The Wonderful Loving and Intelligent Somali Cat!

by Sue

My Somali cat is a wonderful, loving and people orientated cat! He walks on a leash, takes showers with me and always loves to kiss and give head-butts! He can open drawers and he even likes to eat pizza!

I have never seen a more loving, playful and intelligent breed! When we take him in the car; he sticks his head out the window like a dog!

Just a wonderful little guy that loves life and people! People are always amazed how much he liked to walk on his leash; but it just comes naturally to him! If you think that cats are aloof then you have never met a Somali cat!


Hi Sue… I would love to see your boy. If you have a picture or can get one please email me at:

mjbmeister at substituting at with @

For those who are unsure a Somali is a long haired Abyssinian cat.

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The Wonderful Loving and Intelligent Somali Cat!

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Dec 24, 2009
Sensual looking Somalis
by: Jan Plant

These are some beautiful cats.I love the triangular looking face,and the wonderful fox tail.

Dec 23, 2009
I love them too
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Sue. I couldn’t agree more – Somalis are loving and wonderful cats. Also to me they are the best looking cats around, but that point of view is probably down to the fact that I once have had one myself. 😉

If you search for ‘Ivanhoe’ here on the site you’ll find his photos. His story had a sad ending, but I’ll drop that for now and only think of the good memories.

Besides the qualities you list, I have found Somalis to be curious and totally fearless. And they focus 100 percent on whatever they are doing. When they’re playing nothing can distract them from that – and the same when they feel it’s time for cuddling. No stopping until they say so.
They very much have a mind of their own, but as you say – not aloof in any way. They are very affectionate and in a family they’ll choose their human and bond very strongly.

They are active cats and crave a lot of attention, but for people who can offer that, the Somali is definitely a good choice.

Somali cat coming out of a washing machine

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As the picture shows, Somalies are very curious and totally fearless. So of course – we always checked to see where Ivanhoe was, before anything was turned on. 😉

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