate about the wrongness of declawing and ultimately ban it.
You are trying to belittle thousands of us Daniel,are we ALL wrong to care about the abuse of cats?

Apr 06, 2011to
by: Daniel Listen sir or ma’am, my advice would be to just go on with your life and forget about these declaw banners. I guarantee you that you’re not gonna change their mind and I’m sure they won’t change yours. I wasted a week of my time arguing with them and their just like the anti-abortion people – incapable of respecting your opinion despite the fact that you may even respect theirs. So don’t waste your time with them, it’s definitely not worth it. Do like I do, and pull up the website once in a while for a good laugh knowing that these ban-happy people have got more than just an uphill battle ahead of them, and thank God, or whoever you may believe in that you live here in the USA where we have intelligent freedom of choice and not in the UK where they have already banned this allegedly barbaric procedure (you know, that place across the “pond” where they would all be speaking German today if us barbarians hadn’t bailed them out in World War II?). Have a nice day ya’ll, I’m gonna go kick my cat around for a while. LMAO!

Apr 06, 2011To think hard anonymous
by: Ruth Sorry but you are fooling yourself, it’s your comments that are ludicrous !
Declawing IS mutilation because it is the amputation of the cats last toes joints..I say again AMPUTATION ! Yes an ‘owner’ signs permission for the surgery but the vets who perform that surgery know full well they will cause the cat to suffer, the pain, shock and fear of the surgery itself then in many cases a lifetime of pain and ALWAYS a lifetime of disablement.
Those vets clients are the CATS, NOT their ‘owners’
BTW animals are NOT possessions, we do NOT own them, we are their caretakers and as such we have a duty to take care of them, NOT to pay for their MUTILATION.
Having their back claws (not all cats do, some have EIGHTEEN amputations) and teeth is no substitute for having no front toe ends.
Look again at the picture of the severed toes, look at that kitten, 6 months old and cruelly crippled for LIFE !
If you still say ‘It’s not so bad’ then you must hate cats very much.


Kattaddorra signature Ruth


Apr 05, 2011THINK HARD
by: Anonymous Ok, these comments are completely ludacris, just because the animal was declawed doesnt mean he was mutilated. It is a choice to declaw your cat and it does have good benefits. Its not all bad as people say. Yes veterinarians take an oath to take care of your pets but its their job, if an owner wants to have their animal declawed then they have to sign not the doctor. And a cat is not completely defenseless when it is declawed, it still has its back paws and its teeth. THINK ABOUT IT.
Medical procedures and cruelty are two TOTALLY DIFFERENT things.

Apr 03, 2011completely agree with Jan
by: Anna I agree, Jan:
We should try to show this to as many people as possible. Many of them do not even know what this procedure is all about..
Sad and horrible.

Apr 02, 2011Severe cruelty
by: Jan How anyone can think this is not severe cruelty to animals is beyond my imagination.
No excuse in the world is good enough to torture cats this way.
The pictures make me sob.
Anyone even considering doing this should be banned for life from owning a cat.

Mar 24, 2011To shocked anon. x 3
by: Leah (England) Sadly this is legal. It shouldn’t be. Please spread the word to as many people as you can so the suffering of countless cats and kittens can be stopped.

I still can’t believe that some people can look at those images and still say they understand why declawing is done.

I looked at that kitten and I cried I can’t understand why anyone think that this practice is ok, its not!

Please send the link to as many as you can.

Mar 24, 2011Shocked
by: Anonymous I am so shocked at those pictures that I am speechless!
For animal doctors to do this despicably cruel thing is beyond belief.

Mar 04, 2011YES SHOCKING
by: Anonymous Those pictures really are SHOCKING and anyone at all involved with doing that to cats should have their finger and toe ends axed off one by one with NO anesthetic.

Mar 01, 2011TERIBLE
by: Anonymous I have never in my life seen such a terible picture as those toe ends which were taken from that poor kitten.

It looks as if a mad axe man has run amok.

However do the doctors who do that get away with it?
Surely there must be a law against maiming cats that way?

Mar 01, 2011TERIBLE
by: Anonymous I have never in my life seen such a terible picture as those toe ends which were taken from that poor kitten.

It looks as if a mad axe man has run amok.

However do the doctors who do that get away with it?
Surely there must be a law against maiming cats that way?

Feb 28, 2011To Paul
by: Leah (England) Paul to my mind (although good on ya for your contributions) it seems that the animal charities (Ruth correct me if I’m wrong) do little or nothing to stop declawing because the vets donate their services so obviously the charities wouldn’t go against them.

You appear to know whats what and you communicate well but I still find it incredibly sad that you had your cat de-clawed.

You say you are a giver not a doer but whatever someones contribution it all helps at least you do something rather than look the other way. Paul can I just ask you? Has anything on this page made you change you mind about de-clawing at all?

If it has then you really could help spread the word. Maybe I’m expecting too much here but even if you could infuence just one person then they could influence others and so on. We are desperately trying to educate and get the word out there.

Feb 28, 2011To Whacko yourself
by: OJ Another one who hides behind anonymous and can’t spell and doesn’t see that so many people are concerned about declawing because it’s


and they have the audacity to call US whackos!!!!!


Feb 28, 2011Whacko’s!
by: Anonymous I think all of you alls just nuts thats what I think. reminds of me them abortion peple on the stret corner with pics of fetuses. Get everybdy all worked up and pass a new law just what we need another new law. next thing you know youll be afraid to have cat or dog.

Feb 28, 2011Whacko’s!
by: Anonymous I think all of you alls just nuts thats what I think. reminds of me them abortion peple on the stret corner with pics of fetuses. Get everybdy all worked up and pass a new law just what we need another new law. next thing you know youll be afraid to have cat or dog.

Feb 28, 2011Busy life
by: Rose I can’t do as much as I’d like to for charity nor give much money but that’s because I’ve got a busy life with a houseful of kids,rescue cats and dogs too.
Also I go to work but I make sure I make time to help what bit I can in this task of educating Americans that declawing is cruel and senseless.
It’s a pity the vets don’t do this themselves instead of disguising the horror of it.
Have you watched the Paw Project video on YouTube Paul?
It’s very simple and to the point as to how ignorant clients are led to believe declawing is a routine thing to do.
Do you know that comments are disabled on pro declaw videos made by vets?
Doesn’t that tell you they want the truth to remain hidden?
Although I can’t see that any person even with only half a brain doesn’t know for themselves that cats are born with claws for a reason.

Feb 28, 2011To Paul
by: Ruth Well Paul it’s such a shame you had your cat declawed because otherwise you sound like a good guy. I hope now you know what a serious operation it was and how lucky you are he is ‘fine’ (as fine as a disabled cat can be that is) and that cats really do need their toe ends/claws, you will never put another cat through the same drastic surgery.
I’m actually retired now but I wonder how I ever found time to go to work on top of everything else in my life. Vet nursing was hard and dirty work, 6 days a week, weekends too, some really horrible jobs and traumatic sights. But thankfully our UK vets wouldn’t declaw cats even when it was legal here as that’s one thing I’d have refused to assist at. I might have lost my job then, who knows and I’d have been fighting for cats in the UK as well as the USA and Canada, for as long as it took.
I am and always have been all my adult life involved with many peoples and animals charities too, on-line and in real life and just like you I give what I can to as many charities as I can too. Of course I have my favourites who get any extra I have to spare any time, which sadly isn’t often enough.
I think you’ll find Michael PoC and the regulars here are lovely caring people who do a lot for charities too.
You see Paul TRUE cat lovers are good people and if we lie awake at night, it’s not because of a guilty conscience at condoning the abuse of any animal, it’s because we care so very much and it gets to us that some people don’t care at all.


