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The Story of the Friendly Bus Stop Cat Is Depressing — 19 Comments

  1. David, She was an elderly cat. Behavioral changes happen in aging individuals of all species. I’ve known of old cats dying in ways that to me looked like suicide!! …appearances only, of course. But, the point is it probably wouldn’t have occurred if they were younger. And, the most common death-by-car incident is from a cat being chased/scared into the street.

  2. It seems unlikely that Missy got hit by a car. She had been sitting at that bus stop for years without incident. She hardly ever left that bus stop. Not even to walk 15 yards along the pavement to the next bus shelter that was used by other bus routes. And I’ve never seen her venture onto the road.

    • Thanks a lot David. You seem to have first hand knowledge of the behaviour of Missy and your argument is good. That said it is courting disaster to let your cat regularly sit at a bus stop. One day the disaster may happen. Something may have provoked her into going on the road. Who knows. Are there cameras in that location?

  3. I love how you edited your first posting of this article. I just noticed how much you had rewritten it. I saved the first one to compare it to the one you now have showing. The first one shows how you explicitly blame a human for beating the cat and any other possibility for its injuries was remote.

    I think I’ll share both versions with those I know, to show everyone what kind of a two-faced, lying, manipulative, and deceptive person you truly are. LOL

    • No I am not deceitful. I am simply doing the obvious – adjusting the article to make it more accurate as the source I used, although good, was not completely accurate. I am happy to admit mistakes or shortcomings in the interests of accuracy.

      Sad that you delight in criticising me and insulting me. Very sad and rude.

      Please share the versions – do what you like.

    • Kim Carns, you appear to be one more cat/animal hater that likes to post on POC. Your remarks and sentiments are consistent with their ilk. “Sociopaths who hate humanity…”!!!!???? If I weren’t still crying, I’d be ROFLMAO. I’ve never read anything so absurd. If you were involved in rescue or supported it in anyway you’d know the number and severity of animal abuse cases. Yes, accidents occur… The possibility was acknowledged. Now you’re on a crusade to discredit the story and rage against elderly grieving owners. I agree the cat should have been kept away from the bus stop. I see owner-fault in a lot of accidental pet deaths. As an empathetic human being I never find it appropriate to chastise them while they are grieving. And, if they are strangers to me it’s probably never appropriate. As for obvious abuse, in the US there are now felony(federal crime) provisions when prosecuting. And, the convicted perp wil be placed on an FBI track-list. Since, as stated previously, there is a connection between animal abuse and crimes against mankind. BTW: were you driving the car that ‘killed’ Missy?

      • Thanks Kit for your support. Kim Carns is a cat hating troll. I have to deal with him. He is a simpleton who gets pleasure from playing games and insulting people.

  4. It’s so easy to want to blame some unknown human for intentionally inflicting a wound on a cat. Sociopaths who hate humanity will automatically jump to that conclusion.

    That cat was hit by a car and you can’t prove otherwise.

    The owner of that cat is the one who inflicted that wound on their own cat through criminal neglect. They really didn’t care about the life of that cat at all, just the attention it now brings them for its death. A sacrificial animal for attention. Just the way that you are now using that sacrificial animal for attention for yourself.

    You just want to believe some other human intentionally harmed that cat to bolster your hatred for humanity; and that, in turn, means increasing your own self-hatred.

    I know you won’t post this comment, because it’s too spot-on. But at least you’ll have to try to sleep while thinking about it.


    “Residents initially thought the cat had been attacked but a relative of the owners has now said that the vet told them the injuries were consistent with being hit by a vehicle.”

    “Following the incident, a family member of the cat owners, who are elderly, spoke on their behalf. She said, ‘I’ve spent most of the weekend trying to console my parents following their tragic loss. My mother hasn’t stopped crying. I have since spoken to the vet who confirmed our earlier suspicions that the cat had been struck by a vehicle.'”

    • I have said in the article that the cat was at risk of being hit by a car. I have said in the article that the owner is irresponsible. So I covered those issues. There is no certainty at all that Missy was hit by a car although as mentioned by me it was distinctly possible as was cat abuse by someone.

      In the UK cat abuse is not uncommon and it is not unreasonable to surmise that it may have happened. The police called it “criminal damage” which is why I took it as read that it was a case of animal abuse. a cat

      The injuries are consistent as the vet says with a car accident but they are also consistent with cat abuse. I don’t think you should be so arrogantly confident about what you write and at the same time be so insulting.

      I have published your comment because I like the truth but you have called me a sociopath who hates humanity. For that reason you won’t comment on this site ever again. I do not hate humanity. I just hate the abuse of animals by certain small section of society.

      • Now you finally realize what kind of people you are dealing with …

        I can’t publish this as it is insulting to others (admin)

      • p.s. It WAS “criminal damage”. A cat harmed through criminal-neglect…..

        I can’t publish this as it is a rant designed to insult and full of unjustified anger (admin)

  5. This is very distressing, Michael. Cruelty for the sake of cruelty, no reason at all. It makes one it want to live in this world any longer. Evil seems to win all the time. But I believe there is also good. I believe that good wins in the end, but it may be a long time before we see that.

    I believe that a loving Creator made that pretty little orange cat and loved her– loved her more than her human owner or any person who enjoyed seeing her at the bus stop– loved her because He made her and she was His. The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. Even small friendly cats.

    Someday the monster who did this to her will have to answer for it. Someday her killer will die too. I think what he (or she) will experience upon slipping the bonds of this mortal coil will be very different than what that poor little cat found waiting for her on the other side. I think there is more for all life than what we experience now. This is a very sad story, even more so because the perpetrator is going to get away with it. For now. But not forever.

  6. Reading this story, I could not help the tears streaming down my face. What a horrific, sociopathic thing to do. Query – isn’t the U.K. filled with cameras everywhere? Isn’t there a video or videos of these pathetic, cruel thugs? Seems to me that the good citizens should all band together and demand the authorities get off their duff and take this seriously. After all, it is common knowledge that animal abuse is the first stage to murdering people. I also agree that the owner should have taken better care of his cat, especially considering the cat’s age. Shame on him!

    • Yes, there are cameras. Since publishing the article it seems that in another online newspaper it has been reported that the cat may have been hit by a vehicle which is something I had alluded to in the article. I had taken it as read that the cat had been attacked by a person because the police had described it as “criminal damage”. But it seems that they decided that based upon what the owner had said. We are not sure. I had taken it as being a case of cat abuse and I may have jumped the gun slightly but as mentioned it is not uncommon in the UK cat abuse to take place and a lot of it is unreported.

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