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There is a herbicide in your cat food (USA) — 3 Comments

  1. Considering the epic quantities of grain/cereals, carer appeasing fruits and vegetables in UK commercial cat foods, I would think there is almost certainly some amount of both herbicides and pesticides in cat foods here too.

    • Yep, but it depresses me that cat food is so tainted. Can we trust it and are some of these mysterious feline illnesses caused by cat food ingredients?

      • Undoubtedly there is some effect on overall health and wellbeing.

        The ingredient list on most prescription diets reads like a recipe for illness and disease, before we even get to the matter of contamination by pesticides and herbicides.

        If Brexit happens and we enter into TTIP with the USA, I only see this getting horrifically worse.

        Our own Pet Food Manufacturers Association, mostly has its head up its collective backside on these matters

        Tainted food supports the entire veterinary industry too.

        Profit is all. Damn the well being of the cats, appears to be the mission message.

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