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The Stray Cats of Worli Fish Market Mumbai — 21 Comments

  1. hi, my name is Shonali. I live in Bandra West, Mumbai. I used to have a lot of cats for almost 20 years, mainly because i wasn’t aware of spaying. I finally did get the females spayed, and one by one over 20 years, I lost my cats due to age. I have one cat now who is 13 years old and she lives inside our house. I have heard a lot of complaints from neighbours and relatives because I had so many cats. Recently another female cat has come, and my mother gave it food once or twice, and she has got into the habit of sitting outside our door. I am terrified that someone will again say something to me. I am 40 years old, and couldn’t get married also, one of the reasons being extreme attachment to pets. Can someone please help me find a home for this cat, she is white in colour and very cute. I am willing to pay whatever it takes for spaying and other charges. Please help me someone. Thanks and God bless! Shonali

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  3. Sir,
    There are cats with me , as I was staying on rental agreement(Borivali-East) I am worried where to leave them .
    Sir kindly advise me. Thanks & Regards

  4. In updating this article written in 2012 and keeping it relevant as does “P.O.C” the Internet cat encyclopedia i am sad to announce the death of the “Mascot cat Radhe” of Worli fish market. He died sometime in February 2014 when i was on a tour of Bhutan.Tragically this was also the time that my 22 year old Alexandrine parakeet “Mittoo” expired.The Worli fish market looks very ordinary in the absence of “Radhe(Rajesh)” as no other cat among the ferals match his size and dominant presence.

  5. Hello Amita.Mr Atam.Wadhwani is well known amongst the fisherwoman in “Worli Fish Market” situated near Adarsh Nagar. If you go to the market just inquire with any fisherwoman and they could guide you.He visits the market regularly in the morning.

  6. Lovely article! My hubby & me are inspired to meet Mr Wadhwani Is there any way we could contact him We live in Pune & visit mumbai sometimes

  7. I m cat lover doing my bit to feed and treat and sterilise stray cats in my neighborhood. but people think that I am the cause of increase in cat population in my colony. They have threatened to make police complain. am I protected by any law ? or am I a cause of public nuisance

    • The answer depends a lot on (A) the local laws where you are and (B) the attitude of the local administrators (do they appreciate TNR programs – most do these days).

      The people of course are mistaken because what you’re doing in the long-term reduces the cat population. What they might see is when you feed the cats, cats are attracted to the area and so the population might be increased initially but over the long term as stated it will reduce because the cats are being sterilised.

      It depends as well on how effective your TNR program is. There was a well-known case in California which highlights the problem that you are going through. The problems you are encountering are very common across the country. The problem goes to the argument as to how best to deal with feral cats and how effective trap-neuter-release is considered to be. You might like to read this page:

      What I would do is to check the local law about feeding animals and about nuisance etc.. You can even phoned up the local authority and ask their advice. There are also many people involved with the kind of program you are involved with. You might find some organisation near you who can provide advice as to how best to avoid complaints. People complain because they don’t understand and they don’t like cats a lot of them. Good luck.

  8. A beautiful Worli Market tortoise-shell feral cat taken on Tuesday(15-10-2013).This cat could participate in a “Cat Show” such is its unique and rare body colouring.There are numerous feral cats in this market as shown in the video that survive on waste fish and also occasionally fed by the famous “Fish Market Cat Fancier” Mr Atam.Wadhwani.

    • A beautiful tortoiseshell cat and the body is slender – what is called “foreign” or “oriental” in the cat fancy. The pattern on the face is striking too. Thanks for showing us, Rudolph.

  9. Sir,I am also a cat lover. Can you tell me the contact details and mobile number of cat lover atam wadhwani.I also want to work for welfare of stray cats living in India.Please e-mail me the contact details of atam wadhwani.

    • Hi Ramesh. I will ask Rudolph Furtado to respond to your comment. Rudolph lives in Mumbai. Please allow a bit of time for him to comment. Thanks for visiting.

    • Hello Ramesh.I am the person who videotaped this film on the cats of Worli market.I Live in Prabhadevi and hence a regular at the Fish market and hence the observations and blog on the “CATS OF WORLI”.There are lots of websites on cats on “F.B” based in Mumbai for which you can do some work on cat welfare.One important welfare organization is “Bombay cat club”( on “Face-book”.They do the maximum charity work on stray and abandoned cats in Mumbai.As for Mr Atam.Wadhwani, i personally just know him during my visits to the “Worli Fish market”, thats all.

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