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The World’s Saddest Polar Bear Tells Us That China Must Enact Animal Welfare Laws — 5 Comments

  1. Without a doubt China is one of the most disgusting nations when it comes to animal rights or human rights.
    It’s not that I feel the need to rant over the eating of dogs and cats where they are considered acceptable protein. It’s the manner in which it is acceptable to butcher, often alive. It’s not cultural, It’s inhumane beyond words. What is common there would land someone in jail here.
    All that said most of us have animal cruelty issues in our own communities that we find hard to have addressed in our own countries.

    • I completely agree on all you have written. We all have our animal abuse issues to bear but China trumps the rest of the world in my view. Vietnam is not far behind.

      • In my mind I cannot fathom starting to skin or butcher an animal that still has life in it. Add the rhino and tiger poaching trade you feel even more anger. The poorest most uneducated person can figure out it would be inhumane to process an animal in this manner. Worse are the conditions they are kept in. Puppy mills in the US look like luxury hotels compared.

  2. Can’t say enough negative about the Chinese since their tainted products killed a number of our animals and human babies. Nothing was a “mistake”. They knew, full well, that putting melamine in pet foods and baby formulas would cause deaths. They added it for weight in order to get more money.
    So, ofcourse, they have no regard for wellbeing of this poor bear.
    As many Americans, if it says made in China, I won’t buy.

  3. This environment is not fit for any living creature.
    Sad Sad situation for A Polar Bear , and I am angry that he is still kept this way^
    I thought they were making plans to release him? The Chinese are fools of the worst kind, held fast to stone age traditions and B_S_beliefs!
    I am angry about this and think they should be caged the same way –as a display for profit.
    Eva say’s and{feel free to quote me on that one.}

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