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The tomcat with the smelliest urine attracts the most females for mating — 6 Comments

  1. Females are naturally attracted to males with high testosterone levels. Lionesses seem to prefer males with dark manes. The color of a lion’s mane directly correlates with his health and testosterone. The similarity between lions and domestic cats is not surprising.

  2. Can’t help but notice that you mention Human Females in the first sentence too….time to get marking then, it might just work. I think I will start with the car!

    • LOL. You know what I mean. Women chase men who have money or men who can chase money aggressively. Same thing as having the smelliest urine. It is who has the most money. The underlying reason actually is not that the female cat wants a provider. I believe it is because the female cats wants her offspring to be more able to survive. It is about genes.

  3. I may be wrong, but male tom cats don’t provide for the mother cat and her kittens. So how well he eats or hunts is surely irrelevant? Unless she wants her kittens to inherit a strong predatory drive?

    Interesting that scientists have narrowed it down to urine scent as being the aroma of romance. I guess that makes sense as cats rely on their sense of smell to guide them through most of life.

    • Good point. It must be about genes. The female wants her offspring to have the best genes for survival. This is reflected in women picking men with regular faces as this indicates good genes.

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