Kattaddorra signature Ruth


Feb 28, 2011You’re Welcome!
by: Paul The title in reference to Ruth saying, “thank you for wishing….” I try to be polite whenever possible, and if people are respectful to me then I am respectful to them, you know the old “Golden Rule” thing! What do I do, Ruth? Well, let’s see, I guess you could just call Barack “O”, because I see a problem and I throw money at it. (Pretty funny, huh?) I give to the United Way (which distributes money to many different charities), to the local Food Bank, and the Rape Crisis Center. Oh, and I give $18 a month to the ASPCA, and $19 a month to the U.S. Humane Society. These are some of the issues I care about. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to “throw money” at them all, but I’m working on that too! No doubt some of you are “Doer’s”. Some people give money, and some that can’t afford it go out and “DO”, and of course a few do both! I’m too busy making $$$ to DO, so I give instead. I guess that if either the USHS or ASPCA are working on your issue then I’m helping you. So Ruth, now I could say something childish like, what else do you do besides work to end declawing, is that all? But the truth is that I’m glad that at least you do SOMETHING! What’s really sad is all the people out there that COULD do something, but do NOTHING! Agree?

Feb 28, 2011NEVER
by: Mom who loves cats After seeing this I will
have a cat declawed

Feb 28, 2011Astounded
by: Nick It astounds me that some people defend the declawing of cats.
It is inhumane and never neccessary to remove a cats end toe joints.
What happened to the doctors oath to harm no animal?
I see in my mind a conveyor belt of the poor creatures and the doctor chopping or burning off their toe joints then on they go to the assistant to mop up the blood and throw the toe joints in the trash can.
Do they all laugh and tell jokes whilst they do this disgusting deed?
Then laugh all the way to the bank with their blood money too?

Feb 28, 2011ps
by: Anonymous The home of the brave too…….

How brave is it to stand by and let cats be abused for the mighty DOLLAR

Feb 28, 2011Land of the free
by: Anonymous Yes the land of the free……

Except for cats of course

Feb 28, 2011Land of the free
by: Anonymous Yes the land of the free……

Except for cats of course

Feb 28, 2011Land of the free
by: Anonymous Yes the land of the free……

Except for cats of course

Feb 28, 2011Digraceful
by: Barbara How disgusting that according to Paul it takes money or clout to interest a congressman or senator in righting a dreadful wrong. And that vets with their huge bankrolls are able to carry on maiming cats due to their expanding bank balances. That says it all, no wonder such cruelty is allowed to continue if those who have it in their power to stop it happening are interested only in what’s in it for them.

But Paul even little people with no money or clout can achieve things by sheer persistance and I think you’ll find that a constant drip..drip..drip does have a huge effect in the end. We’ll just sit in our armchairs and keep the pressure on and eventually you know it WILL happen and you cat abusers will be unable to pay a pimp to amputate healthy toes.

Barbara avatar


Feb 28, 2011Paul cracks me up
by: Fran Never actually do something about it????
You crack me up Paul,you really do
ha ha ha ha
What do you think we ARE doing?
Have been doing for a long time now?
Maybe it will take a long time to get a ban but we can wait as long as we are saving cats finger ends meanwhile.

Feb 28, 2011Thank you Paul
by: Ruth Thank you for wishing us good luck, yes along with determination we will need it but you know it CAN be done, declawing CAN be banned, city by city as is happening in California.
There are many compassionate influential people in the USA and every city there that banned it (I have a list if you want it) had countless emails and letters and phone calls supporting a ban.
They had a number of emails from outside the USA too. The whole world is watching and wondering when the USA is going to join the rest of the civilised countries where cats are not abused by vets.
I’m far from an armchair general, call me a computer chair general if you like but as well as doing a lot of on-line campaigning most of us work, care for our families and pets and also do a lot of voluntary work for animals AND for people.
What do you do for others Paul ?
One day declawing WILL be banned worldwide but meanwhile it doesn’t matter what you think or what you say we will keep on educating people and saving cats claws.
There would be no need for a ban if vets disclosed the truth of declawing because only the most heartless people would go ahead and pay to have their cat abused that way if they knew declawing is major surgery.


Kattaddorra signature Ruth


Feb 27, 2011from the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave!
by: Paul Here’s what I think. You’re absolutely right! Right that you don’t have any time to waste. Because this will never be a national issue. You don’t have the money or the clout to get a U.S. Congressman or Senator to sponsor a bill to end this procedure, and of course there are the vets that DO have the $$$ and lobbyists…. So, this will ALWAYS come down to a LOCAL issue. Therefore, you’d better get busy because you have approx. 35,000 laws to work on changing. But my guess is that MOST (not all) are merely “arm-chair generals” that are just going to sit there and give “lip service” to this whole thing and never actually do anything about it. Good Luck, you’re really going to need it!

Feb 27, 2011Happy on stumps, Paul?
by: Anna Since cats are normally walking on their digits, Paul, removing them leaves the stump of the bone to walk on. What part of your foot are YOU using to walk on, Paul?
Heel bone(of your tarsus)including your toes, right? Now try to remove those at least in your mind, Paul. Removal of those digits in a cat is FUNCTIONALLY similar to you loosing both: your heels and your toes, though ANATOMICALLY those would be just your digit parts.
Would you be suffering walking on the stumps, Paul? Even if you stopped crying and complaining after that horrific surgery and became as stoic as cats are, would you be suffering? How do you know you would?!
And in reference to your argument about the lives saved by increasing the chances of declawed cats for the adoption, this is what I think: it actually decreases their chances. If people are worried about their furniture and carpets to the extend they mutilated their pets, they are MORE likely to get rid of them completely after the poor animal stops using their litter box or becomes aggressively defensive and starts biting.
So declawing is really the first step towards dumping and destroying, like it happened to poor little Dimka, not saving!

Feb 27, 2011Yeah you’re right Tom, a waste of time.
by: Leah (England) You’re right a waste of time. Its too late for that poor kitten I just hope that he recovers as best he can considering the torture he’s suffered. At least Ruth’s factual article will reach those who are still considering getting this done and save some kitties toes.

Well done Ruth. The pictures tell a tale that must me told; a tale of human selfishness, pain, suffering and blood money.


Feb 27, 2011Waste of time
by: Tom M I wouldn’t waste any more time on Paul and his ilk,there is none so blind as he who will not see.
This fantastic poster and blog will be the saving of a lot of kitties claws and that’s what matters.
Great work as always Ruth.

Feb 27, 2011Vets OFFER declawing Paul
by: Ruth Paul most declaw vets don’t give their clients what they ask for, they OFFER them declawing !
A supposed to be last resort for SERIOUS scratching problems is advertised with discount vouchers and declawing is also offered by many vets to clients asking about having a kitten neutered.
Of course it’s all about profit, what else could it be ? The AVMA policy is totally ignored and the AVMA don’t enforce it.
It’s all about DOLLARS Paul.
Cats are second class citizens to many vets.
You say how do we know cats suffer pain ?
Well cats are made of flesh and blood, just like we are, we suffer pain if we are wounded, cats have nerve endings like we do and many a human amputee suffers a lifetime of phantom pain, therefore so does a cat.
A LITTLE pain and suffering ? A LITTLE after TEN uneccessary amputations ????
Have you read about the cats lamed for life and the cats who have lost entire paws because of declawing complications ?
Why should it be declaw or death ? Why get a cat if you don’t like claws ? Having a cat is not compulsory.
Haven’t you taken anything in you have read here ?
If declawed cats are so wonderful then why are the Shelters full of declawed cats relinquished to them ? Why are so many declawed cats killed or caged for life as unadoptable ?
Have you done years of research like some of us have ?
Each and every cat has the right to live a pain free and fulfilled life with the claws he NEEDS.
You are wasting your time trying to convince us otherwise.


