The Story Of Snow

I’ve been following the story of Snow for many months now, checking in on him as many of my friends check in on Sealy’s progress. With Christmas just around the corner, I felt it time to now tell his amazing story.

The Story of Snow
The Story of Snow. Collage by Elisa
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Snow was a victim of the most horrible abuse imaginable. He was found back in April in the area of 15 Mile and Moravian in Sterling Heights, Michigan. A young couple found him in their backyard and contacted Paws For The Cause Feral Cat Rescue on April 5. Snow was starving and scared and refused to be caught.

He was eventually caught in a live trap and rushed to the vet. The vets treating Snow believe his paws were tied together with a rope, then a corrosive chemical (most likely acid) was poured on him. This left Snow with a lot of dead flesh hanging from his neck.

Paws For The Cause Feral Cat Rescue posted several photos of Snow to a Facebook page set up in his honor. Donations started pouring in as far away as far away as Germany, Israel and Norway, along with hundreds of emails wishing him well. Those caring for this poor abused cat never gave up on Snow.

Unfortunately, Snow is FIV+ and that complicated the task ahead of getting him healed. Snow was put on antibiotics, steroids and Silvadene topical cream also had to be applied throughout the day. The Silvadene is standard for human burn victims. His eyes don’t fully close due to the scar tissue and tightness of the skin in that area. Not only did he have the head injury, where several skin grafts were necessary for him to heal, Snow also limped. According to Laura Wilhelm-Bruzek, who is with the rescue taking care of Snow, his paws were tied together to keep him from fighting while the acid was poured on him.

Snows showed a love of humans from the very beginning. Even with this unbelievable injury, Snow still purred and begged for attention.

Snow’s story has been featured on the local Channel 7 WXYZ news, the Macomb Daily and the Sterling Heights Sentry. Several freelance writers have also told his story.

For those of you who would like to send Snow a Christmas present, he has a wish list on

We also need to thank Paws For The Cause Feral Cat Rescue for working so hard to save Snow. This organization does a lot of TNR work with feral colonies in southeast Michigan.

As you can see from the photos, Snow has healed beautifully. I know the images of his injury are very graphic, but I felt them necessary to show how much progress this sweet kitty has made. All images were taken from his Facebook page. That’s his human servant holding him. I believe Snow has her well trained now.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the story of this tough little cat, who is now living a normal life where he chases his own shadow. I love happy endings!


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  1. It’s so tragic & sad how some humans mistreat animals just for kicks. Late 1970 my husband was sent to check an abandoned house, turned out that “house” was being used by drunks/junkies; a male cat lived there in deplorable conditions broken nose, missing fur & a strange way of walking.
    As animal lovers that we are, Frank made the effort with help from Police Dept to catch this cat & get him immediate medical help, cat was caught & place in humane cage (our young son nickname the cat Tramp)whenever one of us would get close to his cage Tramp would loudly purr. Few days later we took him to vet but sadly due to severe injuries/eye infection from abuse by those monsters Tramp had to be euthanized.
    At least Tramp got love from humans the last days of his life.
    Southeast Arizona (USA)

  2. Not enough time and commitment is provided by law enforcement agencies with respect to animal cruelty. Animal cruelty is very much a second tier problem, almost ignored most of the time. Law enforcement officers often don’t place too much value on animal life.


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