Theatrical Abyssinian Cats of Belgrade

by Vanessa Wilson
(Cornwall, UK)

Belgrade - photo by andreybl (FLickr) - added by Admin

Belgrade - photo by andreybl (FLickr) - added by Admin

I am not a cat lover of the tame variety. However I was in an amateur dramatics at the Belgrade theatre 40 years ago and was invited by a fellow amateur actor to her very palatial apartment above the theatre. She commented on her two Abysinian cats and warned they would be excited to see me.

Well, I wondered why she needed to say this because a cat is a cat, isn't it? She opened the door and there sat looking up at us as if to say "your late and who is this?" where the cats.

I instantly realised this was not my friend's home but that it belonged to the cats. I was introduced and after the formalities were over and my jaw had returned to a less foolish position the show began.

I felt that I was being stalked at first but realised, LOL, that I was being appraised.

Then the real show started. They were two of the biggest cats I had met. They were highly intelligent, graceful and determined to take to the "stage" and I had to watch.

Which I must say was not hard to do as I had instantly fallen in love and have always said to people since when they push their moggy unceremoniously into my lap saying, "I'm am not a cat person, oh, except for Abyssinians and wild cats.

I dont know what they cost these days and please don't tell this to them, never mention money. It was a never to be forgotten experience. What a CAT. I have enjoyed your site. Thank you.


Theatrical Abyssinian Cats of Belgrade to Abyssinian Cats

Photo published under a creative commons license.

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Theatrical Abyssinian Cats of Belgrade

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Oct 29, 2009 Theatrical Abyssinian Cats of Belgrade
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Yes, Vanessa, no doubt these Abys were appraising you, when you entered the room - just as they would evaluate the worth of any other "object" their human brought home. For those not very familiar with cats, this often feels a little intimidating.
Abyssinians are very elegant cats indeed and smart too. Somehow they fit in nicely with an old theatre in the Balkans. I wouldn't describe them as big though, but maybe they have grown a little in your memories... 😉
Thank you for sharing them here.

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