Kattaddorra signature Ruth


Feb 27, 2011Well Gee whiz Paul did you actually read anything on this article at all
by: Leah (England) Paul sorry but this is animal torture. Just because its done by a so called vet makes it no less torture than some freak doing it for kicks in fact its worse because they know how painful it is and they just keep doing it.

If you feel that you’ve been attacked then its because of your absolute certainty that you’ve done nothing wrong!

38 countries don’t de-claw because its considered cruel and inhumane, come on Paul don’t the pictures in this arcticle cry out to you that this just isn’t right? Look at that kittens face!! Totally desolate expression! Did you not read the article that the kitten was terrified before and they could do nothing with him afterwards?

Paul I cried whaen I saw that picture, that kitten was only 6 months old. I know I have a heart but tell me wheres yours?

Feb 27, 2011Evil and Cruel?
by: Paul in Ca. Gee Whiz, I don’t think I’ve been attacked like that for just expressing my opinion since I used to protest against the Vietnam War what, 35 + yrs ago! Sorry guys, I just don’t see declawing as being cruel, and definitely not EVIL. I don’t think you people have a clue what evil truly is!
Torturing and killing cats, now THAT’S evil. Declawing – misguided at the most, and that would of course be a matter of opinion. Did it ever occur to you that maybe having a cat declawed might make him/her acceptable to more people who will then adopt them from an animal shelter and thereby save them from being euthanized? Isn’t a little pain and suffering better than death? And by the way, just how do you KNOW that these cats are “suffering” anyway? Did they tell you that? Seriously, tell me how you know for an absolute fact that they are suffering! And on the subject of “greedy” or “blood thirsty” vets. Cm’on people, how much of their income do you really think declawing is responsible for? One percent, two percent, maybe even three percent. So getting rid of this procedure is hardly going to even put a dent in their pocketbooks. I doubt most vets care one way or the other. They just give their clients what they ask for.

Feb 27, 2011Deare Lorde
by: Anonymous Deare Lorde I thought I’d seen it all but todaye seeing those images has shocked me more than I can saye.
The Good Lorde made His creatures in perfectione and anyone taking those beautiful claws and the living flesh and bone in which they reside is committing a heniouse sin.
That the cat is suffering is in no doubte and that he has muche more to suffer can not be denied.
May the Deare Lorde forgive those who destroye the lives of cats such as the handsome boy in the picture but I thinke He will exact retributione before he does forgive.

Feb 27, 2011Uses of claws
by: Vet tech Paul do you really believe the only use for a cats claws is for self defense?
You have a lot to learn!
Claws are for
1.Walking……a cat is digitigrade which means it walks on its toes.
A declawed cat walks on bone.

2.Balance…..the claws grasp to balance the cat as it jumps onto surfaces.
Declawed cats can easily slip and injure themselves.

3.Grooming…..a cat regulates its temperature by grooming and claws are an integral part of that,a cat isn’t able to use a comb like you do,claws are built in combs.

4.Playing…..a cat grasps toys with its front claws.

5.Exercise…..a cat digs in its claws to stretch the muscles and keep them strong.

Now do you see what you have deprived your cat of?

Feb 27, 2011To Paul and other pro declaws
by: Sylvia Read this and then say declawing is OK

Feb 27, 2011Poor Dimka
by: Leah (England) Its just heartbreakingly sad. How could anyone do that? They now damn well that a de-clawed cat can’t even hunt to feed himself. It makes me angry beyond belief that a cat who never asked to be born let alone be de-clawed be thrown away like a piece of rubbish. Why are cats so low with regards priorities? My cats come first! We’ve fallen on hard times in this recession and we’ve had to make cut backs like lots of other people but it has never once entered my mind to throw them out. I bought them into my home and now I have a responsibility to them; when we have pets they are for life; its never been any other way.

Thank God for kind people like Tatyana who pick up the pieces after some scumbag has thrown their cat out with the rubbish. At least Dimka can now look forward to the love and security he’s never had.

I will never, ever understand what drives people to de-claw a cat. I guess the only thing I can think is that they are selfish and lazy through and through and they don’t give a damn for any living thing except themselves.

One final thing; Paul? Was it a tiger you got who ‘tore up your house’ or a domestic cat? I was just wondering you see because here in the UK we don’t de-claw cats as we have more sense; we see it as cruel and inhumane. I’ve never heard of a domestic cat tearing up a house so unless it was a tiger you got then quite frankly I think you’re talking through your ar*se like so many other de-clawers who feel the need to justify their actions with pathetic excuses. Do you think we actually believe you Paul? Go share your lies with some fellow de-clawer who might believe you because we certainly don’t.

Feb 27, 2011To anonymous with kind friend
by: Ruth I’m so glad your friend Tatyana rescued poor Dimka. She must have a kind heart.
I hope will write her story which is typical of the way many declawed cats end up, thrown out to fend for themselves. Most don’t survive.
You are right about Shelters being full of declawed cats and kittens.
Sadly too, many end up as unadoptable, caged for life in no kill Shelters or killed on admission to kill Shelters.
The statistics for them have been hidden of course, as is a lot more about the reality of declawing.
Collecting data twice weekly for Dr Hofve, this breaks my heart every time I see him still there:


Day after day, week after week, month after month he sits there because some CRUEL person had him declawed. The words ‘all he wants is to sit on a windowsill admiring the outside world’ are very poignant to me. If I was in the USA I’d move Heaven and Earth to give him a home.
It’s far too easy to have this supposedly last resort operation done to a kitten, then when the problems begin, to get rid of him as a ‘bad cat’ then go off and get another kitten and ruin his life too.
I will never ever understand how any human(from which of course comes the word humane which is what we are ALL supposed to be) can think declawing is acceptable.


Kattaddorra signature Ruth


Feb 26, 2011To Paul and other “FINE” thinkers
by: Anonymous So, Paul, keep them indoors and they’d be fine?
Then WHY are the shelters and pounds of the U.S. filled with declawed kitties?! How come they are NOT indoors? Where did their “loving” parents go?

My friend Tatyana (hope she joins us soon)picked up a hardly alive kitten (as she first thought) in the woods by her home, who turned out to be…an adult male emaciated to the extent that he had probably another day to live at the most, the vet told her. WHY? He was DECLAWED and thrown out..Or may be lost?

She named him Dimka: he is black-and-white with beautiful long whiskers and tender heart, but almost no teeth left. I hope she writes her story about having to nurse him to life, an adult cat, WITH a DROPPER. So, Paul, have you ever lived on LI, may be before moving to CA? Hope not, but some one else did.

By the way you never told us your cat’s name. Do you call him “it”? I wouldn’t be surprised. I think instead of crippling your kitty, you should have gotten a stuffed one to safely match your furniture.

Feb 26, 2011Unbelieveable
by: Anonymous Paul says pain only lasts for a short time after surgery.
I won’t waste my time on him because if he doesn’t know by now that declawing causes lifelong pain to a lot of cats then he never will know.

Ruth thank you for another first class poster and write up.
I’ve seen some awful pictures of declawed cats but this is the ultimate.
It shows exactly what those butchers disguised as doctors do to cats.
The close up is really sickening,
those parts so newly chopped off that they look to be still living.
Parts that poor cat needed but they will have been thrown out in the trash by now.
Come on those of you who think this is acceptable,you’ve got to admit it is NOT or you are NOT human.

Feb 26, 2011Paul no big deal for YOU maybe
by: Angel O Paul no wonder you don’t personally see what the big deal about declawing is.
Do you want to know why?
It’s because it doesn’t affect you at all,you still have your finger and thumb ends,it’s your cat that hasn’t.
You assure us he is fine,well I suppose he is fine for a disabled animal,but he’d be more than fine if you hadn’t paid someone to perform cruel surgery on him,he’d be healthy instead of being disabled.
I hope for his sake he continues to be your definition of fine but I am heartily sorry for him and for other declawed cats which because of people like you are denied the right to live as cats should live,with the claws they need to be really fine.

