Therapy cat at Denver Airport and it’s cool

Airport therapy cat Xeli at Denver Airport
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Airport therapy cat Xeli at Denver Airport

This is very nice. The dynamics of being at an airport change instantly when you have a therapy cat padding around waiting to meet and greet and be stroked and admired.

The background anxiety falls away temporarily. Is there anyone at an airport waiting to fly who is not slightly anxious?

At Denver Airport, there is a group of dogs called CATS! This is an acronym for Canine Airport Therapy Squad. The squad has acquired a cat, Xeli. CATS is designed to relieve traveller stress at the airport. Nice. I am always stressed at airports until I am in or near the departure lounge and the aircraft is out on the tarmac warming up.

Airport therapy cat Xeli at Denver Airport

Airport therapy cat Xeli at Denver Airport meeting travellers

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Xeli is a registered therapy cat so she has a very calm personality able to cope nicely with the hustle, bustle and noise of the airport.

Here is a Facebook video of Xeli doing the rounds at Denver International.

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