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The Yin and Yang of Feline Testes — 3 Comments

  1. Isn’t it okay to be naughty if no harm is done? 🤭 I love the yin/yang symbol and concept. ☯️ This picture is definitely an eyecatcher and it is also cute. 😻

  2. I’m not a PhotoShop user but I have looked closely at altered photos before, and upon inspection I do see some of the clues of what happens when you do changes. There are circular patterns that occur when you select an area and change it. They show a lightening of color, in this case the color brown rather than black, and blurring. I see overlapping colors or bicolor hairs where they appear to be brown at one half of a hair and white at the other. Hairs typically are only one color from the base to the end. When you sample a whole suspect area and compare it to another area close by and see differences like that, it makes it more obvious. Also obvious is that the overall pattern simply would not show up in nature, especially the brown spot and white spot.

    • Albert, I think this is photoshopped but initially it looked natural but highly unusual. On reflection I decided it was so unusual as to be impossible 😉

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