Feb 26, 2011Paul
by: Sylvia You so desperately want to convince us (and maybe yourself too) that your crippled cat is fine that you repeat it twice.
You even go so far as to SHOUT it the second time.
How ignorant you are to compare the surgery of amputation of cats toe ends with other surgery.
I’ve never yet known a cat sign a consent form for needless surgery. You are entrusted with that and I expect you signed away your cats toe ends without knowing much about the surgery at all or caring what he had to go through.
Declaw vets rub their hands with glee when gullible people like you leave your cat with them and when you go back to collect him crippled and hand over your money.
He was tearing your house up, yeh right, none of my CLAWED cats have ever torn my house up because they have their own furniture.
SCRATCHING posts because they need to SCRATCH.
When declawing is banned you’ll need some of those around your house if you get another cat, better start looking at them Paul because it won’t be long.

Feb 26, 2011To Jane
by: Ruth You are right Jane. When Babz and I linked up with those over there who have fought for years they could hardly believe someone from another country cared enough about cats to want to help them in their fight.
Joining up with The Paw Project, the anti declaw vets and techs, the cat behaviorists, writers and the rest has been wonderful. There are lots of lovely caring people over there !
We soon had a host of UK and Australian ‘troops’ and then got really lucky meeting Michael and his PoC.
This site has saved countless cats claws through education.
WELL DONE Michael, we admire you !
Sadly some of our troops have fallen by the wayside, couldn’t take it any more, but new ones keep on coming along and our International Coalition Against Declawing keeps on growing.
Many many more USA people are fighting now too, you only have to look at the number going to the Demonstration !
Pro declaws can’t be in denial much longer !


Kattaddorra signature Ruth


Feb 26, 2011A difference
by: Jane Civil discussions are different to personal attacks and profanities used.
I never take any notice of a person who uses four letter words or goes off the subject of cats into rants because if they have to do that they are lacking in knowledge of their subject.
Cat welfare escalating into politics muddies the waters.
Our backing up of the people of the USA who want declawing banned and our helping them educate about it meanwhile is the only thing that matters to those of us serious about this abuse of cats.
It’s sad that this abuse has been allowed to go on so long that people from other countries need to be involved to help stop it.

Feb 26, 2011To Anna
by: Ruth Yes we are definately with you Anna !!
You are truly one of us.
Educating children and young people is the best thing you could ever do and I’d love you to use
Sebastian’s Diary if you want to.


I’m happy to say that many cats claws been saved by that simple story. Children educate their parents.
Sadly some people can’t be convinced how cruel declawing is unless they see something like those severed toes in the picture above and the cat in pain and shock.
Anyone who condones declawing after seeing them has I’m afraid no heart and no conscience.
X for Lyova’s furry head


Kattaddorra signature Ruth


Feb 26, 2011To Paul
by: Ruth I’m glad for your cat he seems fine although I wouldn’t describe any cat with huge chunks of his toe ends missing as fine and I hope you are aware he may still face problems in the future.
He is almost certain to develop painful arthritis as he gets old. Incase you don’t know, cats are very stoic and hide their pain. In reality your cat isn’t fine, he has adjusted to living a disabled life and you need to watch him closely to ensure he doesn’t suffer in silence.
Yes anyone having surgery suffers afterwards but there is a difference between neccessary and uneccessary surgery.
Declawing is uneccessary, there are many humane alternatives.
Maybe indoor cats are safer but can you guarantee yours will never get out by mistake, in a natural disater or if you are burgled ?
He would stand no chance outside against healthy animals or cat abusers.
I’ve worked with cats and had cats of my own all my life and never yet known one ‘tear a house up’
Cats are very easy to train to use scratching posts and pads, we never had our cats toe ends amputated in the UK even when it was legal.

I look forward to the day when it’s illegal worldwide then only people who truly do love cats who come with claws because they need them, will have the pleasure of them in their homes.


Kattaddorra signature Ruth


Feb 25, 2011Keep them Indoors and they’ll do fine!
by: Paul from CA. I personally don’t see what the big deal is. I have a cat that was declawed years ago because he was tearing up everything in the house, and he is just fine. He is the same cat he always was, just as affectionate and loving. He doesn’t have any trouble using a litter box either. I do understand the argument that he no longer has that defense mechanism and for that reason he is strictly an indoor cat. I read somewhere that they live longer if kept indoors anyway. So just keep your cat indoors and you won’t have a problem. All those arguments that the cat in the picture is suffering so much, well anyone that’s had surgery knows that you’re going to be in some pain afterward, but it only lasts for a short time. Once again, my cat is just FINE!

Feb 25, 2011pictures vs. words
by: Kathleen You are very right, Anna- pictures are worth so much more than words of ANY kind for inspiring feeling and action. Good for you for giving these pictures more exposure. You may also want to show your students (or others) these:

Recently Declawed Cat Pictures



Feb 25, 2011Thank you, Jane!
by: Anna Dear Jane, you gave more strength to go on.

I agree with Kathleen that emotions should not be controlling the discussion. But debate without passion has more of a philosophical value rather than motivational, inspiring, contagious, causing the desired actions.
Yesterday I showed the pictures above in a classroom filled with diverse group of students. It was on a big screen, we had great internet connection. The first picture of a poor mutilated kitty caused a wave of questions and arguments, some even brought up the subject of the dogs with their tails and ears cut off and then suffering outdoors in the inclement weather. But the last picture, the one with parts of furry flash and pink, almost alive bones, magnified to the extent they were jumping at you..that picture did a miracle. You should have seen the faces of those young adults, staring at the screen in complete silence.
No more words were needed. I am sure we’ve got another 28 members joining our ranks, taking the words AND the emotions to save more and more little paws from being heartlessly butchered.

Feb 25, 2011arguments and personal attacks
by: Kathleen Funny- I’m not having any trouble at all having a civil discussion with Daniel, even though we don’t agree on everything. He is able to start arguments here because people are rising to his bait instead of really listening to what he is saying aside from that and responding in a calm manner. It takes two (or more) to escalate an argument into personal attacks. From everything I have seen, Daniel has never claimed that declawing is acceptable, only that efforts to ban it in the US will face difficulty for various reasons, which is a valid point, even if he makes it in a way that pushes some buttons here. I’ve said before and will say again- I understand the strong emotions people have surrounding this subject, but it doesn’t do any good to let emotion control you in a debate. I fail to see how people think they can change public opinion about declawing when they refuse to really hear the people out who disagree with or question them.

Feb 25, 2011Not Again!
by: Somebody in North Carolina Jane, Read my lips – I’m not angry!

Feb 25, 2011Despicable surgery
by: Jane Here here Benedict.
The veering from this important topic has gone beyond a joke.
Take your anger elsewhere Daniel and stop trying to start arguments that have nothing to do with cats.
Anna we are with you!!!!!!!

To get back to the point of this topic which is the legalised abuse of cats,if the only way to stop these vets from declawing is by banning it then so be it.
We don’t need to be qualified in veterinary medicine to see the pain that 6 month old kitten is enduring and we don’t need to think hard to imagine the shock and agony he will feel when he tries to stand.
It is sickening that anyone in a caring for animals profession can have anything at all to do with this despicable uneccessary surgery.

