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The Sooner Zoos Become Extinct The Better — 8 Comments

  1. Not much for me to say about zoos and circuses that I haven’t already.
    If they were all closed, we would still have the problem of not being able to return animals to the wild that have been held in captivity 10-20-30 years.
    Animal sanctuaries would have to be booted up and under extreme scrutiny. It needs to start now.

    • We need to start focusing much harder on how to protect animals in the wild and to be able to see them there. That would create harmony between human and animal. Imprisoning them is patently wrong for so many reasons.

      • I think that top-notched sanctuaries are the best answer. Animals that could never be returned to the wild could be viewed behind plexiglass. The animals would be well cared for and live out their lives without chains or whips.

        • Yes, Dee, large sanctuaries would be a big improvement. I’d go further. I’d like large reserves to be the norm where wild animals live naturally and where humans can view this natural behavior such as is found in some of the best reserves in Africa. Zoos look like animal prisons for our entertainment to me no matter how hard the owners try and justify them with spin about conservation.

          • Doubtful that we would ever be able to secure large reserves because of the the way we squeeze out wildlife in the name of progress. There’s just no room.
            Neither the US nor the UK have the space or support for those.
            But, most very good sanctuaries have free-roaming habitat-like surroundings for those poor souls that can no longer be returned to the wild.
            I would be happy just to see sanctuaries expand for that purpose today… not tomorrow…TODAY.
            I believe that “entertainment” animal environments are on the decline.
            Isn’t it the Boy Scout motto that reads, “Be Prepared”?

    • The only species that can save endangered animals are the ones that caused the problem in the first place.
      Animals in the wild are subject to poaching. In fact in some countries it’s an everyday event. Armed park rangers can’t stop it. Education doesn’t stop it. Hunts are justified in many areas because one animal overpopulates since the whole prey/predator system is askew.
      IMO. There is no hope unless the biggest problem of all is addressed. Human overpopulation. I can’t recall the last time I heard anyone talk about zero population growth. Another branch of the problem is political correctness. Calling out the countries that slaughter endangered animals for exotic meats or medicinal purposes. The use of tradition and cultural rights to deplete what’s left of an animal population. How dare anyone tread on those so called cultural rights. And as someone else pointed out, the US at least is pretty much owned by China.

  2. 104 Park Rangers have been killed in Africa protecting wildlife in the Last 20 years, not everyone rates animals as less important than Humans, on 25th October 2015 park ranger Jean Claude Kiza Vunabandi was killed in the line of duty working to save endangered mountain gorillas up in the village of Mabenga. Shot and killed by unknown assailants, the 32-year-old-ranger became the latest fatality in a conservation effort where one of the most endangered species are the park rangers themselves. They are not just doing their jobs, they know the risks and they do it anyway.

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