There is a Connection Between Yanny, Laurel and Cats!

There is a connection between Yanny, Laurel and cats. Do you know what I am writing about? You might. This post might be described as ‘light ent’ – light entertainment with a very tenuous connection to cats.

There is a Connection Between Yanny, Laurel and Cats!

Varying the frequency and volume helps hear both ‘words’.

There is a very brief audio file doing the rounds on the internet. A person speaks a word. People hear the word differently. Some hear Laurel (I do) while others hear Yanny. The question I have is what ‘word’ does the person speak? They are very different.

It is a sound that is on the cusp of two different interpretations. It is to do with frequencies apparently and volume. Others say that another factor in the differences in interpretation is the age of the listener.

The frequency variation video is useful as for the first time I can hear Yanny. However, people are still trying to figure out what is going on.

The person who recorded the sound (or word) is a real person and not a robot and he is a member of the original cast of CATS on Broadway.

I said that there is a connection between Yanny, Laurel and cats. Of course it’s of no consequence unless cat people hear Laurel and dog people hear Yanny. Now, wouldn’t that be interesting?

What do you hear? It would be nice to test cat lovers to see if we all hear Laurel.

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