The vet’s argument for declawing is flawed

by Michael

Vets justify declawing using a single argument; that it benefits cats on the basis that it stops cats being given up to shelters and therefore it helps create a better bond between cat and human.

Whenever I have heard vets or their representatives defending the process of declawing that old and tired cliche is wheeled out. And it is flawed and wrong.

I have constantly said that it is arguing that two wrongs (declawing and abandoning) make a right. We know they do not. I have also argued that declawing promotes bad cat caretaking.

Eileen Jefferson, DVM, presents this idea in a different way. She says that if a cat owner is encouraged by vets to think that a cat’s claws are disposable they are more likely to think that the whole cat is also disposable.

This is an excellent argument. In declawing a cat vets are endorsing the cat owner’s idea that a cat’s claws are disposable at the whim of the human. This degrades the cat/human bond, which is the opposite to the argument presented by vets in support of declawing.

There is only one conclusion that can be drawn from this. Vets are encouraging poorer cat caretaking.

Obviously, it is part of a veterinarian’s work to encourage excellent cat caretaking.


I made this video a while ago and I know some people have seen it but some have not. It truly was spur of the minute stuff. I am not saying it is good. It does say something though. It makes a point.

You can get the embed code for this video on my Flickr Photostream. Click on this link. You can then put the video on other pages if you want to!

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The vet’s argument for declawing is flawed

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Dec 23, 2011
by: Leah England

Michael your video is haunting and I hope that your face will be the conscience of many people considering de-clawing their cats.

If I didn’t know about de-clawing there is something about the still shot of your video that would compel me to watch it because I want to know what its all about. I hope this raises awareness.

Thank you, Michael.

Dec 15, 2011
by: Rose

What a very poignant video that is and how very clever you are Micheal to make it,I’ve never seen one like that before.
I’ll be passing it on to as many as I can to send to their US friends.
Declawing is so horribly cruel,I wish it was not happening.It goes on and on and vets don’t care how many cats suffer nor do some of the people who have it done.

Dec 14, 2011
by: Maggie

Your video is wonderful, Michael. I think it could definitely save some claws. People not actually stopping to think about declawing is why it’s still legal, they don’t question what their vets says, they don’t think for themselves, they just go along with it. And when people DO think, they start campaigning against it! I hope your video is seen far and wide, because getting people to stop and think is just what we need to end this cruelty.

Dec 14, 2011
Startling video
by: Barbara

I’d seen this video before and it had stayed in my mind, watching it again today it has no less impact, it is so simple and so heartfelt but it really packs a punch, in fact it send shivers down the spine.
Brilliant words and vid Michael.

Barbara avatar

Dec 14, 2011
Emotional Hostage
by: Kelly

Some veterinarians have argued that some people would have their cats killed if declawing was not an option. We should not, however, allow ourselves to be taken “emotional hostage” like this. If a person really would kill her or his cat in this case, it is reasonable to question the suitability of that person as a feline guardian, especially when there are millions of non-declawed cats living in harmony with people.

-AVAR (Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights)

I have reposted this quote several times as I believe it hits the nail on the head regarding the “pressure” vets say they are under to declaw cats. One vet I worked for has called the SPCA on clients for demanding we declaw or they will euthanize. As she has stated to these particular clients “This cat has a better chance of being adopted intact, than declawed with the given behavioral problems that MOST CERTAINLY come with it”

Amen Doc…

Dec 14, 2011
by: Nick Cassells

A very powerful video. I shall try to forward this to all my cat loving friends

Dec 14, 2011
Crying too
by: Edward

Just had this link from Ruth.
Man its so sad and Im crying too.
Sorry Im not on any facebooks or twitterers or whatever but Ill pass it on to who I can to get some more to come here.

Dec 14, 2011
Very powerful video
by: Ruth

This video had me in tears the first time I saw it a while ago and it has me in tears again now.
It’s so very heartfelt and gives a powerful message of just how cruel it is to declaw cats.
I think anyone still pro declaw after seeing it must have a heart of stone.
Thank you for this Michael, I’m going to send it far and wide and I just know it will save some cats claws.
PLEASE everyone watch it, there are no gory pictures, just Michael speaking with great knowledge and compassion.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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