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The spaying of pregnant cats at shelters — 4 Comments

  1. I agree e with all of the above since I do TNR and rescue. I consistently have kittens dumped on me…. once a mother and 6 eight week old kittens. Irresponsibility is the moral issue underlying it all. ANYONE whose cat breeds, by mistake or not, needs to spay and neuter ever kitten before finding it a home. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

  2. To answer your question please find a high kill shelter that is stacked floor to ceiling with kittens that were born and will shortly be used as the stuffing for garbage bags.
    I had planned to spay Tera but she was far enough along it hit my moral button. When I made the decision to let the kits be born I then became morally, legally and financially responsible for their well being. 4 of the babies were humanely euthanized due to birth defects and other complications. Tera is now in her own forever home and we kept the two surviving kits and they are our babies. Thus my moral judgment was valid since I took responsibility. So if the mother cat being spayed with a bellyful who is then going to ensure that each and every one of them has a life worth living ?

    • ME, you have hit the nail on the head with respect to the dilemma. I guess sometimes morality is inconvenient.

      • It is. Sometimes it’s impossible. Almost without fail the rescue or persons taking care of these cats are not the ones who violated the moral code and tossed out house pets or failed/refused to follow commonsense and S/N. They have tossed their lack of morals onto innocent bystanders. Many of the cats in TNR and shelters are kittens themselves whose health would be better preserved terminating their pregnancy.
        Throwing this moral dilemma on the shelters and rescues is like yelling at the person with one lifeboat for not saving everyone on the Titanic.

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