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The Social Dilemma: A blog post on Facebook terms, animal rescue and censorship — 5 Comments

  1. I think FB has no recourse for those accused of violating rules. I know people who are routinely put in FB jail yet others are allowed to commit the same “crime” with no consequence. There is no way to make your case and defend yourself.

    That needs to change.

    • Agreed. They are faceless and it is difficult to deal with them. It is the same for the other huge social media companies. They make the law and enforce it as they wish. It is hard if not impossible to contact them and argue your case. That’s my experience.

  2. Two things come to mind right away. You can’t be too critical of Facebook in writing, on the Internet, because I always think that if one of their administrators picks it up you might be in trouble! If a Facebook administrator picks up this comment I apologise. Please don’t punish me because I’m just discussing your website in good faith.The second point is that they have enormous power over people and as people become more reliant on Facebook the administrators have more power over their lives. It can actually affect their lives quite profoundly. So you get the rather bizarre situation in which somebody thousands of miles away, a faceless administrator, can dictate the lives of people. They have no authority under the law but they have authority under the rules that they create. It looks a bit like judge and jury to me.

    I think too that Google is watching our instant messages and even emails for suspicious activity which is passed back to government agencies. Beware what you say 😉 !

  3. My biggest fear is that an innocent post will be censored by Facebook and they’ll delete the individual account and all photos posted from the beginning will be gone forever. Facebook rarely rules in favor of the person they’ve wronged. I try to upload all of my pictures to Google Drive but I’m not sure that venue will remain safe.

  4. The purge has already begun and it is exactly what you feared. Cat illness group FIP Warriors was removed citing “hate speech”. This was a strict nonpolitical worldwide group that helped pet parents find life saving resources for their cats and kittens with FIP. There were over 100,000 people in that group with new ppl coming in desperate for help daily. Most US vets are woefully out of the loop on current treatments due to terrible patent laws and this page was the first glimmer of hope most of them had.

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