The “world’s best pet food” claimed to contain dangerous levels of toxins

Champion Pet Food say their ‘trusted’ products are the world’s best yet they are being sued for allowing their products Orijen and Acana to contain levels of arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium and/or bispenol A (BPA) which risk the health of cats who eat it.

It is a class action lawsuit meaning that a number of plaintiffs have joined together to sue the business. It was filed at court on June 22nd in Illinois.

Levels of toxins in specified Champion cat food:

This lawsuit follows a very similar one focusing on the same brands but of dog food.

The US Food and Drug Administration of ‘tolerable’ limits of 15 metals in dog and cat food are listed below:

μg = one millionth of a gram

FDA toxic metals levels in cat and dog food

FDA toxic metals levels in cat and dog food

From my reading of the chart and taking arsenic, the max. allowed is 175 μg/kg. ACANA Regionals Meadowland with Poultry, Freshwater Fish and Eggs Dry Cat Food contains 959 μg/kg. Another ACANA product (see chart) contains 2504.50 μg/kg.

From these examples you can see that the levels are much too high.

My thanks to Susan Thixton and Sandy.

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