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Three Tons of Cats and Dogs Culled — 7 Comments

  1. Michael,I concur with your closing statement. Trust me, God has a special place for the anipal and child abusers(whatever the abuse may be — such as in this case) — HELL. . . and there they will all rot!!!! This just burns my a**!!!!! Sick, sick, sick people.

    • The very same can be said for all the people of the UK or the USA that eat beef. All the people of India wish you to, and believe you will, burn in hell for butchering their sacred animals. The same can be said for everyone who feeds their cats that contain any animal products. They too deserve to, and will, writhe in hell.

      • I disagree with you for so many reasons. Your argument is simplistic and lacks knowledge. For a start Indians do eat beef from their own animals. They slaughter them illegally. Look it up. Secondly, cats are not livestock. Beef is from controlled, regulated livestock in the West. The killing is completely different. Cats are brutally killed and skinned etc for fur. It is total hell. I could go on for hours but am too tired to bother but one thing: animal products do contain by-products from animals processed for human consumption but sometimes it can be cats killed at shelters. That is terrible. But if we are to accept the domestic cat they have to fed meat. Are u suggesting we dispense with all domestic cats?

        • TaserTask, please don’t ever own a cat and NEVER suggest to any cat owner that their cat not be fed meat. Cats are obligate carnivores as are salmon, dolphins, mink, eagles, hawks, and most amphibians…to name a few. They MUST eat meat to survive!! It is a biological necessity!

          • Thank you Kit. TaskerTask is a troll and he has been banned. He always writes negative things to wind people up and anyway he hates cats.

              • Yes, I do believe he’s a birder – an ornithologist. If not an ornithologist, somebody for some reason who hates or strongly dislikes cats and finds all kinds of reasons why they should not exist. This sort of person likes to kill cats. And they always write about the cat in strongly negative terms indicating a huge bias against cats without supporting evidence of any kind.

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