Feb 25, 2011LMAO in N.C.
by: Daniel in North Carolina Anna, You are just too much!! I had to go back and re-read what you recently posted. Yeah, I’m getting old and sometimes I have to read something a second time in order to take it all in (something it wouldn’t hurt you to try doing). Before you start quoting laws you might want to consider a little reasearch first (you obviously have access to the internet). “UNLAWFUL ….to attack on the basis of their….hair color”. OMG! That is just too funny. Oh yes Anna, people are getting attacked everyday because of the color of their hair! Now let’s see, is this an attack? No, I’m pretty sure that I’m just laughing at you.
About “You’re not just wishing some laws were never implemented,…”. We have an old saying in the Marine Corps, “Wish in one hand, and S*** (go potty) in the other, and see which one fills up first”. So I don’t spend any time wishing anything. As far as my personal views on marijuana go, they do differ from my professional oath, but I have NEVER let my personal opinions interfere with performing my professional duty. If I did, I would be out there arresting everyone that puts a dog on a chain or rope in their backyard, or putting cuffs on someone that has not had their cat neutered. Would that be good? Maybe! But that’s NOT the way our society operates. If you do succeed in this ban that you desire, who do you think is going to arrest the vet that chooses to violate it? Actually, it won’t be me since I’ll be retiring before the weather even turns hot. Thirty five years of putting my life on the line every day to protect people, some of whom do not appreciate it (at least not until some scum bag sticks a gun in their face and says, give me your wallet/purse!). But am I angry about that? Not in the least, simply because that is what I chose to do (and loved every minute of it too)!
Anyway, Anna keep those comments coming. I truly find you to be very entertaining. And I have to be on my best behavior now or Michael will censor me, and just think how much you would miss me then!

Feb 25, 2011CAT site
by: Benedict I thought this site was meant to be about cats!
Surely anyone wanting to argue law or politics can find a forum to do that.
Sabotaging this heartbreaking article about a cat suffering isn’t on!

Ruth thank you for this,I knew declawing was more than taking the claws but I had no idea how much of the cats paw is taken.
It has to be banned if the doctors refuse to adhere to it being for last resort.
They should be ashamed for offering it.
The animals are the clients,not their ignorant owners,it’s past time they put the animals first.

Feb 25, 2011More of the same old ignorance – Anna
by: Daniel in North Carolina As usual Anna you have NO idea what you are talking about! Thank God it is perfectly legal in THIS country to say whatever you like, whether profane or not. I think we call that the 1st Ammendment, duh! As far as the fist being the weapon of the fool, or whatever you said – take a wild guess how this country came about. Didn’t you have to take any history classes in order to become a citizen? Well, this country was established by use of the GUN and the FIST! Now, I would agree that violence is not always the way to accomplish something, especially not when you are trying to implement changes in society. But, unfortunately sometimes it is the ONLY way to get what you want. We could no doubt debate when you should use violence and when you should not forever and not accomplish a thing. But it is an unrefutable fact that I violated NO LAWS by using that dreaded F-word or anything else I’ve said. My sister-in-law is the best, most dedicated Christian that I’ve ever known. She dosen’t just “talk the talk” but “walks the walk” too, and I’ve actually (much to my surprise) heard a couple of profane words pass over her lips when she got angry enough about something. She was thoroughly embarrased afterward, but it happened! But I suppose that you are so pure and perfect that you NEVER swear, right?
And finally, when someone broke into your vehicle recently and stole your GPS or whatever you said, who did you call? Your friendly neighborhood pacifist (that’s someone who’s against violence by the way), or did you call the local police, a man with a badge and a gun, who might even use his fist once in a while? Looking forward to our next exchange of thoughts as always!

Feb 25, 2011Angry and Unlawful Daniel
by: Anna Check out this link, people: yes, an extremely light sentence for a horrendous and cruel act by a 20 year old Giovanni Estrada.

Did anyone use a foul language like Daniel Hudson from NC did a few paragraphs below though? No. Because the fist is a weapon of the fool. People resort to foul language and personal attacks when they run out of logical arguments. And because it is UNLAWFUL in the U.S. to attack ANYBODY on the basis of their gender, the country of their origin or skin and hair color.

You are not just wishing some laws were never implemented, Daniel, (like growing weed in your backyard), you ARE in violation of the law which you said you had taken an oath to defend. I am disappointed in you, Daniel.

This site is not about personal vendetta. It is for love and education about all types of Felines, and protection of these innocent furry animals from all forms of abuse.

Feb 25, 2011Thankyou
by: Anonymous Thankyou to all concerned in bringing this out into the open.
It’s time the entire world knows that the suffering of cats is an everyday occurence in many US doctors clinics.
It can’t be allowed to continue.

Feb 24, 2011More than shocking
by: FB That is so much more than the claw!!!!!!!!!!
I’ll agree it is shocking.
It is more than shocking it is abuse of the worst kind because it is done by so called veterinarians.
The cats have no voice and they have no say.


Feb 24, 2011Thank you
by: Ruth More and more brilliant comments, thank you so much.
It’s worth all the tears I shed designing the poster and writing this article, but I couldn’t have done it without the brave person who took the photos and allowed us to use them and without Michael’s wonderful PoC site.
I hope everyone will keep on passing this on to every person they know, let’s ensure those vets don’t get away any longer with keeping the truth hidden.
Yes Ed it’s gone 2 years since UK troops started helping those in the USA who had struggled for years to get support.
Whatever we do will never be a tiny fraction of what they have done and still do over there.
For anyone interested in the petition, I’m happy to say Harriet has plans for it, so all is not lost because of the site going down for good.
She has the lists of vets and famous or influential people who signed too.
I was devastated thinking our 2 years work was down the drain !


Kattaddorra signature Ruth


Feb 24, 2011OMG
by: Anonymous O M G I’ve just seen the link to this on facebook and I am horrified that any doctor of animals could do this to a cat.
That little soul looks so sad.
When he was fully awake he must have gone through torment to find parts of his paws gone.
How do cats cope with that for the rest of their lives?
Why oh why do people get cats if they don’t want their claws?
This has upset me very much and I will be sending it to everyone I know if they have a cat or not because it has to be shared so that the whole world sees it.
Thankyou everyone who is trying to stop it.

Feb 24, 2011Just for Michael (and everyone else too)
by: Daniel in N.C. Michael, I’ll start by pointing out that at the end of that comment I did apologize. You know, I’d being willing to bet that even you Michael, get angry once in a while. Of course of don’t REALLY know me at all, especially my character. The truth is that 99% of the time I’m not really angry at all. In my official capacity as a law enforcement officer, I put my life on the line on a daily basis to protect people, some of whom appreciate it, and some who don’t. Doesn’t bother me at all simply because, that is what I chose to do. Same with getting sent to a war which I certainly didn’t start, and darn near dying to protect freedom which so many take totally for granted, because I voluntarily joined the USMC. Actually, I’ve always found it rather funny that the minute some scum-bag comes along and attempts to take that which belongs to a so-called “cop hater”, whether that be personal belongings or their life – they cry so loudly for our help, but that’s what they (you actually) pay me for! And it will always amaze me how people who are passionate about banning something just seem to have absolutely NO respect for other points of view, despite the fact that I totally respect their’s, may even agree up to a point. And lastly, that dreaded, horrible F-word, you know I’ll bet even you have used that word before, but this is YOUR website and you certainly have the FREEDOM and RIGHT to decide what is or isn’t said on it. Isn’t that wonderful? Have a nice day!

Feb 24, 2011Daniel
by: Michael Your character comes through in your comment. It is an ugly character; unpleasant and angry. Please don’t use the F word on this site again. If you do you will be banned permanently (non-negotiable) and the comment deleted.

