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The shocking images of a declawed cat — 10 Comments

  1. Some people still keep arguing that helping people is more mporzant as helping animals. What those people do not understand is that cruelty against people always starts with cruelty against animals. A perso who does not respect and feels empathy for live in general can not feel empathy against anybody. If someone says he or she would be willing to torture thousand animals to safe one child it is clear he or she is a sadist! There is no true care in such a person for the said child, it is just the comfortable excuse to disregard the needs of other living beings. Usually those people don’t help anyone at all. They even use other people, who in their eyes do help the wrong cause, as an excuse to do nothing at all. I’ve known many people who really cared for existing children and dedicated their time to make the world a better place for them to live in. I myself care more for children and volunteer coaching them and prepare them to get a job after school than do insert myselve in rescuing animals. But still, no one of those people who really care for the well being of others would ever tell anyone to stop caring for anything that has feelings. Be it a cild or even a chicken, passion for helping does not exclude and people who help are to be respected! Also I’m glad around here such despicable things as declawing are banned!

  2. One thing this doesn’t take into consideration is a cat being declawed for the sake of their health. For example, my cat had a nasty nail bed infection. We tried antibiotics, a cone, everything, but my cat’s nails were getting more and more worn and infected. Because this was causing him so much discomfort, we had the vet declaw him. Was he sore at first? Absolutely! But in the end he felt much better, and hasn’t had problems since. So sometimes, declawing is necessary, as awful as it may seem.

    • I agree that when declawing is done for therapeutic reasons it is acceptable but this happens about 0.00001% of the time. Almost all (99.999%) declaws are for non-therapeutic reasons.

  3. I do realize this is quite an old article but I still felt the need to express myself. I never have approved of declawing because I felt it interfered with the cats natural ability to defend himself(or even run up a tree to escape). However I never realized how truly barbaric the procedure was. I didn’t understand a knuckle of this poor animals “hand” was removed,hell 10 knuckles with both paws. So now I am even more against this procedure. I don’t care if it a medical procedure or not (so is circumcision and I think thats mean and unnecessary)theres no need for it outside of saving your precious furniture. I say, if you don’t want your furniture clawed…don’t get a cat. I have 4. I buy cat scratching posts. Do they always use them? Nope. I just shoo them off my furniture and thats enough. Animals have feelings to. You wouldn’t consider removing your childs fingertips during an out break of chicken pox would you? Well in my opinion animals should be treated with the same regard. Thanks for allowing my vent!

    • Well said Dawn. What you have stated is exactly what we have stated over and over again. It is interesting that you were not aware of how barbaric it is. I am sure a lot of cat owners are the same right now and the vets don’t want to enlighten them. I hate the vets for this.

  4. WOW, i wonder how this even came about. I mean if someone was worried about their furniture be torn up and consulted with a Vet about the cats nails, how could declawing a cat become so popular. Its obvious that this effects the cat physically and psychologically. By looking at the pictures its not a nail being clipped, its a natural body part that makes up the cat that is being eliminated. Unbelievable.

    • Yep…it’s a whole chunk of the toe, times 10. It is wicked. When you look at the bloody mess and pain you wonder what the heck people are doing to their cats that they supposedly love.

    • It came about when American people started keeping their cats strictly indoors and some cold hearted vet invented declawing, causing thousands of cats and kittens to be experimented on to ‘perfect’ it and causing pain, disablement and suffering to millions of cats since then and it STILL goes on!
      Yes it’s unbelievable.

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