by Ruth

If anyone asked a million cats their opinion on declawing they would all agree that:

There are NO pro declaw cats.

There are no advantages at all for a declawed cat even though declaw vets and pro declaw cat caretakers try to justify declawing by saying the cat is lucky to have a home.

An excuse often used by declaw vets is that the client has threatened that if the cat can’t be declawed then they will relinquish the pet or even say he must be euthanised.

How can any vet who supposedly trained to help animals, want us to believe that is true?

Surely the cat should be the client, not the caretaker and all vets should put their clients best interests first.

A person who would relinquish or have a healthy clawed cat killed should never have had a cat in their power at all.

Declawing does NOT save cats homes!

Declawing does in fact cause the relinquishment or abandonment of many cats and very often the cat’s death too.

Not one single cat would choose to be starved in preparation for an anaesthetic and left frightened and bewildered at the vet’s clinic to have ten (or 18) painful amputations, to stay in his home.

Not one single cat would choose to wake up with his end toe joints and claws removed, even by laser which some vets boast is less painful and quicker healing.

Note LESS painful….surely any unnecessary pain AT ALL is WRONG!

Not one single cat would choose to live a disabled life life doomed to potential pain and physical and/or mental problems from being declawed.

Not one single cat would look forward to the more than likely possibility of developing painful arthritis as he ages, because of being unable to exercise since some cruel person took away his means of exercise by digging in his claws.

There are NO pro declaw cats!

But some poor cats have no say because of their pro declaw cat caretakers who are too ignorant or too lazy to provide their cat with a scratching post and teach him how to use it.

They have no say because of declaw vets who advertise declawing with discount or in neuter/declaw packages instead of educating their clients caretakers as to the necessity of claws to a cat.

There are NO pro declaw cats!

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May 07, 2012 Damn right! NEW
by: Leah (England)

You’re so right Ruth and your posters with those poor sad cats are testament to the truth!! Of course if cats could talk they would say no!!!

I hate it when people modify animals to suit their own selfish ends. These are Gods creatures and they were given claws for so many reasons!! To remove them is a crime against God and humanity and those that do this will get their reward in hell.

May 06, 2012 Selfish people NEW
by: Cat lover

Fabulous article and poster!
Of course there are no pro declaw cats, there are only selfish people who don’t give any thought to what their cat would want.
Not one cat in this entire world would choose to lose their claws.

May 04, 2012 it makes me mad NEW
by: Edward

You are so right man that there are no pro declaw cats what cat in their right mind would ask to have its toes axed off.
It always makes me as mad as a raging bull that people have the right to do it.
The cats have no say and its their toes not the cruel owners toes and not the vets toes its the cats toes and they have a right to them left on their feet where they belong.

May 02, 2012 Great NEW
by: Mrs M

Another great article and poster Ruth and I hope some of either your written work or your picture stories touch the hard hearts of those who think declawing is a minor blip in a cat’s life.

May 02, 2012 Thick or deluded? NEW
by: Ruth

Thanks for great comments!
Believe it or not there are some people who think cats like to be declawed!
One said in all seriousness ‘My cats are much happier since they got rid of their nasty claws’
I had to read it twice because I couldn’t believe anyone could be so thick, or deluded enough to think such a stupid thing.
When asked if she would be happier rid of her own nasty fingernails she replied it wasn’t the same.
No amount of information about the truth of the cruelty of declawing changed her mind.
With people like that, the only way is to get declawing banned!

May 02, 2012 BRAVO!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you, Ruth. I feel very lucky to have found you and your wonderful, good work ~ so happy to know you! I could say thank you a million times and it wouldn’t be enough.

May 02, 2012 100% against
by: Barbara

This poster makes me feel the horror of each of the cats interviewed, imagine if you could explain to a cat in words exactly what would happen to them if they were to be declawed, from the starving the night before, the journey to the surgery,what the procedure actually is and the awful awakening afterwards in pain and terror, imagine how horrified and incredulous a cat would be at the prospect of this! Imagine how awful to be that cat subject to the will of a human who doesn’t put the cat’s welfare first but puts his/her own convenience at the top of the list. Awful! There’s an expression “It’s a dog’s life” but I think a cat at risk of declawing’s life is worse than any dog’s life

Barbara avatar

May 02, 2012 I agree!!
by: Maggie

Great article once again, Ruth! I completely agree with every word you wrote! Saying that a cat can be pro declaw, and WANT to be declawed, is like saying a perfectly healthy person can WANT to have all of their fingers removed, it’s like saying a dog can WANT to be devocalised. No one, human or non human, willingly wants to be disabled, those who argue otherwise are the definition of ridiculous, and I feel sorry for any poor animal unfortunate enough to be in their ‘care’.

May 02, 2012 Love it
by: Michael

Ruth, I love the raw edged passion and honesty that you bring to the anti-declaw debate.

Great poster. You see cats as individuals with equal rights to humans.

If there is a God that is the way he or she would have related to cats and all animals.

I think that people who support declawing see cats as lesser creatures and humans as superior. This, they think, gives them the right to harm the cat for their convenience.

Thanks for posting.

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