There is cat love in the air. A video to make you smile.

She calls it “OCD Cat Grooming”. I was looking for information on feline OCD and arrived at this video. I wasn’t looking for a video to put on the site. It just happened. I love the video. I love what she does. I love her cats who are so well cared for. There is cat love in the air. And it made me laugh. Can’t beat it.

I believe that all cat lovers will connect with this lady. She is just so nice. I think she is a natural comedienne, actually. Although the care of her cats is serious and thorough.

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There is cat love in the air. A video to make you smile. — 7 Comments

  1. What a lovely lady. She has false teeth. I might end up with false teeth – you can always tell by how a person talks. I looked after my teeth terribly.

    Anyhow – I loved the video and was rather hoping it would continue onto the other tools she had ready.

  2. She’s a funny and kind lady, the cats are obviously very comfortable and happy with her and their routine, I enjoyed that.

    • I like her but a lot of people don’t get her. On one video she had 354 views in 12 years! 😉 Perhaps she got the date wrong.

      She loves her cats. That is the important thing. If you are that careful with your cats you can’t be bad can you.

    • I am pleased you liked it. Some people might say she is eccentric. I just think she is very genuine. It is the genuineness and her amusing delivery which makes her seem eccentric.

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