The swamp is very draining. Use your cat to reduce stress.

Trump promised that he’d drain the swamp. An alternate has emerged; Trump has proved to be very draining to million of Americans and indeed Europeans. The pace of politics has picked up. Blame Trump’s Twittering. It’s pretty frenetic in Europe and in the UK as well.

It is a perfect time to turn to our cats to seek some therapy; slowness therapy. Doing nothing therapy. It is time to spend ten minutes emptying the brain except for listening to the melodic purr of your cat while he sprawls out on your lap or next to you on the bed.

I won’t go over the therapeutic benefits of cats (and let’s not forget dogs) to pet owners because they are by now universally well-known. Use them in the nicest possible way.

There is a psychologist in a Virginia suburb of Washington, reports Boer Deng of the Times, who has never been busier. Another psychologist, Mary Alvord says “It’s the uncertainty, the volatility and the pace.”

It’s the prospect of nuclear war or if that doesn’t fly it’s global warming and then there’s the oceans containing millions of tons of plastic, where albatrosses feed their chicks on plastic. Yes it is true.

It is time to think of politics-free zones and that probably translates to phone-free times.

Some therapists are recommending the age-old method, spend more time with your cat or dog. Therapy dogs in the suburbs of Maryland just north of Washington are doing good business. One therapist says she is getting so many calls she has to turn down requests.

The American Psychological Association say that 63% of respondents to their survey admitted that thinking about the future of the country was their greatest cause of stress. Democrats are more stressed than Republicans. Women are more stressed than men. Fifty-nine percent of participants said that this is the lowest period in the history of America that they have lived through. Millennials, Generation Y (born: 1980s to 1990s?) and Generation X (1965 to 1984) are the most anxious.

Get a rescue cat and love her. That’ll help both you and the cat.

2 thoughts on “The swamp is very draining. Use your cat to reduce stress.”

  1. And those of us born just before, during and just after WWII aren’t as secure as we’d like! My 6 cats are there for me 24/7 and 7 days a week. They don’t take a vacation (but then, neither do I). in the last 2 weeks, I’ve even had visits from 2 rattlesnakes. They were rescued by a very nice person from the Herp Society and released away from civilization(?). But it was nice to be able to help a species that was here way before humans. I much prefer the company of animals to that of most humans.

    • Nicely said, Susan. I was born in 1948 so I would probably be in the category that you mention. I’ve spent the last week in the company of my cat at home and see nobody except for going to the gym in the morning to make sure that I keep my weight at a reasonable level. I do most of my socialisation with respect to humans at the local gymnasium.


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