Michael Avatar


Feb 24, 2011Saluting you
by: Edward Man that is the worst yet and I salute you Ruth for having the guts to make yet another great poster and write one of your famous blogs.
I salute and thank Michael,Barbara,Ruth and the rest of the UK troops too numerous to mention for all they do.
It must be 2 years now since you joined up with the USA stalwarts who were battling alone and from what I see youve made great progress.
Im only sorry I dont get on much but Im home now on holiday and intend to catch up.
You all know Im not and educated man but at least I have the brain power to know this dreadful thing has to be stopped.
Anyone who can look at that kitten and his chopped off toe ends and say declawing shouldnt be banned must hate all cats.

Feb 24, 2011Evil, cruelty and torture!
by: Maggie This is purely evil. How could someone be so cruel to an innocent animal!!!

This is proof that declawing is NOT just the removal of the claw, it is the removal of the finger tip. I knew declawing was bad, but these pictures have made me realise how bad it really is!

I’m furious to see these pictures, and know that vets do this every single day and think it’s okay. If I ever get my hands on a vet who thinks declawing is okay, he’ll know how it fells to have his finger ends chopped off, and he’ll know how it feels to wake up every day fingerless and in agony.

Feb 23, 2011Anna, you dumb-ass!!!
by: Daniel in N.C. I don’t fucking believe it. Yeah, I used profanity, so friggin’ what! You unbelievable, stupid, self-righteous idiots. First of all, I took an oath to uphold the law. That’s the LAW ANNA, that thing that protects you here in America. Not to uphold things that I personally don’t like, or things you don’t like (Thank God!)
Acts such as murder, rape, robbery, child molestation, etc, etc, etc. are things that are evil in-of-themself. Laws against these acts are known in law school as maluem-in-se. You know it’s evil, I know it, everybody knows. It’s intrinsic. Laws against such things as, drugs, gambling, prostutetion are made evil by the will of society – that’s called maluem-probatum. You may think they are bad, but not everybody does simply because they are not evil in-of-themself.
I might not agree with some of these laws, but I took an oath to uphold the law and they against the law! I’m so sorry to disappoint you mental midgets but declawing is not, in-of-itself, evil. Obviously you think it’s evil, I may even believe it, but not everybody does. Hello! And lastly it IS NOT ILLEGAL. Good luck with that endeavor because boy are you airheads ever going to need it. Holy Shit some of you people are dense. Your lucky you’ve got a couple of people like Leah and Kathleen on your side otherwise you would stand a snowballs chane in hell of changing very many people’s minds – as how can the uneducated and ignorant educate people. I do apologize for the profanity, but boy do you ever know how to “push buttons”. A couple of days ago I thought you Anna were one of the few that really understood freedom, but boy can I ever be WRONG! I think that I PERSONALLY would have preferred it if you had stayed in Russia (since the USSSR that you came from no longer exsists)!!
Good Night. Now I think I have the answer you wouldn’t give me – I’ll bet you are cute – probably a blonde!!! (You know blonde jokes. Tee Hee!)

Feb 23, 2011Adopted
by: Elisa Black-Taylor I’ve adopted two declawed cats in the last two weeks so I dare anyone to tell me people desire a declawed cat. My latest rescue, Misty, has been turned into the shelter twice for litter box problems. Guess its a little hard on the paws with having to scratch with the hard litter and no claws. People should research declawing before they go out and do it. And the new laser declawing is even worse as it leads to 4th degree burns.

Feb 23, 2011Freedom to mutilate and torture
by: Anna The comment of February 21 from Daniel in NC brings attention to the similarities which he sees between declawing and abortion. He is for freedom of choice by the cat owners to mutilate their defenseless animals. The same day on another page of this site

We Adopted A Declawed Maine Coon

Daniel tells us that after he had fought in Vietnam and currently a Deputy U.S. Marshal he “spent a number of years locking up dangerous fugitives”. What a hypocritical contradiction!

So how come Mr.Daniel does not support the freedom for child molesters,thieves, robbers, gangsters, drug dealers, Bernies Madoffs and so on? According to his argument, should we just politely educate, say, pedophiles by showing them shocking pictures of tortured children, but oh no,no-don’t lock them up and keep their freedom of choice???

Feb 23, 2011Why?
by: Don These Vets as well as the owners of the cats belong to the same group as bear baiting and dog fighting. If they don’t want a cat in all it’s natural glory don’t get one – not get one the attack it with a knife!!!

Feb 23, 2011Stop it!
by: Graham God made cats with claws for a reason and here goes arrogant man believing he can improve on what God has made. How can vets be so hypocritical when their inclination is to make money out of defenceless animals. Shame on you money grabbing vets for failing to care for these beautiful creatures that God saw fit to equip to live as He intended – with claws. How would you get on without your fingers and thumbs or your toes? Yeah! Exactly. Stop it now.

This is not just down to the vets either, the owners are shameful too for applying for the barbaric procedure. Not only owners but the government for allowing vets to get away with it.

Ever asked a machinist who has lost a finger in an accident how he felt about losing it?
Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

Feb 23, 2011Speechless
by: Anonymous I don’t even know what to say about this, who are we to say this can be allowed? If we did this to someone it would be classed as some form of torture….outrageous!

Feb 23, 2011Shocked
by: Anonymous I saw this on facebook and I am shocked and I will tell everybody to look at it and then see if they think declawing is so good.

Feb 23, 2011Leave claws alone
by: Anonymous Which unfeeling ignorant person trimmed those claws and even after that decided to have the kitties toe ends axed off?
Why the heck people can’t leave kitties claws as nature intended I don’t know.
They come like they are for a purpose,
it’s not rocket science to know that.
Looking at that gruesome picture the butcher hasn’t even done a neat job,
there’s some left with more flesh etc than others.
I feel violent against those butchers and all the staff of their clinics who collaborate to do that to innocent kitties.
Are blood money wages worth that?

Feb 23, 2011Evil
by: Mr Gittins The evil monster who did that would be better employed in an abbatoir because they should certainly not be allowed near any living creature.

Feb 23, 2011To Leah
by: Ruth Thanks Leah and you deserve a big thank you too for all you do to help educate people about declawing.
I felt physically sick when I saw those severed off toe ends and vet nursing I have of course seen some dreadful and heartbreaking sights.
It’s the fact that declawing is by choice of the cat’s caretaker and not be neccessity as is surgery to save an animal’s life, which makes it even worse.
An anti declaw USA or Canadian vet or vet tech would have to answer about sue-ing the declaw vets, but I’d think the consent form clients will have to sign before any surgery will cover their backs for any eventuality. They will make sure of that !
There have been cases where cats have died, lost their paws, been lamed for life and their caretakers have been advised to at least complain, but as far as I know, no one has.
Probably because they think they would get no satisfaction from the AVMA, but remember Dr Forsyth who killed the wrong cat ? That client complained although I don’t know what happened to her, does anyone else know ?
One thing for sure despite the vets pushing laser declawing and putting promotional videos on YouTube with comments disabled, many more people are finding out the truth about declawing now and looking to the alternatives.
But still the cats of those we can’t reach are suffering every day, we can only keep on


Kattaddorra signature Ruth


Feb 22, 2011Worst yet
by: Leah (England) Dear God Ruth you are amazing and brave to publish these images and this article.

You are brave because some anti-declaw regulars might think ‘no, enough’s enough I can’t be seeing poor little cats anymore’ but I think you know that the regulars of PoC would never do that because stopping the suffering of declawed cats mean so much more than the images we have to endure. My heart goes out to that poor little cat and I know its cruel but I hope his caretaker sees it and realises what they’ve done.

I also thank with all my heart the person that was brave enough to take those photos. When I think of that poor little soul happy and healthy one minute then left on his own in agony. I loathe and detest the butcher that did this and I loathe the person that took this innocent trusting kitten to have his little toes cut off.

