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The world needs more cat loving, generous 8-year-old boys like Kaleb Brooks

I would say that Kaleb Brooks is quite a rare individual. It is not that rare for a boy of eight to really love cats but it is quite rare to use that love in a very generous and altruistic way and be keen to do so.

Kristy and Kaleb Brooks. The picture of Kristy is at the Troutman Animal Hospital. Kaleb is fundraising in his picture.

Kristy has commented, which is very nice of her. Please scroll down to see what she has added to the page. It’s good.

Kaleb is the son of Kristy Brooks. They live in North Carolina, USA. He wants to help cats. He volunteers for both Friends for Life Cat Adoptions and Cabarrus TNR. They say that he is the best junior volunteer that they have. That does not surprise me.

It is his birthday on 21st Feb. This year he has asked that instead of receiving birthday presents people who would have given him a present should instead donate cat supplies to the places where he volunteers.

I believe that his behavior is a result of the power of a good family life. Is the result of good parenting and no doubt his mother loves cats as well. I also expect, and hope, that his mother loves animals generally and has passed it to her son. I believe she works or volunteers at the Troutman Animal Hospital. I hope she comments.

If he has siblings, and I’m not sure that he has, then a friendly and warm relationship between siblings can generate a generous attitude within them.

The way I see it, this is about that all-important aspect of life: education. It’s about creating a warmth within the family environment which is constructive and generous, while at the same time educating children to respect animals. It is also about giving a child confidence.

I think it is fair to say that most of the examples of kids killing and abusing cats are the result of a dysfunctional, psychologically damaging environment in which parents unwittingly damage their child. They become unable to relate to animals in a respectful way. In fact it is often the contrary, the children express their anger and confusion through hurting whatever they can and often the most vulnerable creature in and around the household is a domestic cat.

There is an argument that kids should be taught animal welfare at school. Why not? It makes sense. It should be part of the curriculum. We owe it to the animals that we are forcing off the planet. There is a great need for improved animal welfare. The only sustainable way to achieve that is through education. This must start with children. They are the engine for change going forward.

Kaleb Brooks is the opposite to cat haters/abusers. He almost seems to be at the opposite end of the spectrum to kids who abuse cats (and there are quite a few). Well done to his mother. Here’s a video of him thanking two people who gave gifts to him for the cats. He wanted to make a short video.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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  • Thank you so much for writing about Kaleb and his loving heart. This weekend was such a blessing. He was amazed at the people who came to donate and meet him. Kaleb loves helping the animals and people. He truly has a great heart. He is always reminding me of the good. Anytime we are out if there are strays he always makes sure I stop and feed them. There is also a few times where we have taken them in for rescue. He actually had a stray cat he found that Friends for Life Cat Adoptions took into the rescue and named him Lil Kaleb. Lol that cat turned out to be Big Kaleb. If there are people in need he is always wanting to help. He is the type that would give the shirt he is wearing to help someone in need. He is also a boy who likes to play and be wild but his big heart will always be. I'm the same type of person. I have a big heart myself. His foster cats he calls his brothers and sisters. I'm mommy to all.

    • I am very pleased that you visited and commented. Thank you very much. He is a special boy but a boy still. You are justifiably a proud mom. The world would be a better place if there were more Kalebs.

    • I don't work at Troutman animal Hospital or Concord Parkway Animal Hospital although the are wonderful people that do a lot for our rescues. Jan is right Friends for Life and Cabarrus TNR volunteers are family to us and many others that are involved with rescue. We have formed a bond and its family.

      Kaleb has decided to continue helping the homeless animals and families in need of food for their pets. It will be named "Kaleb's Kause". He will be collecting food for cats and dogs anytime and at events that are planned. We are also planning to set up a page for his Kause. He is very excited about this and ready to help those in need.

  • Just look at that wonderful, sweet cherub face of Kaleb! What a wonderful and gifted little MAN he is! I can see him someday with his own TV show. Maybe like a Jackson Galaxy or even a Steve Irwin type of show. God bless you, Kaleb. I wish you were my grandchild. You are an awesome child, your Momma must be sooooo very proud of you?? Heck, I'm proud to know such a friend of the fur children as you are. Have you, Kaleb given much thought to fine tuning your gifts to be a Vetrinarian when you graduate HS???

    • Yes, I agree. I hope he has ambition as well as a generous heart. That would be a great combination.

        • Great. Love to hear that, Kristy. He deserves praise. I am great fan of giving praise when it is earned. It boosts confidence. A confident boy grows into a confident man and he can achieve more because of it. The animals need him.

  • I'm so so proud of you Kaleb and Kristy! You both have beautiful hearts and love cats so much! We love you both and can't wait to see you!

  • Bless him, he's a credit to his mother.
    I agree Michael, animal welfare should be taught in all schools, lack of education about them leads to abuse by ignorance.

  • Kaleb had a great first day of his weekend birthday party at Tractor Supply Concord Show them Your Heart Adoption and supply drive event! Not only were people generous to the cats and dogs Kaleb got many unexpected gifts and tokens of peoples appreciation for his efforts! No Kaleb does not have siblings the foster cats and his mom are his family! Plus all the people they work with in Friends for Life and Cabarrus TNR plus other various rescues ad shelters they try to help! Kristy does not work at Troutman Animal Hospital but we all sure do spend a lot of time there and Concord Parkway Animal Hospital! To say nothing of Jimmies daily visits to the Cabaruss spay neuter clinic!

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