The Story of the Hidden Chances

The Story of the Hidden Chances

by Skyler

Warrior cat face - photo by Smudge Chris (Flickr)

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Warrior cat face - photo by Smudge Chris (Flickr)

Chapter 1: I race to the training patch my mentor Jayfire close behind me. When we get there Jayfire starts teaching me some fighting moves.

It's my very first day and the excitement is eating me alive. Jayfire climbs up a tree ready to pounce. Once a leaf was bellow him he attacked clawing it to shreds.

"Now you do it!" He said."

"I-I can't climb trees yet! You're supposed to teach me!" I complained my legs turning to jello!

By sun down I'd memorized some of the basic fighting moves and I could climb better than a squirrel!

My brother, Gladepaw and I sit to share tongues when suddenly Dawnstar calls a clan meeting...

We gather around the tree stump that makes his home and his announcement area.

"Tomarrow morning Skyleaf (medicane cat), I and two other cats will come with me to the moon cave!"

I wait for him to call the names of some senior warriors.

"Jayfire and Blossompaw will be accompanying me on the all day journey!" He declared with pride after all I am his daughter! After sharing tongues I headed to bed...

Chapter 2... I eat the disgusting herds Skyleaf has gave me. I pad over to the fresh kill pile taking my share trying to wash the taste out of my mouth... Ugh! "That was to disgusting!"

Dawnstar calls us to leave and I rush out of camp taking in the perfect scenery! We continuously walk on every form of terrain and by sun down we found the cave...

I stare at it,"Why is this so special? It looks like a normal cave to me!"

Jayfire walks up next to me and says, "You'll see Blossompaw!"

I enter the cave right after Dawnstar, the walls blazed like torches there covered in glowing crystals.

I feel my mouth get yanked open in awe. It is so beautiful! The black stone reflecting the light, it was a giant disco ball!

We came to a cavern a huge crystal in the middle I scrunch up to the star like rock and fall asleep with the others.

Chapter 3... The thick fog clears to a lush forest, in every corner there was plump prey. I stalk a mouse and make a leap but get shoved out of the way, I look up...

"Redpelt?", I asked shocked. Redpelt died last week how is he here?!

"I know I'm confusing you but you're in Starclan." He said shortly.

I stare at him in despair and mewed, "How did I die? What will happen to Gladepaw?"

He looked sorry," Your not dead this is your dream and we have a prophecy!" I stared and slowly nodded as a signal to tell me the prophecey.

"Fast as lightning, strong as a boulder... The fanged fury must be destroyed because his soul is darker than death and he kills the warrior code..."

He said worry, clouding his eyes. I nodded as every thing swirled into morning.

Chapter 4.... It still looked like night in the cave even with the crystals shimmering.. the clan leader signaled us out and we left. When we finally got home we were greeted with joyful faces except one apprentice pouting in the background.

"Gladepaw!", I run to see him and softly lick him behind the ear to comfort him. his eyes turn sad and jealous when he said ,"Why did dad pick you? Not me or any of the other apprentices?"

Then his pout came back so fast I blinked. "I don't now and Brightpaw seems worried about you..." I said flicking my tail at the tabby She-cat.

When Glade paw looked over I could feel him blushing so hard that heat flew off of him. Then I headed to get a goodnight sleep after my long day...


Note.. for people unfamiliar with the Warrior Cat series this is a short extract of a story created by a Warrior Cat fan and participant in Warrior cat role play.

My attempt starts here: Warrior Cat

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The Story of the Hidden Chances

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Sep 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

i like it but do you have pics i can use?

Jun 01, 2010
by: Blossomdrop

I've actually finished the 3 chapter but i can't find it on the forum thing!

May 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

Very wild and interesting read...would like to see more. I don't know where this is headed or why the herd food tastes nasty...still interesting though.

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