I will never understand anyone that puts their furniture before the health and happiness of their cat. For Gods sake how many times do we have to say it!? If you don’t like claws then don’t get a cat!!

I have another question; I hear of people say they regret having their cat de-clawed because the Vet didn’t tell them what the operation entailed. Well if thats the case then why aren’t vets being sued left right and centre for non-disclosure surely there must be something in the law that states that this behaviour is punishable? If not, why the hell not?! I just don’t get and never will how a vet in this day and age be allowed to conduct such a gruesome vile unnessacery procedure!

Kudos to you Ruth for having the guts to show everyone the truth!


Feb 22, 2011Declawing experiments
by: Ruth Bert T you can read on Dr Jean Hofve’s page about how new born kittens were experimented on, but be warned it’s very sad. I can’t bear to think of how the mother cats suffered along with their babies.
Imagine taking a new born human baby from his mother and cutting his finger ends off with no anesthetic or pain medication, any mother would naturally be frantic and mother cats have the same emotions as us when their young are hurt.

But it’s a very good page for anyone wanting to read scientific facts:

Jean is a wonderful anti declaw advocate and putting a lot of hard work into studying data and facts, with very few volunteers helping her collect it.


Kattaddorra signature Ruth


Feb 22, 2011What I think
by: Bert T Declawing should never have started in the first place.
Vets say public pressure caused it but I don’t think ordinary people would ever have thought it up as who would think of taking a cats claws off it?
No one in their right mind.
It’s an excuse.
Some cold blooded vet tortured cats in a lab until they found out how to do it and then saw dollar signs and sold it.
You can’t tell me vets who declaw give a damn about cats.
They don’t.
It didn’t start in other countries by public pressure and if it they had been pressured no ethical vet would have ever considered it.
People who love their cats have the sense to know cats have claws as they need to scratch with them.
If declawing wasn’t available people wouldn’t get a cat, a lot get a cat knowing they can have it done.
They are the wrong people to give cats a home.

Feb 22, 2011lumps of toe
by: Godimugly well if thats not enough to stop them getting the cats toes hacked off nothing is – i’ve never seen anything as gruesome as that in my long life and i feel like smashing up anybody who thinks this is ok – you know what i bet? if the same person that owns this poor cat accidentally let him out the door and he got run over by a car and ended up in vet hospital with injuries like this they would be crying and screaming and saying “oh my poor liddle kiddy is hurt – oh my, whatever can i do?” and yet heres same cat in same pitiful state and the buggers have paid for it!

Feb 22, 2011Words fail me
by: Pamela Marshall Words fail me Ruthy, they really do.
I am sobbing for that poor poor cat and all the other cats it happens to and hating those people who do that to them.
When will it end ???????????????

Feb 22, 2011YES ….SHOCKING
by: Anonymous The title is correct,those images really are SHOCKING.
Bravo the writer of the article and bravo the person who provided the pictures for the incredibly fantastic poster.
Bravo all of you beavering away with your education and your saving of cats from this disgustingly cruel mutilation which is unthinkable to those of us who love cats.

Feb 22, 201199% wouldn’t do it
by: Fran Thank you Ruth.
Well now I’m sure that if vets were forced to show their clients the picture of the severed fingers then 99% would not have that done to their pet.
But they are never going to do that are they!
They know if they do then they are saying goodbye to their daily dollars rolling in.
They talk about it saving cats lives or homes, but they don’t talk about encouraging their clients to have tiny kittens declawed as young as 12 weeks.
No instead they advertise that with coupons for money off and ask clients booking in for spay/neuter if they’d like declawing too.
No the wonder they don’t want the extent of the parts of cats fingers they remove to be known.
No the wonder they disable comments on videos of declawing.
No the wonder thousands of cat owners are suffering guilt right now.
All because of those money grabbing doctors and the general publics ignorance about declawing.

Feb 22, 2011Thank you
by: Ruth Thanks for your comments everyone, an article is nothing without comments which are equally as important.
We need as many as we can get to get this to the top of google searches and let more people doing a search because they are considering declawing their cat, find out the truth.
I’m glad that Bret and his CatAWhack team have come along with the wonderful cat furniture they make and the invaluable educating they are doing.
Don’t forget to come to the UK Bret ! We have cat scratchers and pads in every room here and every person is shocked and horrified to even think of declawing happening in the USA and Canada.
The general remark is ‘Why get a cat if you don’t like claws ?’
Pictures of suffering cats and their severed toes are only available to us because of the brave vet techs who hate this part of their job and just like us, want it stopped.
Thank you again to them all.


Kattaddorra signature Ruth


Feb 21, 2011Absolutely Shocking and Disgusting – but still against Banning!
by: Daniel in N.C. The pictures, the images, are totally horrible, shocking and disgusting. That stuff is exactly what you need to get out to the public whenever and wherever you can! But I’m still opposed to a law banning this terrible practice.
I was accused yesterday by several people of wrongfully comparing the issue of banning declawing with the issue of people attempting to ban abdortion. Rather than see and understanding the similarities, all you guys/gals can do is pick apart the differences. How narrow minded! Have you ever heard of “backroom abortions”?
Here’s an preview of an artice in tomorrow’s newspaper –
MAN ARRESTED FOR DECLAWING CATS IN HIS GARAGE! Yesterday local authorities took a man in custody accused of charging people $200 for performing a procedure recently outlawed that involves declawing cats. The man currently being held in the local jail has admitted to authorities that he has NO veterinary training whatsoever and has done the procedure over 100 times in the last year alone. Authorities allege that as a result of his lack of formal training that an unknown number of cats that he performed the procedure on have DIED, usually from bleeding to death. The man (name withheld) admitted that he has been performing this proceduce since the new law was passed in order to support his meth habit (known on the street as “speed” or “crank”)
Authorities estimate that, as a result of this new law and the amount of money to be made, there are hundreds of people doing this in our state alone and that it is impossible to estimate how many nationwide.
That’s what you have to look forward to, if you do succeed that is.
Daniel B. Hudson
739 Little Mountain Church Road
North Wilkesboro, North Carolina 28659

Hm.Ph.# (336)696-4890 Cell (336)262-0697
Email –

Love to talk to you Ted (the guy that called me a liar)! Happy to talk/discuss with any of you.

Feb 21, 20116 months old and suffering
by: Anonymous I don’t understand why a vet would declaw a 6 month old kitten?
I thought it was for bad scratching habits and I’m pretty sure a 6 month old kitten hasn’t had the time to learn good claw manners.
What is it with people who have this done to cats,don’t they know cats have claws when they get one?
Thank you for showing us these gut wrenching images.
I can only wonder how the owner of the cat,the doctor who did that and the person who helped him can sleep at night any more.
I have nothing but contempt for all involved.

Feb 21, 2011Horrible
by: Petra Stephenson My God I have never seen anything as horrible as that, and to think that people want it to happen to their cats and pay for it to be done. No wonder it is illegal in 38 countries, I should think people in the USA who are against declawing are in despair at this.

Feb 21, 2011CARNAGE
by: Mrs Mottram The picture of the severed toes look like something you would see in a slaughterhouse.
Horrible enough but those animals are dead.
Cats like the one in the collage are living their lives walking on bone after that downright cruel operation.
How can it be allowed?
How can we stop it?

Feb 21, 2011Education is KEY!
by: The CatAWhack Crew As we have introduced our CatAWhack Unit and I have had the opportunity to speak with human companions in the United States who have declawed their feline family members…many are completely unaware of what the procedure entailed and what they were agreeing to. When I explain what is actually done in surgery, they are shocked and have a difficult time resolving the conflict between placing the care of their feline in the hands of a trusted veterinarian and how this same veterinarian would perform such a procedure if it was not medically safe or humane. “He/She was so gentle with my cat at regular appointments and seemed to have a lot of love for animals. I don’t understand.” Many feel remorse and extreme guilt that they put their faith in someone who was supposed to have the best interests of their cat in mind.

There are others who after many failed attempts at redirecting the scratching or being unable to trim the nails, relent to a veterinarian who suggests declawing as a ‘last resort’. When does declawing become the ‘last resort’? What has been tried? What teaching and education has been done? What kind of supports have been provided for the human companion at their wits end?

The CatAWhack Crew is so committed to providing resources, tools, products, supports that assist human companions and their feline family members in creating a harmonious fully integrated home environment that benefits all inhabitants.

We are also looking at the most efficient means of getting the word out and look forward to working with individuals and groups who have been advocating for fellow felines all along. We salute you! 🙂

Feb 21, 2011Impact of pictures
by: Angel O No amount of words describing the procedure called declawing could have the impact of the picture of the butchered off toe joints.

I did know it was horrific and cruel surgery but I didn’t know so much of the cats healthy toes were removed.

It has shaken me to the core to realise that the vets who do this have so litle regard for the creatures they profess to care for.

Feb 21, 2011IT MUST STOP
by: Ted At last the stark harsh reality of those butchering doctors is available for all to see.

Day after day they make the almighty dollar from cutting off and throwing away parts of cats.

Thank you for all concerned bringing this into the open.

PoC is a website to be recommended for all it does towards eventually banishing declawing to the past where it belongs.

Feb 21, 2011Butchery
by: Anonymous You are right. It is nothing short of butchery. Horrible abuse for $$$.

Feb 21, 2011O M G
by: Anonymous That is the most horrible picture I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!
Those perfect toe ends thrown away like trash!!!!!!
What sort of sadist who does this despicable thing to cats I can not begin to imagine.

Feb 21, 2011Thank you
by: Kath Thank you Ruth for this very graphic article and pictures.
Thank you too to the person who took those pictures,it must have taken some guts to do that and to get them out here to be seen.
I must admit I was physically sick at the sight of those butchered joints but it has to be faced that only graphic pictures will illustrate the reality of this abuse of cats.
It must stop people who think declawing is only taking away the claws from having this legalised butchery done to their cats.

Feb 21, 2011Sickeningly real
by: Rose Since starting to help those wanting the cruel operation declawing to be banned I’ve seen some horribly graphic pictures.But the one of the severed toe joints is the worst yet.
I will find it unbeliveable if this page doesn’t convince even the hardest of pro declaw hearts how wrong it is to mutilate cats like this.
The sight of the fur and blood makes it sickeningly real that those trashed joints were not long ago healthy and neccessary parts of that now crippled cat’s body.

Feb 21, 2011Butchery on innocent cats!
by: Sylvia The images of this poor little cat minus the claws that nature intended has made me sick to the very pit of my stomach
Don’t tell me that these are the actions of a caring owner, more like the actions of a self obsessed house proud moron. What responsible owner could ever willingly give up their “loved” pet to undergo such mutilation.
I just don’t get it! What is the part of cats having paws which means they have claws difficult to understand?
There is no way that ANYONE will convince me that this operation is a necessity, no way in this world or the next. It comes down to common sense and decency. If you love your fixtures fitting and soft furnishings then don’t get a cat – end of!
The sight of this poor wee things mutilated body parts made me want to inflict real physical pain on its owner and then leave him/her to cope with the pain. We have all got to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves, who will answer for them – WE WILL! and may the owner of this poor little thing hang their head in shame, one day you will feel the retribution for your actions, trust me.

Feb 21, 2011Sickening
by: Barbara Since we started this crusade to help end declawing I’ve seen some horrible pictures of cats with sore, bleeding, stunted and ruined paws but I think this is so stark and to the point that it is the saddest I have ever seen. Looking at those healthy toe ends lying there is like looking at raw meat on a butchers block, they’re such an essential part of a cat. We might as well be looking at human fingers lying there, but even fingers aren’t as complex and necessary as cats toes. For people who make the decision to subject their cat to surgery that reduces them to the state of that poor young cat in the picture I have nothing but contempt, and for vets and their assistants that do this day after day I feel real hatred because they must know that they are ruining the paws of otherwise healthy cats and all for the sake of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

My heart aches for this particular frightened, abused little cat and I hope for his sake alone that he makes as full a recovery as is possible for a multiple amputee.

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11 thoughts on “The shocking images of a declawed cat”

  1. Some people still keep arguing that helping people is more mporzant as helping animals. What those people do not understand is that cruelty against people always starts with cruelty against animals. A perso who does not respect and feels empathy for live in general can not feel empathy against anybody. If someone says he or she would be willing to torture thousand animals to safe one child it is clear he or she is a sadist! There is no true care in such a person for the said child, it is just the comfortable excuse to disregard the needs of other living beings. Usually those people don’t help anyone at all. They even use other people, who in their eyes do help the wrong cause, as an excuse to do nothing at all. I’ve known many people who really cared for existing children and dedicated their time to make the world a better place for them to live in. I myself care more for children and volunteer coaching them and prepare them to get a job after school than do insert myselve in rescuing animals. But still, no one of those people who really care for the well being of others would ever tell anyone to stop caring for anything that has feelings. Be it a cild or even a chicken, passion for helping does not exclude and people who help are to be respected! Also I’m glad around here such despicable things as declawing are banned!

  2. One thing this doesn’t take into consideration is a cat being declawed for the sake of their health. For example, my cat had a nasty nail bed infection. We tried antibiotics, a cone, everything, but my cat’s nails were getting more and more worn and infected. Because this was causing him so much discomfort, we had the vet declaw him. Was he sore at first? Absolutely! But in the end he felt much better, and hasn’t had problems since. So sometimes, declawing is necessary, as awful as it may seem.

    • I agree that when declawing is done for therapeutic reasons it is acceptable but this happens about 0.00001% of the time. Almost all (99.999%) declaws are for non-therapeutic reasons.

  3. I do realize this is quite an old article but I still felt the need to express myself. I never have approved of declawing because I felt it interfered with the cats natural ability to defend himself(or even run up a tree to escape). However I never realized how truly barbaric the procedure was. I didn’t understand a knuckle of this poor animals “hand” was removed,hell 10 knuckles with both paws. So now I am even more against this procedure. I don’t care if it a medical procedure or not (so is circumcision and I think thats mean and unnecessary)theres no need for it outside of saving your precious furniture. I say, if you don’t want your furniture clawed…don’t get a cat. I have 4. I buy cat scratching posts. Do they always use them? Nope. I just shoo them off my furniture and thats enough. Animals have feelings to. You wouldn’t consider removing your childs fingertips during an out break of chicken pox would you? Well in my opinion animals should be treated with the same regard. Thanks for allowing my vent!

    • Well said Dawn. What you have stated is exactly what we have stated over and over again. It is interesting that you were not aware of how barbaric it is. I am sure a lot of cat owners are the same right now and the vets don’t want to enlighten them. I hate the vets for this.

  4. WOW, i wonder how this even came about. I mean if someone was worried about their furniture be torn up and consulted with a Vet about the cats nails, how could declawing a cat become so popular. Its obvious that this effects the cat physically and psychologically. By looking at the pictures its not a nail being clipped, its a natural body part that makes up the cat that is being eliminated. Unbelievable.

    • Yep…it’s a whole chunk of the toe, times 10. It is wicked. When you look at the bloody mess and pain you wonder what the heck people are doing to their cats that they supposedly love.

    • It came about when American people started keeping their cats strictly indoors and some cold hearted vet invented declawing, causing thousands of cats and kittens to be experimented on to ‘perfect’ it and causing pain, disablement and suffering to millions of cats since then and it STILL goes on!
      Yes it’s unbelievable.


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